Monday, December 27, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: ARREST

Diamanda Galas - Heaven Have Mercy
ONO - Machines That Kill People
2nd Gen - Slowburn
Golden Death Music - Waking Nightmare
Lustmord VS Metal Beast - Open Towers Emerge (Version)

Live Performance by Grace Kulp

The Legendary Pink Dots - Russian Roulette
Skarekrau Radio - Towers
Robert Inhuman & Zack Kouns - collaboration excerpt on Ranky Tanky
Lee Hazlewood - Shades

live performance by Grace Kulp

Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - Anhedonia
Collection of The Late Howell Bend - Pheasants Be Forewarned
The Vanity Set - Sheep May Safely Graze (33RPM)

John Frusciante - Enter A Uh
Wolf Eyes - Track 2 from AA Records "42010" CDR
Camis - Track 9 from Cats Kils CDR
Dreamcolour - (excerpt) Side A from "Solar Gaze" CS

J. Graf - Perspectrum
Leticia Castaneda - Dream Chasing
Rubbish & Crank Sturgeon - Fools Pursuit
Carl Holmes - Of Birds
Goat - excerpt from "Sangre De Montana"

Neil Jendon - Crispy Hexagons

BKPR - Young Blood
GET PREGNANT - Deep transverse arrest of descent of presenting part of the fetus

Worry Wart - Threat of An Atomic End

Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin - Live at STL Noise Fest 2009

old time radio - Abbott & Costello - Abbott Buys A Boat

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