Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Pharmakon - Excerpt from split with Deterge
Jonathan Canady - I Know Who You Are
Cowards - Tremble
Foetus - Paper Slippers
Sarah Weis - Stretch
The Fragile Path (Featuring En Esch) - Retinal Scan

The Young Gods - Soul Idiot
Whourkr - Plantea
Duchesses - Pit Bulimia
Dark Tribe - Dark Tribe
Hecate - Trial By Ordeal

Sesso Violento - Mar De Sangue/Sexual Carcinoma
Angelblood - Bellowed From Risen
WOLD - This Is How I Know
Necros With Attitude - Nuncrusher

Rancid Hell Spawn - Android Pup
Art Phag - A Boy & His Gun
Haunted George - Moaning Behind The Door
Little Fyodor - I Don't Know What To Do

Squids - Don't Turn Around
Rodney Dangerfield - Rappin' With Rodney (Excerpt)
Adrian Munsey, his sheep, wind, and orchestra - The Lost Sheep
BeNe GeSSeRiT - Nobody Can Know
Loto Ball - Ain't Your Mother
Amanda Lear - Blood and Honey

Zombies Under Stress - Stalin
Gorilla Aktiv - Spiegelbild
Aviador Dro - El Laberinto Del Nuevo Minotauro
ADULT. - Killing & Dragging
The Twenty Committee - Mass Machina
The Wilford Brimleys - Toast Weapons
John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors of America - Trubee's Lament
Wilburn Bros - Put Me In Your Pocket

Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist / Invisible (with Dave Phillips - "?" playing in the background)
Sun Splitter - Earth Burner
Journey To Ixtlan - The Cactus Shrine
The Diagnostic Dimension Of Axes- Dispatch Of The Psychic Visitant
State Research Bureau - Non-Place
T Σ Λ Λ Đ Θ Γ Λ - The Old One

Cotton Museum - Pus Postules (Excerpt entertwined with)
*J. Soliday - "Disquiet" Excerpt from Side A
*Pope Joanna - Stoic Tourniquet
*Controlled Bleeding - first XXX tape excerpt remix 1984
*Richard Ramirez - Hard Trainer
*RUBBISH - untitled cassette (part of a series of at least 3) in manila envelope side A

Luftwaffe featuring Boyd Rice - Scent of The Vanquished

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