Monday, December 26, 2011

Treading without Regard for Water, Walking on Burning Coals without Regard for Reason

Hour plus Interview with Elisha Shapiro

Stunt Rock - A Music Fans Guide To Outgrowing And Abandoning What’s Left Of Your Favorite Musician Or: How To Have Kids And Gain Weight
Anthony Newley, Delia Derbyshire - Moogies Bloogies
Ministry - Smothered Hope (Live)
Dmitri Shostakovich - Funeral March - Adagio Molto
Comedy of Terrors Theme music - Les Baxter

Cluster - Untitled track 3 from "Cluster 71'" *with* Arvo reading from an excerpt of The Cure For Insomnia by the late Lee Groban, and a video of Lee Groban reading poetry on the street in New York

Aaron Hibbs - Carrot Bike
Anenzaphalia - Transcendental Suffering
Lalo Schifrin - Amityville Horror End Credits
Larry Clinton - Heart & Soul
Bob Luman - Hey Joe
Lawrence Welk & Red Foley - Shame On You

Ikettes - Don't Feel Sorry For Me
? and The Mysterians - Just Like A Rose
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - The Phantom
Adolph Hofner - Dirty Dog

Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline
A Popular History of Signs - Crowds
Oppenheimer Analysis - Subterranean Desire
Guenter Schulz & En Esch - Rhinocerous (smashing pumpkins cover)
SPK - Despair
Dave Vanian and The Phantom Chords - The House Is Haunted

Supersonic Future & Hot Zex - Falling
Celluloïd Mata & Drahomira Song Orchestra - Eastern Works
Elija Ishmael - Jumbe Nipelek Kwetu
El Jesus De Magico - Skin This Cat Another Way
Charles Aznavour & Edith Piaf - Le Bleu de Tes Yeux
Hunter Gracchus - Companions Of The Porch track 3

Dave Ramsey - The Total Money Makeover

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Centipede can never grow into a Butterfly, You Fuck!

Boban Markovic Orkestar - Ring, Ring
Knitting By Twilight - Weathering
Illusion of Safety - Detailed Plans Abandoned
Oblongata, J. Thelonious, Soteric, black beast of arrrghhh, Jim Ivy, Jiblit Dupree, and Trotsky's Watercooler - short Excerpt from "The Tales of Faust" CDR (cut short from swearing)
Matt Taggart - Track 3 from "The Grey Area" CDR

Carnivores - If I'm Ancient
Fiada Fey + Disthroned Agony - Black Mass On The Tarmac
Panther Modern - Excerpt from "Salem" CDR
T.O.M.B. - Between Host
Barbara - Schnell
Tree - Electric Funeral
Cadaver Eyes - BaHoref Karr

Desert Island Dicks - Zavvi
Brian Imig - Eyes That Glow In The Dark
Spirit - Morning Will Come
Zack Kouns - Dear Lord
John Trubee - Cast Me Off In The Shadows
Sid Yiddish - Jump On the Camel

Robert Turman - Way Down
ZILMRAH - Larvae
Aloonaluna - Dizzy
Noveller - Ends
Michael Esposito + David John Oates / Phantom Airwaves - KR200 Kabinenroller

Elainie Lillios - Hastening Toward The Half Moon

Leticia Castaneda - 3am Unfortunately
The Wilford Brimleys - Valid Boohiss
Page 27 - Wilbur Whateley
RPM Orchestra - Swoon

e. w. hagstrom featuring gretchn gonzales, john olson, david cardell, rick smrstck, patrick marley, & neil campbell - Track 6 from "collabhorrations" CDR
gHOST project - live at crown tap room
Boyd Andersson - Green Tea

Boy + Girl - I Can Hear You
Emil Beaulieau - excerpt from America's Greatest Noise
TSIDMZ - Sloth
Static Swamp - Train Wreck (excerpt)
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - Crimson & Clover

Maeror Tri - A.V.E. Extract 4
K. Mizutani - A Flint

Monday, December 12, 2011

Throw All of Your Racist Goddamn Children into the Mountain

Alpha Strategy - Append and Divide
Hydroze Plus - Overcoat
Opera Mort - Minuit Cercueil"
Decapitated Hed - Ingestion of Glowstick Fluid
Marc Broude - Lake Havasu Killing Lake Michigan
The Dig (featuring CLive Tanaka) - Panorama
David Lynch - I Know

Redrot - Choke
Josh Lay & Teeth Collection - Excerpt from collaborative LP Side A
Disthroned Agony - Gathering Darkness
Panther Modern - Excerpt from Satanic Logic CS

Blessed Sacrifist - In Closing?
WOLD - Invocation of Fire/Invocation of Water
Skin Graft - Excerpt from Drowning In Obsidian CS Side A
Thomas Bey William Bailey - Excerpt from Progressive Lycanthropy Side B
Headboggle - RRRecycled Cassette Side B Excerpt

Golgotha Communications Limited - Excerpt from The Concrete Crown CS
ONO - Excerpt from S/T Cassette Side B
Theme - Time Always Wins
We Creeling - Up In The Morning

Terrors - Lying on heather in the highlands
Feedbacula - Excerpt from Side A of "Cultivator" cassette
Sid Yiddish - Track 2 from "Freewheelin' Looney" CDR
Trespassers W - Look You Don't See What You See
John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors of America - We Are All Dying
Black Guys - Outkast Blakface #3

Arvo playing a balloon with*
Matt Taggart - Duet for Balloon
Bran (...) Pos - Prick The Nose to Light The Face *with*
Sharkula - Excerpt from "Willow Kwasai 110% Yes!" CDR *with*
Dental Work - Bloods & Crips On MDMA In The Desert Excerpt *with*
Sharkula - Ghetto Scientist (live on WZRD) track 3 CDR *with*
Dental Work - Live May 6th 2010

Embarker. - "Big Gary" Side B
Brent Gutzeit & Francisco Meirino - Stress Test for Depression
C. Lavender - Side B from "Body Heat" CS
Fatale - Les Peaux

Churner - "Whisper" excerpt from split cassette with Infirmary
Slaughter-Fetus - Neo-Nazi Skinhead Astral Projection Ritual (excerpt)
Wraiths - Dust in Our Mouths (excerpt)
Leif Elggren & Michael Esposito - excerpt from "Fire Station 6"
Marlo Eggplant - Slow Leak

Francisco Lopez - 24 hours of field recordings - flash drive release - "untitled #272 [antarctica variations]" (excerpt from variation 7)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Those Who Remain at the Surface Do So at Their Own Peril : featuring an interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Thanks to DJ Qbot for doing a DJ set inspired by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge before I came on! Listen to it here!

