Monday, November 22, 2010

Delirious Insomniac with guest dj Qbot 11/23

Marumari: Octopus Inc
Mum: We Have A Map Of The Piano
Lullatone: A Plastic Bag In The Wind
Michael Mayer: Lovefood
Yello: Vicious Games
Dilemma: Christmas Measure '88
Pink Industry: Pain Of Pride
Mobiles: Better Late Than Never
Anne Clark: Our Darkness
Pan Sonic: Hinaaja
Auch: Sutekh
Alien Babies Laughing
Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Burial: Ghost Hardware
Experiments in the Revival of Dead Organisms
Steinbruchel: red8.4-index.2
Si.Cut.Db: Toffee Apples
Newt: Ostad
Real Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
Theme Song for The Smurfs
Klangstabil: Regelkreisausloser
Boole: Mr Roboto
Agonie Ajournee: L'Heure Des Assassins
Dosh: Subtractions
Beach House: Norway
Apparat: It's Gonna Be A Long Walk
Ride: Vapour Trail
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Hyperventilation
Plexi: Forest Ranger
Fortran 5: Layla
Blondie: Once I Had A Love
Young Marble Giants: NITA
Human League: The Black Hit Of Space
Data: Ricocheted Love
Big City Orchestra: Untitled
JPLS: Reset
Babies Dancing Lebanese Dabka
Antigen Shift: Tundra
Ambassador 21: Fat In Fire
Asche: Doing Bad Things
Das Ich: Die Propheten
Janus: Rorchach
Nightmare Lodge: Awakening
PIG: Serial Killer Thriller
Tones On Tail: Twist
12 Rounds: Come On In Out Of The Rain
Ruby: Paraffin

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