Monday, December 13, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Glued

Wire - Ex Lion Tamer
DA - Three Shadows
Jarboe - Mother of all Creation
Nookleptia - Donde Esta Aqui
WORKDEATH - Visions of Luke In Revelation
Collection of The Late Howell Bend - Ruby In The Dust

Indian Jewelry - Bird Is Broke (Won't Sing)
Cut & One Figure - An Interview in new york (or were we just in london)
Rosemary Krust - White Lips
The Unpop Sound - Three Eyed Gemini

Wiseblood - Someone Drowned In My Pool
Spider Compass Good Crime Band - pharnyx choral organs plays the muscle waltz
Styrofoam Sanchez - Poly Particle Fuse
Form A Log - Digital Duck (RMX)

Severed Heads - Excerpt from Clifford, Please Don't Live In The Past
Brassskulls - Last Skulls
Richard Kamerman - And She Sat Up In The Street and In The Sun (Excerpt)

Arvo - 5 hand held radios and a mixer for 35 minutes or so

Zenith - "VCR STATIC DEATH" (Excerpt)

Evenings - Excerpt from Side Two of "Growing Isolation"
Gloria - Excerpt from "Coltrane"
Rory Hinchey - Shape Is Nature
Dense Reduction - Natural Flax Street

Z'ev & Boyd Rice - Side B from S/T LP on Cold Spring
RU-486 - Ginger Priss
Infirmary - Menstrual Fingerpainting

Baptist Skin Communiti - excerpt from "bizarre epidemic"

Proud Father - Excerpt from S/T Cassette

clviii - excerpt from "ghost of obtuse"

So Boring - Soul Offed

Raven Strain - Trisagion Side A

Pulsating Cyst - S/T Cassette Excerpt

Poison Apple - Side from split with So Boring

Rev. Scott Christensen - The Deadly Sin of Lust

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