Psychic TV - In The Nursery
Cabaret Voltaire - Sunday Night In Biot
Throbbing Gristle - Sick Sick Sixties
Soft Cell - Tupperware Party
cEvin Key - Beauty is the Enemy

Genesis Breyer P- Orridge interview

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Brion Gysin - Somebody Special
Neither/Neither World - Falling
Beach Boys - Child Is The Father of The Man
Sandy Shaw - Til the Night Begins
Brenda Lee - Strawberry Snow

Unknown Artist - Give Murder A Chance
Adam Parfrey - Kill Your Sons
Hand Made - for you
Three Souls In My Mind - Let Me Swim
Alien City - Suffer
Orchid Spangiafora - Sheer Madness

Severed Heads - Relic of The Empire + Tiny Fingers
Women of the SS - Oh What Fun We Shall Have
Le Syndicat - Sex Und Vomit
Zombies Under Stress - Stalin
Portion Control - All Present and Correct
Absolute Body Control - Automatic I
Tik & Tok - Crisis
Clock Dva - Four Hours
Screamers - I'm A Mensch

Club Moral - I Wanna Be Drowned
Toll - Brute Freeze
Deutsch Nepal - Temple of Death
Einsturzende Neubauten - Waiting For The Call
Rubber 0 Cement - Zombie House Mix 7

Aaron Dilloway - Infinite Lucifer

Byla & Jarboe - 10:58
Tod Dockstader - Song and Lament

Leif Elggren / Emanuel Swedenborg - Track 2 from Angel Modulations
Steve Reich - Pendulum Music

Billie Holiday - Blue Moon
Aboriginal Music - Rain Dreaming Ceremony
S.B.O.T.H.I. - C.B.A
William Burroughs - Dinosaurs *with* Regosphere - House of Clocks
Alma Gluck - Sing Me To Sleep

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge next week!

Monday Night at Midnight Central, The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show is proud to host a telephone interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. It will be streaming live on, 88.7 FM in Chicago, and archived at

Genesis will be playing in Chicago with PSYCHIC TV/PTV3 at Reggie's on December 11th.

From the website:

Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE is a true legend of the Anglo-American underground, an avant-garde anti-hero
whose remarkable body of work reminds us that what is dangerous and what is important are never far apart—
and that, when you believe something, artistic integrity demands that you live by it too.

P-Orridge first achieved recognition with the 1969 founding of COUM Transmissions, a confrontational performance
collective heavily influenced by Dada, which was later transformed into the band Throbbing Gristle. (P-Orridge would,
in 1981, found the ground-breaking band, Psychic TV.) By the time COUM disbanded in 1976, it had helped push the
boundaries and shatter the definitions of performance and contemporary art, paving the way for later transgressive
work. The culmination of COUM was the 1976 “Prostitution” exhibition at the ICA in London, which featured a stripper,
used Tampax sculptures, repurposed pornography and transvestite guards, and caused such a commotion that the
British Parliament reconsidered government funding for public art and labeled P-Orridge and h/er collaborators
“Wreckers of Civilization”.

In the early 1970s, P-Orridge met William S. Burroughs, who introduced h/er to Brion Gysin, marking the beginning of
a seminal and influential collaborative relationship. Burroughs, under Gysin’s tutelage, repopularized the “cut-up”
technique of the early 20th century Surrealists, in which text, or narrative imagery, is cut up and re-organized, creating
a new, non-linear formulation. The supremely Dadaist practice would influence P-Orridge throughout h/er career and
remains an integral element of h/er work.

P-Orridge was an early participator in Fluxus and Mail Art, applying the theories of John Cage (upon which the found-
ations of Fluxus are built) on the pressed recording “Early Worm” in 1968, and exchanging works with Ray Johnson
among others. Responding to P-Orridge’s Mail Art, the British General Post Office charged h/er in 1976 with sending
“indecent and offensive material” through the mail, including desecrated images of the Queen. Like many artists at this
time, P-Orridge rejected market-driven work, choosing instead to maintain an artist-centered creative nucleus in which
work was shared within a community, and was never intended to enter the commercialized art world. P-Orridge later
began an occultist practice influenced by the theories of the artist Austin Osman Spare. The “sigils” they performed ex-
plored the relationship between the conscious and unconscious self through magical techniques such as automatic
writing, drawing and actions, relics of which can be found in many of P-Orridge’s collage work.

In the 1990s, P-Orridge began a collaboration with the performance artist Lady Jaye Breyer, which focused on a single,
central concern—deconstructing the fiction of self. Influenced again by “cut-up” techniques and frustrated by what they
felt to be imposed limits on personal and expressive identity and on the language of true love, P-Orridge and Lady Jaye
applied the strategy of “cutting-up” to their own bodies, in an effort to merge their two identities, through plastic surgery,
hormone therapy, cross-dressing and altered behavior, into a single, “pandrogynous” character, “BREYER P-ORRIDGE".
They embraced a painterly, gestural approach to their own bodies, making expressive and startling use of signifiers like
eyebrows, lips, and breasts, in order to resemble one another as much as possible. The work was an exercise in elective,
creative identity, and a test of how fully two people could integrate their own lives, bodies, and consciousnesses, a sym-
bolic gesture towards evolution and true union. Although Lady Jaye passed away in 2007, the project continues with
Genesis embodying the entirety of BREYER P-ORRIDGE.

Genesis P-Orridge and BREYER P-ORRIDGE have exhibited internationally, including recent exhibitions at Deitch Projects,
Mass MOCA, Centre Pompidou, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Barbican Museum, the Swiss Institute and White
Columns, amongst others. Work was recently acquired for the permanent collection of the Tate Britain.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A complete reclusive vacuum collection


Last week I recorded bizarre effects that happened from the studio throughout the previous week; when we play material through the computer at the WLUW studio, and if someone is listening with an analog radio (i.e. one that has a knob instead of a scroll button, and a knob for AM/FM rather than a "band" button), the prerecorded news shows, or the youtube videos sounded like they had been runned through some kind of ring modulator or vocoder. I asked some friends of mine to record my show, where I aired the results, and for this week, I played layers of their recordings, exclusively for those listeners with analog radios to have a the tripled effect of this strange transmittor problem. Many thanks to Chris Turner, Patrick McCarthy, Brian Klein, and Mike Krause for recording it, and for making it easy for me to get the tapes from them in one week's time.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Guest Spot on The Funk & Soul Explosion (WLUW)


My guest appearance on the Funk & Soul Explosion Radio Show (recording starts about 10 minutes late)

Baby Huey - Hard Times
Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black?
Stretch - Why Did You Do It?

