Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dining on The Sky

Aelter - Follow You (Excerpt)
Mammal - Shining Sky / Cremation
Redrot - Crawling Dead Sex
Manorexia - Krzystl

Andrew Quitter - In The Peripheral
Animal Steel - Can't Keep Caring
T.O.M.B. - Luciferian Homage
Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Track 3 from "Blizzard" (long excerpt)
Nundata - "Fatigo" (Excerpt)
Excerpt from Neon Marshmallow Fundraiser Compilation Cassette 2011
The Haters - Cultivating Calamity (Excerpt/along with foregone tracks and so forth)
Al Qaeda - Excerpt from split with D/A A/D
Mutant Ape - Pint Sized
Disthroned Agony - Cat Witch

Andreas Brandaal - Funeral Material (Excerpt)
Government Alpha - Live At Ekoda Flying Teapot 6.26.10 (Excerpt)
Merzbow - Variations For Electric Fan (Excerpt)
Death Factory - Rat Salad Surgery
Demonologists - Feasting on the Flesh of a Burning Angel

Xuxa - Side A from c60 Tape on Psychic Tapes

Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly - Faco
Cages - Excerpt from "Anti Realist" cassette
Bile & Horseman - Excerpt from "The Blood Porter"
The Crystal Cocks - Side A from "REH. Demo 2011
Torturing Nurse + Pregnant Spore - Excerpt from Side B, self titled cassette on Husk Records

Hari Hardman - Bitten By The Sky
Diaphramatic - Excerpt from "Wartime Advertising"
Plastic Boner Band - Excerpt from Untitled c60 cassette
RU-486 - Excerpt from "Concealed Weaponry" Side A
High School Confidential - Excerpt from "Demon With A Duck's Ass"
Ascites - Dr. Newman & The Removal of The Play Pretty

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