Monday, March 28, 2011

Hidden Vibrations

Rory Hinchey - Snuff Box
Robert Turman - Subterra
Jarboe & Cedric Victor - Black Dream II
Merzbow - RBA 7+2 (Excerpt from CD7 of Merzbient)
NON - Black Sun

Seven Morgues - I Disappear When Autumn Comes
Masonic Youth - Going Down
Karjalan Sissit - Någon Vacker Dag Får Du Smaka På Finn Yxan Jävla Rip-Off Gubbe
NAGRINÐR - Heraldo (psychopompós)
(recorded promo)
Neil Jendon - Science, Security, Logic, Prudence
Conrad Schnitzler & Thomasius - Wolke 7

Cowards - Below the Boards
WILT - Excerpt from "She Walks The Night" Cassette Side A
Murderous Vision - Tooth And Tongue
Maurizio Bianchi - Violichte (Excerpt from Side A)
EaViL - Owls Too Awake
Locrian - Chladni

Jason Crumer - I. Town Crier, A. News Rips Through The Community
Josh Lay - Bad Mirror Pt. 2 (Excerpt from Split with Demonologists)
Megaptera - Research of Epileptic Attacks
Wyatt Howland - "Asylum" (Excerpt from Split with Josh Lay)

Beaunoise - Excerpt from Ambient One Side A (The Braille Tape)
Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy - Clockwork
C. Lavender - Body Heat Side A Excerpt
Úden - The R'lyeh Sleep (Excerpt)

Troy Schafer - Death Spirit of The All (Excerpt)
David Lynch - Track 3 from The Air Is On Fire
Alva Noto - Odradek
Lustmord - Heresy Part V

Big City Orchestra - Viper (with "Dreams" played very quietly in the background, behind the track)

Binaural Beats - Schumann Resonance


Anonymous said...

This is perfect for a droning, overcast day here in Portland. Thx nigga!

Arvo said...

Glad you dig it! it was overcast here too.