James Brown, Marva Whitney, & Dee Felice Trio - Sunny
Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Want To Know
Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Workin
Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers - Searching For Soul Pt. 1
Jean Dushon - Hitch Hike

Lee Dorsey - Ride Your Pony
The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You

Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love
Tom & Jerrio - Come on And Love Me
The Artistics - (I Want You To) Make My Life Over

Brenda Holloway - Every Little Bit Hurts
Little Eva - Please Hurt Me
Timi Yuro - Hurt
Barbara Acklin & Gene Chandler - From the Teacher to the Preacher
Wendy Rene - I Wish I Were That Girl

The Young Rascals - A Place In The Sun
Tom Jones - Keep On Runnin'
Roy Head - Get Back
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Breakout
Evie Sands - Any Way That You Want Me
Helen Shapiro - Take Me For A While

Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come to My House
Andre Williams - Greasy Chicken
Booker T. & The MG's - Soul Dressing
Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band - Fried Okra
Houseband - Giving Up Food For Funk
Friday Saturday Sunday - Potato Salad

Dusty Springfield - Take Me For A Little While
Vontastics - Never Let Your Love Grow Cold
Ruth Copeland & Funkadelic - Gimme Shelter

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Public Service Announcements


This week's episode was in honor of the history of Public Service Announcements. Something like 175 PSAs on the radio. Listen to the audio above or click below to see/hear 200 of them....

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Delirious Music For Delirious People was "Rekkid of the day" last week on WFMU, and so far as I can tell it was aired by at least three different DJs. I recommend listening to these shows they are excellent, and listen to sneak peaks of the compilation (still available)...

Lullabies and reveilles. Something for the late nighters and early risers.

featuring Hans Grusel's version of "Satan Takes A Holiday" from the Compilation as well as new Tom Waits, Van Dyke Parks, Ronettes, and The Chaynes. Listen HERE!

Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

"Baby Face Killer"by Mac Blackout from the compilation, and also featuring David Lynch, Terry Fox, Glands of External Secretion, and Shell Shock Shannon and the Hollywood Manglers. LISTEN HERE!

The run-around drill sergeant of love meets the freeform radio nurse in an international popularity crisis. Twang, dub, noise, rockers, aliens, drum machines, foreigners, imported goods, songs, rumbles, hollers, blips and squiggles, along with an occasional musical number.

this episode featuring"Sweet Breeze" by Diatric Puds & The Blobbettes from the compilation as well as You, Arvid Tuba, Jack Ruby, and Venom! LISTEN HERE!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trenton Willey/Bull of Heaven

This evening I started off airing a recording of Trenton Willey doing 4.5 hours of stand up absurdist comedy on the phone, but got tired of hitting the dump button so much, so I aired several long tracks by Bull of Heaven. listen unedited in an article I've done for WFMU about Trenton Willey: Poor Homeless Comedian / Dead Cat Puppeteer....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Special with guest collaboration between Michael Esposito and J. Soliday


EVP Researcher and paranormal sound artist Michael Esposito collected recordings from Blue Point Cemetery in Effingham, Illinois for his collaboration with J. Soliday (photo by Heidi Harman)

Ghostly Sounds Side A Excerpt
Niellerade Fallinilisthorstar - Excerpt from "Halrum" LP Side A
Sounds To Make You Shiver - Spend The Night In A Haunted House
Wilt - She Walks The Night
Jesse Crawford - Lay My Head Beneath A Rose
Ferrante & Teicher - Man From Mars
Zacherle - Dinner with Drac
Voodoo Organist - I Put A Spell On You
Haunted George - Torture
Tiny Tim - Stay Down Here Where You Belong
David Bowie - Scary Monsters

Live set by J. Soliday & Michael Esposito

Phantom Plastics (Per Svensson & Michael Esposito) - The Ghosts of Ogilvie Station (flexi)
Zola Jesus - Julius & Ethel (excerpt)
Karla LaVey & Rubber 0 Cement - Live at the Satanic Church

Live set by Michael Esposito & J. Soliday

Locrian - Excerpt from Greyfield Shrine LP

Xela - Excerpt from The Illuminated LP

Relay for Death - Excerpt from Birth of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ LP

Tomb - Within The Circle of Bones
Printed At Bismarck's Death - Untitled
Sleep Chamber - His Satanic Majesties

Cotton Museum - Dripping Dead

Pod Blotz - Procession of Occified Orphans
Dr. Octopuss (Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia, Sixes, Sharkiface, Loachfillet live collaboration) - Side A Excerpt
Hydroze Plus - Calm Calm

Burial Hex - River of Los

Halloween Horror

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Michael Esposito & J. Soliday on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show Halloween Night!


On Halloween Night at Midnight Central Time, The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show will host a collaboration between paranormal researcher Michael Esposito and experimental artist J. Soliday.

Michael Andrew Esposito was born in Gary, Indiana in 1964. He is a descendant of Alfred Vail who invented the Morse Code and several early telegraph devices with his partner Samuel Morse. Another ancestor, Jonathan Harned Vail was office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison who in his later years when Edison attempted to develop a device for communicating with the dead. Michael studied communication theory at Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, American University in Cairo, Egypt and Governor's State University. During the Gulf War Michael was a Psy-ops officer in Iraq.
Over the years, under the Phantom Airwaves institution, Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations all over the world. He has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of unique theory and devised many unique experiments within the field of EVP. Focusing primarily on EVP research, he has collected tens of thousands EVPs and video. He has had numerous television, radio and newspaper appearances.
Working extensively with EVP's relationship to experimental music, Michael combines EVP with field recording and related frequency tones of research sites. Michael is currently published by Touch Music[MCPS] UK.


J. Soliday:
"a free-flowing dance of sound, with the clompity-clomp of horse hooves sliding easily into electronic bleats, sewage-tunnel drones, air-vent clatter, chirping-bird dialogue, short-wave distortion—hell, be ready for anything and everything is about all I can say—a seemingly effortless collage of a somehow very organic brand of circuit-bent electronics, rendered by a true master." Wm Berger, WFMU

Facebook Event page

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elisha Shapiro on WFMU's Beware of The Blog

Please allow me to direct you to a new article from me on WFMU's Beware of the Blog about Elisha Shapiro, mass media dadaist prankster and very dangerous man.

Pledge for WFMU's My Castle of Quiet!

