Monday, November 1, 2010

Delirious Insomniac Dancing Where the Dogs Decay

Klaus Nomi - Death
Hellhammer - Triumph of Death
Sogenanntes Linksradikales - Trauermarsch
Robert Johnson and The Browns - Jealous of The Dead
Current 93 - She Is Dead and All Fall
Bonnie Prince Billy - Death To Everyone
David Bowie - We Are The Dead

Nico - My Only Child
Leonard Cohen - True Love Leaves No Traces
Mullah - Starve To Death
Klinik - Murder
The Centimeters - I Want A Dead One

Shari Belafonte-Harper - Get Dead
Neon - Informations of Death
Portion Control - Screen of Death
Lucifer/Mort Garson - Voices of The Dead (The Medium)
Viscera - (Excerpt from) A Whole Universe of Horror Movies
Illusion of Safety - Dead Girl and The Man (Excerpt)
Ca Ca Ca - Inconnu (?) *with* Steven Johnson Leyba reading text from his Curse on Monsanto
MAMMAL - Wind Cheetah

Leather Nun - Slow Death
Subliminal - Play Dead
Bruce Haack - Song of the Death Machine

Goblin - Waiting Death (Excerpt)
Robert Inhuman - Excerpt from split cassette on Ranky Tanky
Spike Jones - This Is Your Death
Singing Sadie - Everyone In Town Wants You Dead
Pierce Brothers - Death Row
Revels - Dead Man's Stroll
Donald Woods and The Bel-Airs - Death of An Angel
Lesley Gore - I Died Inside

Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness
Cramps - Surfin' Dead
Sonic Youth (with Lydia Lunch) - Death Valley '69
ELYSE - If Death Don't Overtake Me
Telecult Powers - Séance In The Kitchen (Excerpt)
The Fugs - Spaghetti Death (No Redemption No Redemption) - A Glop of Spaghetti for Andy Warhol (Live)
Kangaroo Kourt - Invocations of The Undead

The Kremlin - Live at Elastic Arts 3/14/08 (Excerpt)
Seven Morgues - I Disappear When Autumn Comes
Blessed Sacrifist - United We Stand, Divided I Fall
Fatale - Porte De Mort
Vertonen - Mains Collapse
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Dread

Raymond Scott - Dead End Blues
Paper Chase - My Death
Korova - Dead Like An Angel
Human Flesh - Five Minutes Before Death
Rain Station - Day of the Dead
Diamanda Galas - Let Us Praise The Masters of Slow Death


Frank Zappa - King Kong (by request)

-Old Time Radio-
The Shadow - Murder By The Dead
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Land of The Living Dead

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