Monday, November 8, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Stratification

Listen in Wav or 128 mp3 format

For some reason the microphone didn't work. And the technology only allows me to archive this at either wav format or at 128 kbps. To hell with it. Next week Omar Padrón and DJ Qbot will be filling in, and DJ Qbot will be here the following week as well. I'm going on tour. The dates are at

Gaybomb - Subtraction.
Arrington do Dionyso - Music for Two Cassette recorders (excerpt from side a of both tapes)
*with* nundata - Tsunami Warrior (excerpt)
*with* Dog Lady - 1839 (excerpt from Side A)
*with* Dog Lady - We Were Awakened By The Rising Beating Against The Sea Wall (excerpt)
*with naj - Resituation (excerpt)
*with Human Hairs - Cassette Excerpt from Side A on YDLMIER
*BKPR - Burden (excerpt)
*Nevari Butchers - Shatter All Organized Activities (excerpt)
*66 - STHENOEXTASIS (excerpt)
Corsican Paintbrush - No traditional exaltation (excerpt)
Skarekrau Radio - Natives

Al Qaeda - Music For Two Cassette Players (Side B from split with Cock ESP)
Rubbish - Mas Amigos Muertos *with*
*Kadaver - Serenity in The Shadow of The Sword
*Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Our Dark Lord (Excerpt) *with*
*Sensible Nectar - Excerpt from Catholocyst
*Skin Graft - Wasted Again
*Skin Graft - You Victim
*Cornucopia - Exoplanets
*Mystified - Raw Deal
*Jorge Castro - Perigee
*Blessed Sacrifist - In Closing?
*Maurizio Bianchi - SFAG (Excerpt)
*GX Jupitter-Larsen - Big Time Crash Bang (excerpt)
*The Haters - Construction As This
*The Haters - Garbaol
*The Haters - Dirwyn
*Hierchiss - Excerpt from Side B of "Infantia Somnium"
*TOME - Achrit

Relay For Death - Birth of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ (Side B)

Kay Keyser, Mel Blanc - Old Time Radio - Entertaining Soldiers from 1938 - GI Journal 10

Rene Hall - Thunderbird

Bull of Heaven - Let's Murder the Neighbors (One Hour Excerpt)

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