Wm. Berger's radio show is the only one that I listen to for anything remotely metal, but it also challenges my knowledge about horror movies, dark synthesizer music, occultnik dark ambient music and blissed out creaky noise crunch. I invite you to check it out and support the show along with the excellent freeform radio station whose blog is probably the one of the only I could be and am proud to write for.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Murder of the Mouth

Panther Modern - Excerpt from "Satanic Logic" cassette
Lechuguillas - Awl
I Am The Arm - Satan Is Forever
Severed Head In A Bag - Live 1983 (from the film "D.U.I.")

Josh Lay - My Cave Is A Poison Cave
Filth - Saturated Blood (excerpt)
Andrew Quitter - Left Bleeding In The Woods
Winters In Osaka - Waterweight

Boyle - April 2010 (from disc 3 of "Raum Zeit")
Cunting Daughters - Asomatous
Sinister Sveta - Awesome External 2

Subterranean Drift - Among Shadowed Formations
Murderous Vision - The Seasons Pass Away
C. Lavender - Meet Me At The Station
Suburbia Melting - Capitalism (Excerpt)
Michael Esposito & Brent Gutzeit - Enemy (excerpt)

A 3 hour long drone called "Bloodbath" (listen here) that I was commissioned to make for this gallery event last year

Monday, October 10, 2011

Flight of the Skeletal Trust


Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien Avec Filles (b)
P16.D4 - External Symbols
AMM - What Is There In Uselessness To Cause You Distress?
Asmus Tietchens - Erstes Nachtstuck
J. Graf Beabulah - Track 7 from "Death With Variation"
Satanismo Calibro 9 - Aborto

Michael Esposito & FM Einheit - Track 4 from "The Sallie House"
J. Soliday - I

Dave Phillips - You Are Validating My Inherent Distrust of People
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Double Mask
Genesis P-Orridge + Z'ev - East III
Hans Grüsel - Quarintimes
The Conet Project - Eastern Music Station
Riz Ortolani - Crucified Woman

SAT Stoicizmo - Avionom
:Zoviet*France: - Public Service Announcement

Morton Subotnick - Sidewinder Part II
Alvin Lucier - Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas
Francois Bayle - Voyage Au Centre De La Tête II

Organum - Rasa

Albero Rovesciato - Side B from Ancient Shining Drums of the Covered City
Rudolf + Outandin Artaud - An Subject Object Provocation

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Helicopter String Quartet

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Waking State of Stasis at the Hob-Clotting Factory



Locrian - Chalk Point
The Diagnostic Dimension of Axes - Dispatch of the Psychic Visitant
Anatomy of Habit - Overcome

Vertonen - Deteriorated Broadcast (excerpt)
Garland Villanova - Lagomorphic Reverie

Cunting Daughters - Expiry
Murderous Vision - Structures and Pathways
Andrew Quitter - The Silver Tone (Fall)

Altar of Flies - Abandon Skin
Elon Katz - Brace
Michael Perkins - Murder By Phone
Mort Garson - Leave The Driving To Us
Raglani - The Last Ride (Excerpt)

Nurse With Wound - Space Music (Excerpt)
Death Factory - Manifestation of Fear (Dedicated to Phantasm) *excerpt*
Boyle - 16 Feb 2010

Emulsion vs. Nookleptia - Beast with Eight Paws
Origami Genitalia - The Aboriginal Sin (Excerpt)
PCRV - Track 3 (from "three untitled pieces" CDR)

Shattered Hymen - Blood Purple Vein
Rubbish & Crank Sturgeon - Fools Pursuit
Warnskarpt - Untitled 1 (from split CDR with Dental Work)
Flesh Coffin - Devil Worship in the Slaughterhouse (side A excerpt)

Pregnant Spore - No Masters
Hjorten - Electricity 4 (excerpt)
Mystified - Ghostly (excerpt) *with*
Subterranean Drift - Goddess of the Blackening Sky *with*
redglaer - track 1 from "American Masonry"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Delirious Music For Delirious People" featured on Nightmare City Halloween 2011

Stevo In Yr Stereo
Very happy to have "Delirious Music For Delirious People" featured on Nightmare City! This guy is completely obsessed with Halloween and Monster Music, and has been for several years. He makes catalogs documenting scary music, and it is by far the most comprehensive I have ever seen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Centimeters - I'm Not Exercising Enough
Gary Wilson - Linda Wants To Be Alone
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - Cuckoo Habanera
Big City Orchestra - track from trade only CDR
Dental Work - Excerpt from split 3" with Cock E.S.P.

Boyle - 7 April 2010
Pregnant Spore - Ancient Closet of Disected Amoebas (sp)
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic2
Sudden Infant - Pee Godzilla Pee
High School Confidential - Strange Wool
The Nevari Butchers - Excerpt from "Shatter All Organized Activities" Cassette
Decapitated Hed - Excerpt from Side B of "Isolation Pulse"

C Lavender - Live at Dream Castle
beaunoise - Invention #3 for Serge Modular
Marlo Eggplant - Churning

Diatribes - Invisible Wizard (Excerpt)
Wm. Berger - A Vag, A Clit, A Bum (Excerpt)

Rubbish & Hal McGee - Thin Air
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Voices On The Air
Cranes - Clear (Davidian Memorial Mix)
Skin Chamber - Healing Time
Sleep Chamber - The Vision & Voice
Jesu - We All Faulter
Annelies Monsere - Sand (various versions of the song with different instruments)

Evil Moisture - Untitled track from split 3" CDR with XDUGEF
XDUGEF - Excerpt from RRRecycled Cassette
Dog Day Afternoon - Side A from S/T Cassette

Richard Ramirez - Choke On It A Little, Then Swallow

Skin Graft - 8/7/10 (excerpt)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show has haunted the airwaves of WLUW into the wee hours of dreary Monday Nights since 2008. Host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. Presently, "Delirious Insomniac" is also syndicated on RadioKL.Hr in Croatia, with occasional interviews, virtual guest installations, ghost hosts, and radio art. On September 9th, 2011, Arvo Fingers and WLUW will be celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show as well as the release of the first volume of "Delirious Music For Delirious People", a compilation featuring Jarboe, Controlled Bleeding, Zola Jesus, Boyd Rice and Friends, Gary Wilson, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Big City Orchestra, Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, and others.

CDs in Digipaks as well as professionally printed CDRs in jewel cases are ready. the CDRs are $6 postage paid in the USA, $9 postage paid elsewhere. The CDs in digipaks will be available some time after that, and are $8 postage paid in the USA, $11 elsewhere. paypal address is , orders are shipping now.


