Thursday, March 17, 2011

Al Capone does Love

I just heard on the radio that Al Capone wrote a song while he was in prison. He gave the sheet music to his priest, whose son then sold in the 60s after the old man died. Supposedly it was written for the wife of Scarface, who stuck by old Al, visited him regularly as syphilis had its way in jail.

Being that Al Capone was rumored to be a very kind, gentle, and well-mannered person, and the fact that just about every building in a 6 mile radius of where I live seems to have a story to relate to him, I am fascinated by any music he may have written. Apparently he played the banjo.

Below you can hear the Italian version, but the English version to me, obviously, is much better. Just try to imagine that it was recorded on a 78RPM record by Al Bowlly instead of this glossy keyboard combo.

Madonna Mia (Italian) – Al Capone Fan Club

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