Friday, December 3, 2010

GX Jupitter-Larsen on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show next week!

On December 7th at Midnight Central time until 4AM, WLUW-Chicago's Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show will host a virtual guest radio art installation by GX Jupitter-Larsen. This will be rebroadcast at RadioKL.HR in a truncated form on December 10th at 7pm Central.

From Wikipedia

GX Jupitter-Larsen (sometimes erroneously spelled Juppiter-Larsen) is an artist, based in Hollywood, California, who's been active in a number of underground art scenes since the late 1970s. Jupitter-Larsen has been involved inpunk rock, mail art, cassette culture, the noise music scene, and zine culture.[1] During the 1990s he was the sound designer for the performances of Mark Pauline's Survival Research Laboratories. His best known work's as the founder of the noise act The Haters, who've performed all over the world, and appear on over 300 CD & record releases.
Underlying all of Jupitter-Larsen's work's a peculiar mix of aesthetic and conceptual obsessions, particularly entropy and decay, professional wrestling, and a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurementsuch as polywave, the totimorphous, and the xylowave.[1]

I find there's an absurdity to rot and decay. And to communicate this I've taken a light-hearted, if not flippant, attitude towards everything I do. Entropy is the underlining theme for all of my constructs, be they on radio or not. Once in 1993, I used a giant ion-gun to charge an entire audience to 5000 volts. Audience members chased one another around the club giving each other shocks. In 1994 I blew up the side of a hill at Lost Skulls Mine in the Nevada desert. Since 2000, I've been building empty holes with very loud noise.

...Some of my broadcasts have consisted of me slowly pushing live microphones into power grinders. Go ahead, laugh. You know you want to. The idea behind my broadcasts is to keep people guessing; to trick them into thinking. I've done game shows when there should have been news reports. I've done all-night sound sculptures that lasted 6 hours non-stop. Afterall, Kettleday greetings can happen any time of the year.

GX Jupitter-Larsen on WFMU...

A Selected Jupitter-Larsen Radiography...

According to Experimental Sound & Radio, MIT Press, 2001, since 1983, Jupitter-Larsen had performed over 3500 hours of live radio art on 31 different stations in 11 countries.

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