01 Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet - Satan Takes A Holiday
02 Big City Orchestra - Why Don't We Eat Carrots? (Edit)
03 Gary Wilson - And Then I Kissed Your Lips
04 The Centimeters - If Only My Dog Would Barely Like Me
05 I.M.M.U.R.E. - In Love With Dog
06 Verdant - In The Parlor
07 Pharmakon - Mound of Flesh, Cavern of Fluids
08 Controlled Bleeding - Untitled
09 Jarboe - Blood Horizon (Arvo Remix)
10 Zola Jesus - Devil Take You
11 Mac Blackout - Baby Face Killer
12 Art Phag - Golf
13 Haunted George - Pile O' Meat
14 Rancid Hell Spawn - Android Pup
15 The Dreams - Tropique du Cancer
16 WOLD - The Virile Toll
17 Vapid Apparition - Sinneßteuerung
18 Murderous Vision - As Teeth Sink In
19 BeNe GeSSeRiT - RATS
20 Boyd Rice and Friends (with Little Fyodor) - The Blackness
21 Diatric Puds & The Blobbettes - Sweet Breeze
22 Istvan & His Imaginary Band - Night of The Vampire
23 Irene Moon - Go Away Dreadful Creature

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show with Guest DJ Set By L. Vomito

Mac Blackout - Who's Gonna Set The Fire
The Dreams - Power of Signs
Zola Jesus - Soeur Sewer
Jarboe - Lotus Weapon
Pus Drainer - Ocular Mutilation
Zeni Geva - Angel

* Guest DJ Set By L. Vomito *

Bauhaus - Sanity Assassins
The Undead - Life of our Own
Famous Monsters Speak! - Frankenstein's Monster Tales
Day Glo Abortions - I'm My Own God
Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather
Exciter - Long Live Loud
DOA - Singin In The Rain / Race Riot
The Offs - Everyone's A Bigot
the cure - Seventeen Seconds
Population - Waltzing The War
The Cultural Decay - Song of Joy

The Cramps - Human Fly
Exodus - The Toxic Waltz
Crunch - Subito
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha
Memluks - Main Body
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
TSOL - Song of Laughter
Naked Raygun - Swingo
Vice Squad - (So) What For The 80's?
Bad Brains - Pay To Cum
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army - You Are In My Vision
DEVO - Gut Feeling
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie - Hang on To Yourself
Ian Hunter - Once Bitten Twice Shy
Fungus Brains - Hair Brush
Exciter - Saxons of the Fire
The Circle Jerks - Paid Vacation

KILT - Live in New York 4/2009 (track 2 from Kitchen Sorcery) *excerpt

Circuit Wound - The Viable Commodity Of Fear And Paranoia

XDUGEF - Track 1 from "X" CDR

Tarpit - Excerpt from Side A of untitled cassette
*with* The Haters - Taisic
*wuth* Marlo Eggplant - Romanticizing The Doppler Effect
*with* Bran (...) Pos & Tarantism - Live on WLUW August 1, 2004 Side A Excerpt
*with* The Living Language Course - German, Record 3
*with* Nurse With Wound - Merzbild Schwet (excerpt)
*with* Dental Work - Excerpt from split 3" CDR with Cock ESP
*with* Dave Phillips - Mutations (Excerpt)
*wath* Crank Sturgeon - Shoe Me In For A Caber, Lamb
*with* Raglani - The Last Ride (Excerpt)
*with* Richard Youngs - "Be brave, this world"

Dead Body Collection - I Slice Her Body, Over And Over

Tuesday, August 30, 2011




Pharmakon - Excerpt from split with Deterge
Jonathan Canady - I Know Who You Are
Cowards - Tremble
Foetus - Paper Slippers
Sarah Weis - Stretch
The Fragile Path (Featuring En Esch) - Retinal Scan

The Young Gods - Soul Idiot
Whourkr - Plantea
Duchesses - Pit Bulimia
Dark Tribe - Dark Tribe
Hecate - Trial By Ordeal

Sesso Violento - Mar De Sangue/Sexual Carcinoma
Angelblood - Bellowed From Risen
WOLD - This Is How I Know
Necros With Attitude - Nuncrusher

Rancid Hell Spawn - Android Pup
Art Phag - A Boy & His Gun
Haunted George - Moaning Behind The Door
Little Fyodor - I Don't Know What To Do

Squids - Don't Turn Around
Rodney Dangerfield - Rappin' With Rodney (Excerpt)
Adrian Munsey, his sheep, wind, and orchestra - The Lost Sheep
BeNe GeSSeRiT - Nobody Can Know
Loto Ball - Ain't Your Mother
Amanda Lear - Blood and Honey

Zombies Under Stress - Stalin
Gorilla Aktiv - Spiegelbild
Aviador Dro - El Laberinto Del Nuevo Minotauro
ADULT. - Killing & Dragging
The Twenty Committee - Mass Machina
The Wilford Brimleys - Toast Weapons
John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors of America - Trubee's Lament
Wilburn Bros - Put Me In Your Pocket

Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist / Invisible (with Dave Phillips - "?" playing in the background)
Sun Splitter - Earth Burner
Journey To Ixtlan - The Cactus Shrine
The Diagnostic Dimension Of Axes- Dispatch Of The Psychic Visitant
State Research Bureau - Non-Place
T Σ Λ Λ Đ Θ Γ Λ - The Old One

Cotton Museum - Pus Postules (Excerpt entertwined with)
*J. Soliday - "Disquiet" Excerpt from Side A
*Pope Joanna - Stoic Tourniquet
*Controlled Bleeding - first XXX tape excerpt remix 1984
*Richard Ramirez - Hard Trainer
*RUBBISH - untitled cassette (part of a series of at least 3) in manila envelope side A

Luftwaffe featuring Boyd Rice - Scent of The Vanquished

Thursday, August 25, 2011

L. Vomito on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show September 5th!

On the evening of September 5th, L. Vomito (Rock Bottom Records) will return to WLUW for a guest DJ set of strictly vinyl. Tune in on WLUW 88.7 FM at midnight central,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

September 9th: The Delirious Insomniac 4th Annual Live Event!/event.php?eid=256726571013689

The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show has haunted the airwaves of WLUW into the wee hours of dreary Monday Nights since 2008. Host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. Presently, "Delirious Insomniac" is also syndicated on RadioKL.Hr in Croatia, with occasional interviews, virtual guest installations, ghost hosts, and radio art. On September 9th, 2011, Arvo Fingers and WLUW will be celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show as well as the release of the first volume of "Delirious Music For Delirious People", a compilation featuring Jarboe, Controlled Bleeding, Zola Jesus, Boyd Rice and Friends, Gary Wilson, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Big City Orchestra, Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, and others.


