Monday, August 8, 2011

Obvious Nazi Machine

(Omar Padròn and Wesley Groves cohosts for the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show)

Judy Garland: Obvious Nazi Machine
J.D. Emmanuel: Part 3: Evening Devotional
Inade: II: Signals from 68 Dimensions
Harold Budd: Gypsy Violin
Aleister Crowley: Call of the first Aether
Gary Wilson: Loneliness
:zoviet*france:: Spiiltek
Ghost Orchid: Alien Voices - Una

Lawrence Welk: Clair de Lune
(lp) cutoffanimate
Anneliese Michel Exorcism
Thomas Koner: Teimo - A2
Field Recording: Millenium Park, Chicago
Robert Rich: Dervish Dreamtime
(white noise)
(Temple Grandin)
John Carpenter: Goodbye Ellie
(lp) : liondrone
Erik Satie: Trois Nocturnes
Amazonian ayahuasca chant
Steel Leg v. The Electric Dread: Unlikely Pub
P1/E: Up & Above II
Executive Slacks: So Mote it be
Ben Johnson: String Quartet no. 2: 3rd Movement
Trans-Millenia Consort: Freebasing
John Cage/Lejaren Hiller: HRPSCRD
Ghost Orchid: Alien Voices: We Originate on a Planet
Harry Bertoia: All and More
Conet Project: Four Note Rising Scale
BJ Nilsen: Finisterre
Ruth White: Wings Clipped
Terrence McKenna: Taxonomy of Illusion
Jessica Bailiff w/ Dithering Effect:
Field recording: 66 Chicago Bus, Westbound

Ingram Marshall: Fog Tropes
Aleister Crowley: Call of the Second Aether
Thee Temple of Psychick Youth: Temporary Temple
Conet Project: Tyrolean Music Station
Roberto Cacciapaglia: Sonanze: Second Movement
Eric Vann: The Deepest
Mahogany Brain: (forgot which song, sorry)
Kreng: Meisjeln Auto
Jeff Greinke: Maintain Circulation
(Gary McKinnon)
(lp) oakdrone
Beethoven: Piano Concerto no. 5 "Emporer"
Judy Garland: Get the Hell Out of my Life
John Hassell/Brian Eno: Charm (over Burundi Cloud)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel: The Alchemical Dream
Panabrite: Hertzsprung

Jim Jones: Last Supper
Sister Irene O'Connor: Fire of God's Love
Field Recording: Humboldt Park
Robert Rich/B.Lustmord: Delusion Fields
Residents: Eskimo
Windy and Carl: Kate
Ghost Orchid: various Alien Voices
Brother Raven: Diving into the Pineapple Portal
Alan Watts: A conversation with Myself
John Cage: Music of Changes
Anton LaVey: Satanic Mass LP (excerpt)
Ilhan Mimaroglu: Agony
Field Recording: Wabash and Adams
The People's Temple Choir: Black Baby
Paul Horn: Inside (excerpts)
Steve Roach: Reflections in Suspension

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