Monday, February 28, 2011

"Let The People That Know My Wisdom Fill The Land With Smoke"


Peiste - Blood Sac (Excerpt)

Loop Orchestra - Circa 1901
Silk Saw - Machine De Mémoire
Stealing Orchestra - Uma Pândega de Paranóias, Fobias e Mania da Perseguição
Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow
France Gall - Die Sconste Musik Die Est Gibt
Nénette et les Zézettes - Un Jour, Un Enfant (live)
Lio - Speedy Gonzales
Mini-Pops - Novelty Medley
Lydia Lunch - Run Through The Jungle

The Fall - I'm A Mummy
Vainty 6 - Drive Me Wild
The Stalin - Light My Fire
France Douce & The Abortions - Abort Yourself
Victor Light Opera Co - Gems from Verry Good Eddie
Wolf Eyes + Black Dice - Untitled (from Chimes in Black Water Volume 3)
Necrophagia - And You Will Live In Terror
Necrophobia - Black Moon Rising
Borbetomagus - Concordat 7

Diaphragmatic - Line of Control Side A Excerpt
Panic DHH - Panic 4
fire island, AK - We're All Gonna Die Out Here
Matt Shoemaker - Arrival

ZZ - Untitled
Welby - No Silence Metal Box
Roped Off - Discovers A New Angle (Excerpt)
PBK - She Destroys My Paintings
American Indian Death Squad - Yee Naaldlooshii (skinwalker)

Art Schnurple - Karma Crank
LietterschpichDiet - Par Avion Ramblin'
Grave In The Sky - Scum
Theme - An Answer To All Life

Siegmar Fricke - Neuroma Plantaris
Maurizio Bianchi - Neuro Habitat

Inner Sanctum OTR - The Edge of Death

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