Mac Blackout, former member of The Functional Blackouts, current singer for Daily Void, and Mickey has been active with this solo project since 2004, having released 2 LPs and one CD at least, of electric lo fi, cold to the bone glam-influenced, yet psychotic and isolated 4 track recordings. For this show, Mac Blackout will debut his band line up for the first time.


Teaadora Nikolova weaves haunting effects, layered vocals, and acoustic, ethnic instruments into deeply moving events that come off as both child like and mature. Teaadora will also debut a full band with Eastern influences on this night.


Coming off of the momentum of their full length debut LP on SNSE records, recorded with bunches of people huddled in a haunted, moldy basement, INFIRMARY ascend from the pits of absolute dread in Peoria Illinois as a duo, playing slimey, doom-laden wall noise. From Rick: "Occultist sing song alongside drone and violence"


"a free-flowing dance of sound, with the clompity-clomp of horse hooves sliding easily into electronic bleats, sewage-tunnel drones, air-vent clatter, chirping-bird dialogue, short-wave distortion—hell, be ready for anything and everything is about all I can say—a seemingly effortless collage of a somehow very organic brand of circuit-bent electronics, rendered by a true master." Wm. Berger, WFMU

New Article on Pharmakon at WFMU

"Sometimes I Kiss You Not To Hear You Speak": Margaret Chardiet's Pharmakon

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dining on The Sky

Aelter - Follow You (Excerpt)
Mammal - Shining Sky / Cremation
Redrot - Crawling Dead Sex
Manorexia - Krzystl

Andrew Quitter - In The Peripheral
Animal Steel - Can't Keep Caring
T.O.M.B. - Luciferian Homage
Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Track 3 from "Blizzard" (long excerpt)
Nundata - "Fatigo" (Excerpt)
Excerpt from Neon Marshmallow Fundraiser Compilation Cassette 2011
The Haters - Cultivating Calamity (Excerpt/along with foregone tracks and so forth)
Al Qaeda - Excerpt from split with D/A A/D
Mutant Ape - Pint Sized
Disthroned Agony - Cat Witch

Andreas Brandaal - Funeral Material (Excerpt)
Government Alpha - Live At Ekoda Flying Teapot 6.26.10 (Excerpt)
Merzbow - Variations For Electric Fan (Excerpt)
Death Factory - Rat Salad Surgery
Demonologists - Feasting on the Flesh of a Burning Angel

Xuxa - Side A from c60 Tape on Psychic Tapes

Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly - Faco
Cages - Excerpt from "Anti Realist" cassette
Bile & Horseman - Excerpt from "The Blood Porter"
The Crystal Cocks - Side A from "REH. Demo 2011
Torturing Nurse + Pregnant Spore - Excerpt from Side B, self titled cassette on Husk Records

Hari Hardman - Bitten By The Sky
Diaphramatic - Excerpt from "Wartime Advertising"
Plastic Boner Band - Excerpt from Untitled c60 cassette
RU-486 - Excerpt from "Concealed Weaponry" Side A
High School Confidential - Excerpt from "Demon With A Duck's Ass"
Ascites - Dr. Newman & The Removal of The Play Pretty

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

September 9th: The Delirious Insomniac 4th Annual Live Event

A celebration of the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show's 4th anniversary on WLUW 88.7 FM. Details to be announced at a later date.
This will also be a quasi release party for the first volume of "Delirious Music For Delirious People". CDs in Digipaks won't be available by the time of the show, but professionally printed CDRs in jewel cases will be ready. If anyone would like to make pre orders, the CDRs are $6 postage paid in the USA, $9 postage paid elsewhere. The CDs in digipaks will be available some time after that, and are $8 postage paid in the USA, $10 elsewhere. Feel free to send money through paypal to if you would like to pre order this release, I promise to make it witchy. for advance tickets.
I'm pretty sure this event will be free to those who email to , but this has not been solidly confirmed by the man.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Obvious Nazi Machine

(Omar Padròn and Wesley Groves cohosts for the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show)

Judy Garland: Obvious Nazi Machine
J.D. Emmanuel: Part 3: Evening Devotional
Inade: II: Signals from 68 Dimensions
Harold Budd: Gypsy Violin
Aleister Crowley: Call of the first Aether
Gary Wilson: Loneliness
:zoviet*france:: Spiiltek
Ghost Orchid: Alien Voices - Una

Lawrence Welk: Clair de Lune
(lp) cutoffanimate
Anneliese Michel Exorcism
Thomas Koner: Teimo - A2
Field Recording: Millenium Park, Chicago
Robert Rich: Dervish Dreamtime
(white noise)
(Temple Grandin)
John Carpenter: Goodbye Ellie
(lp) : liondrone
Erik Satie: Trois Nocturnes
Amazonian ayahuasca chant
Steel Leg v. The Electric Dread: Unlikely Pub
P1/E: Up & Above II
Executive Slacks: So Mote it be
Ben Johnson: String Quartet no. 2: 3rd Movement
Trans-Millenia Consort: Freebasing
John Cage/Lejaren Hiller: HRPSCRD
Ghost Orchid: Alien Voices: We Originate on a Planet
Harry Bertoia: All and More
Conet Project: Four Note Rising Scale
BJ Nilsen: Finisterre
Ruth White: Wings Clipped
Terrence McKenna: Taxonomy of Illusion
Jessica Bailiff w/ Dithering Effect:
Field recording: 66 Chicago Bus, Westbound

Ingram Marshall: Fog Tropes
Aleister Crowley: Call of the Second Aether
Thee Temple of Psychick Youth: Temporary Temple
Conet Project: Tyrolean Music Station
Roberto Cacciapaglia: Sonanze: Second Movement
Eric Vann: The Deepest
Mahogany Brain: (forgot which song, sorry)
Kreng: Meisjeln Auto
Jeff Greinke: Maintain Circulation
(Gary McKinnon)
(lp) oakdrone
Beethoven: Piano Concerto no. 5 "Emporer"
Judy Garland: Get the Hell Out of my Life
John Hassell/Brian Eno: Charm (over Burundi Cloud)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel: The Alchemical Dream
Panabrite: Hertzsprung

Jim Jones: Last Supper
Sister Irene O'Connor: Fire of God's Love
Field Recording: Humboldt Park
Robert Rich/B.Lustmord: Delusion Fields
Residents: Eskimo
Windy and Carl: Kate
Ghost Orchid: various Alien Voices
Brother Raven: Diving into the Pineapple Portal
Alan Watts: A conversation with Myself
John Cage: Music of Changes
Anton LaVey: Satanic Mass LP (excerpt)
Ilhan Mimaroglu: Agony
Field Recording: Wabash and Adams
The People's Temple Choir: Black Baby
Paul Horn: Inside (excerpts)
Steve Roach: Reflections in Suspension

