Monday, March 7, 2011

self portrait of a paragon


Pharmakon - Xia Xinfeng
Josh Lay - Found Dead In The Woods of Kentucky
Nookleptia - Songbird
NON - Only One

Robert Turman - Side from Split Cassette with Aaron Dilloway

Lussuria - Sauna (an), Umbrae Congregatio (excerpt from live performance on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet)

Excerpt from Brains on Backwash III:Backwash to the Future Compilation Cassette
Connelly* & Machines, The* , Hive Mind , Body Morph , Drainolith & Dog Lady - Sunday Matinee @ The Frying Pan (Excerpt)

Merzbow - Excerpt from "April 1992 Part 1"

Aelter - Dawn

Dave Phillips - Excerpt from "Insect" LP Side B
Evenings - I Hate Myself And Want To Die (Excerpt)
Wilt - She Walks The Night

Paintings For Animals - Whale Hunter (Excerpt)
Regosphere - Like Surgical Steel (Excerpt)
Neuntoter Der Plage - Breathe This Sickly Breath

Nadja - Untitled (from Skin Turns To Glass)

Lights Out Old Time Radio:
Chicken Heart
Immortal Gentleman

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