Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nothing Grows/A Moment's Poison In Her Soil

I missed an opportunity to bring this to your attention. Thanks to Kenny Kicks and DJ Qbot for my absence.

Flying Saucer Attack - Whole Day Song
Content Nullity - In The Throes of Her Abhorrence
Content Nullity - "Grief" * with* Marlo Eggplant - "Texture Orchestra" *with* Douglas Haas - Adagio in G Minor for Organ and Strings
Spike Jones - I Only Have Eyes For You
Origami Genitalia - Rigid Compression Fixation (Excerpt)

Factrix - Thin Line
Psychic TV - Message From The Temple
David Lynch - I Know
The Jesus and Mary Chain - On The Wall
Neil Young - Peaceful Valley Blvd.

Karjalan Sissit - Hyi Helevetti (You Are A Whore And Will Always Be)
Regosphere - Tar on The Beach
Love Spirals Downwards - Eudaimonia
Anomalous Disturbances - Fungus Among Us
Boyd Rice and Fiends - Murder Bag
2 layers of Les Paul & Mary Ford - Drifting and Dreaming (played out of sequence on repeat)

Cock E.S.P. - Historia De La Musica Cock (exerpts from bonus tracks on cassette)
Styrofoam Sanchez - "Welding Fin Machine, Live" *with* Page 27 - Was 3000 *with* Armenia - "Legless" (excerpts)

Government Alpha - Sclerous Tongue (from "Heterosis" cassette)
The Haters - Diti
Tuluum Shimmering - Track 6 from "Bowed String Music" disc, part of "Gifts From Xibalba" Gift Set
Nundata - Blue Night (excerpt)
Redglaer - Track 1 from "American Masonry"

Autechre & Hafler Trio - æo³

Bull of Heaven - Pre-Human Spawn of Cthulhu

Shadows In The Dark - Tribute to Long John Nebel

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