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

L. Vomito on Reality Radio

My dear friend L. Vomito guest DJ'ing on my good friend Kenny Kicks' Reality Radio:



NINA HAGEN-"Nun Sex Monk Rock"
MEMLUKS-"Slope Intercept"
LARD-"The Power of Lard"
CRAMPS-"Some New Kind of Kick"
LIQUID SKY SOUNDTRACK(Slana Tsukerman, Brenda Hutchinson, & Clive Smith)-"Me and My Rhythm Box"
GET SMART-"Just For The Moment"
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH-"Russian Roulette"
MEMLUKS-"Joe's Thymus"


UPPAT VAGGAMA-"Jag Hatar Politik"

Midnight Triple Feature

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boyd Rice Interview now at Beware of The Blog

Please allow me to bring your attention to WFMU's Beware of the Blog, where the interview with Boyd Rice, originally featured on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, is now available in written form with additional post script questions and a lengthy introduction by yours truly.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Exultation: My Socket Is Open, Are My Ears On Straight?

(technical difficulties starting off)

The Stooges - Ann
H.N.A.S. - Als Der Morgen Kam, War Es, Als Sei Nur Eine Nacht Vergangen
Eve - In Excelsis
Sex Beat - Sweat
Adams Family - Not Me
Asobi Seksu - And Then He Kissed Me

Nundata - Neural Intersection
Disthroned Agony - Cat Witch
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic2 (excerpt)

Zombie Bite - The Curse Side A
Infinite Body - Dive *with* Infinite Body - Divine Dreams Away *with* Loveliescrushing - Babybreath *with* Jefre Cantu-Ledesma -Where You End And I Begin
*with* Nathan McLaughlin - Echolocation 3 *with* Berger Rond - Le gouffre, l'horreur et puis plus rien d'invisible
Clara Engel - Lick My Fins

Foetus - First And Last And Always (Sisters of Mercy cover, featuring Jennifer Charles)
Harry Nilsson - All I Think About Is You
WAR - Me and My Baby Brother

Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Benny Bell - Shaving Cream
Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross - Deck Us All With Boston Charlie
The Detergents - The Leader of The Laundromat
Louis Prima - What Will Santa Claus Say (When He Finds Everybody Swingin'?)

Beat Farmers - Happy Boy
Pony Poindexter - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Bruce Haack - The Ghost With The Most
Tiny Tim - Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year
Brownsville Station - The Martian Boogie
Wesley Willis - Merry Christmas
Hank, Stu, Dave & Hank - My Dead Dog Rover
Art Carney - Santa and The Doodle Li Bop
Sheeler & Sheeler - Car Phone
Shooby Taylor - Lift Every Voice And Sing

Art Carney - T'was The Night Before Christmas
Kids of Whitney High - Santa's In A Wheelchair
Los Iniciados - El Abominable Hombre De Nieve
Raymond Scott - Christmas In Harlem
Sonny Cash - Christmas Polka
Lawrence Welk - Hawaiian Christmas
Gayla Peevey - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters - Mele Kalikimaka
The Crystals - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride

Valerie Masters - Christmas Calling
Little Eva - I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Patsy Raye & The Beatniks - Beatnik's Wish
Hasil Adkins - Blue Christmas
Martin Mull - Santafly
Cricketone Chorus & Orchestra and Playhour Players - Frosty, The Snowman
Wayne Butane - A Very Special Christmas, Part 1
Kids of the Children's Psychiatric Hospital - O Come All Ye Faithful
Yogi Yorgesson - Yingle Bells

The Henry Morgan Show - Christmas Story
Huey "piano" Smith & The Clowns - Silent Night
Jean Shepherd - 1965 04 21 Practical Jokes
James Chance - Christmas With Satan

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nothing Grows/A Moment's Poison In Her Soil

I missed an opportunity to bring this to your attention. Thanks to Kenny Kicks and DJ Qbot for my absence.

Flying Saucer Attack - Whole Day Song
Content Nullity - In The Throes of Her Abhorrence
Content Nullity - "Grief" * with* Marlo Eggplant - "Texture Orchestra" *with* Douglas Haas - Adagio in G Minor for Organ and Strings
Spike Jones - I Only Have Eyes For You
Origami Genitalia - Rigid Compression Fixation (Excerpt)

Factrix - Thin Line
Psychic TV - Message From The Temple
David Lynch - I Know
The Jesus and Mary Chain - On The Wall
Neil Young - Peaceful Valley Blvd.

Karjalan Sissit - Hyi Helevetti (You Are A Whore And Will Always Be)
Regosphere - Tar on The Beach
Love Spirals Downwards - Eudaimonia
Anomalous Disturbances - Fungus Among Us
Boyd Rice and Fiends - Murder Bag
2 layers of Les Paul & Mary Ford - Drifting and Dreaming (played out of sequence on repeat)

Cock E.S.P. - Historia De La Musica Cock (exerpts from bonus tracks on cassette)
Styrofoam Sanchez - "Welding Fin Machine, Live" *with* Page 27 - Was 3000 *with* Armenia - "Legless" (excerpts)

Government Alpha - Sclerous Tongue (from "Heterosis" cassette)
The Haters - Diti
Tuluum Shimmering - Track 6 from "Bowed String Music" disc, part of "Gifts From Xibalba" Gift Set
Nundata - Blue Night (excerpt)
Redglaer - Track 1 from "American Masonry"

Autechre & Hafler Trio - æo³

Bull of Heaven - Pre-Human Spawn of Cthulhu

Shadows In The Dark - Tribute to Long John Nebel

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Delirious Insomniac with guest host Kenny Kicks




SISTERS-"Kick Yer Boots Off"
TRACEY DEAN-"Boys On The Ball"
KRUNCH-"Let's Do It Again"
BONNIE ST. CLAIRE AND UNIT GLORIA-"Clap Your Hands and Stomp Your Feet"
SLADE-"Give Us A Goal"
NIGHTMARE-"Witch Woman"
CATAPULT-"Let Your Hair Hang Down"
GIUDA-"Number 10"
ROCK N' ROLL CHILDREN-"Rock n' Roll"(We Love Rock n' Roll)
HELLO-"We Gotta Go"
CHANGE-"Wildcat Love"


MOONLIT SUN-"Time To Heal" "All I Can Ask For"(blended into...)
GAMELAN COMPILATION BALI /Elektra/Nonesuch -"Opening Parade ,Bali Arts Festival", "Gamelan Gong Sekaha Sadha Budaya"(Gending Kebyar Kosalyn Arini), and "Genggog Duet"(Sekar Sungsang)
23 SKIDOO-"G-2 Contemplation"
THE WOODLAND SINGERS-"Meskquakie Round Dance Song"
BURUNDI Nonesuch compilation- "Warriors of the Drum" "Bees"


KAZI ANIRUDDHA-"Aao Twist Karen"
S. HAZARASINGH-"Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu"
S.HAZARASINGH-"Chhedo Na Dekho Na"
NISOR BAZMI-"Aesi Chal Main"
EUGENE CHADBORNE-excerpt of electric rake improvisation at Torsby,Sweden in the mid 90s


KEY KEYSER AND HIS ORCHESTRA-"He's A Devil In His Own Town"(Ish Kabibble on lead vocal)
TAPE BEATLES- excerpt from Music With Sound


CELTIC BAGPIPES- "Celting Mourning"
OCTOERECTUS-"Oil of Death"(In Memory of the Deceased Animals of the Oil Pollution)...a great long drone metal instrumental
EDITH PIAF-"Non Je Ne Regrette Rien"


HOWL VIOLENT- "Time Blood"(English translation) off Kill Him(English translation)
ASTMA-excerpt from 3-30-2010 Paris set
ZGA-"Berzradostnaja Kartjina Chevo"(a great 1987-1988 industrial project offRiga LP)


ROBERT ASHLEY-"The Wolfman" Part TWo
TACO-"Vomiting Center Is A Resource In The World"
GASENETA-"The Spring of Alain"
P-MODEL-"Different =\ Another"
ULTRA BIDET-"Improvisation Anarchy"
CONFUSE-"Absolute Power of Armaments"
GESS-"Suffer Damage"
OUTO-"I Like Cola"
DUST NOISE-"Total Noize"


TAMMI LYNN-"I'm Gonna Run Away From You"
MAXINE BROWN-"Its Torture"
FELICE TAYLOR-"I Feel Love Coming On"
ELOISE LAWS-"Love Factory"
TOWANDA BARNES-"You Didn't Mean It"
POLLY BROWN-"Up In A Puff Smoke"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Delirious Insomniac w/guest Qbot


Clint Mansell: The Nursery
Angelo Badalamenti: Sycamore Trees
Corn Against Sorcery: Grey Birds Descend Upon The Street and Sing Me To Death
Ingram Marshall: The Emperor's Birthday
Dead Can Dance: Crescent
Andrea Parker: Atacama Giant
Pink Industry: Empty Beach
Basic Channel: Enforcement
Bernard Szajner: Execute
Soisong: Kabuki Shop
Frank Bretschneider: Walking on Ice
Azusa Plane: Armonia Aphanes Phaneros Kreisson
Act: Ping Pong
Car Crash Set: Fall From Grace
Soviet: Circuit Love
Gary Numan: Cry The Clock Said
Olin: Head Over Heels
A-ha: Minor Earth, Major Sky
Nine Circles: Twinkling Star
Propaganda: P Machinery
Cabaret Voltaire: Code
Colder: One Night In Tokyo
Robert Rich: Seascape
Steve Reich: Proverb [Nobukazu Takemura remix]
The Architect: Pastgate
Nude: Love Is In The Air
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern: Grey Fornicular
Frl. Linientrau: Pornoschraube

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DJ Qbot and Kenny Kicks will be guest hosting The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show

On the evening of Monday April 25th, DJ Qbot will be covering the Delrious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, and on the evening of May 2nd, Kenny Kicks will be filling in. Playlists and Archives will be here as usual. I will be playing at Denver Noise Fest and at Heavy Focus in Minneapolis. Roadkill is imminent!

Also, feel free to check out video of some of my Freeform DJ set at the Neon Marshmallow Afterparty last year. It's too bad that the camera didn't catch the power tools!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes I'm Just A Cigar

Junior Parker - Taxman
Detroit City Limits - 98 Percent Plus Tax
Barbara and The Browns - In My Heart
Baby Huey & The Babysitters - Hard Times
Roosevelt Sykes - She's Jail Bait
Wendy Rene - Crowded Park
Ramona Collins - You've Been Cheating

Little Eva - Where Do I Go
The Ronettes - Be My Baby
Dusty Springfield - Wishin' And Hopin'
Shirelles - Celebrate Your Victory
The Escorts - Look Over Your Shoulder
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - I Talk With The Spirits

Mar-Keys - Morning After
1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says
The Delfonics - Going Out of My Head
Booker T. & The MGs - Green Onions
Five Du Tones - Shake a Tail Feather
Billy Preston - Slippin' And Slidin
Fabulous Shalimars - Funky Line Pt. 2

Heidi Bruhl - Mister Love
France Gall - Mein Herz kann man nicht kaufen
Little Peggy March - Aber Die Liebe Bleibt Bestehen (live)
Lulu - Love Loves to Love Love
Sandie Shaw - E Ti Avrò - (Girl Don't Come)
Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love
Billy Jo Spears - Get Behind Me Satan and Push

The What Four - I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
Serge Gainsbourg - Comic Strip
Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret - It's A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In)
Sparkle Moore - Skull and Crossbones
Brenda Lee - Dum Dum
Charlie Feathers - That Certain Female

Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?
Jenny Moss - Please Let It Happen It To Me
Paris Sisters - Too Good To Be True
Dale and Grace - I'm Leaving It Up To You
Paul and Paula - Hey Paula
The Rolling Stones - Out of Time

Whourkr - Mindgerb
Rudimentary Peni - Rotten To The Core
H.N.A.S. - Brate Mich Auf Offenem Feuer
Nookleptia - Songbird
Muslimgauze - Vanilla Jellaba
Gyorgy Ligeti - Lontano
Conrad Schnitzler - The Ghost And The Space Dancer
Marc Almond and Psychic TV - Stolen Kisses
Johnny Mandel - Suicide Is Painless
Crank Sturgeon - Droam and Break
The Haters - Motefut
Page 27 - Anger Management

Dental Work - Guardian Chambers (excerpt)
Vertonen - Hands Up, 1974!
Desmond Leslie - Destruction of Flies
Louis and Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet
Disthroned Agony - I Love Satan Terraaaaaah
Blessed Sacrifist - In Closing?

Old Time Radio - World Adventurer's Club - 2 Episodes - Mukin In The Khyber - The Madonna's Tear