Monday, November 29, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Faulty Phantom Phalanges

courtesy of Overload Magazine

Arvo reading from the English lyrics of Einsturzende Neubauten's "Prologue" and playing bits of the following:
*Dead Peasant Insurance - Excerpt from Self Titled CD
*Snuff Film - Excerpt from split with Unprotected Sex
*Mindflayer - Excerpt from Expedition to the Hairier Peaks
*Incompetent Cervix - Excerpt from 03/07/10
Pusdrainer - Ocular Mutilation
Kshatriy - Slepok Soznaniya
Megaptera - Gut Transplantation
Coil - Anal Staircase

Murderous Vision - Tooth And Tongue
Mystery Pill - Dance The Ghost
Christian Death - Ashes Pt 1 and 2

Dog Lady Regression - Track 1 from CDR on AA Records
Talvihorros - A Continual Echo of the Sound of Loss (Part II)
Zilmrah - Flies Away
Fibo Trespo - Stuck on Planet 1978
Trent Reznor - Excerpt from Quake scores
Get Hard - Prep Work

Hierchiss - Fondled Dreams
Art Fiction - Queen of The Night

Throbbing Gristle - We Hate You (Little Girls)
Monte Cazzazza - To Mom on Mother's Day
Coil - Tainted Love
ASP - Negative Creep
Göte - Senectutem
Derek Rogers - Tolerance

Thanatopsis - Eulogy (tape recorded over with Art Bell EVP Coast to Coast episode)
*with* Fossils - Excerpt from DAGOBAH
*with* Fatale - Les Berceaux
Francisco Meirino & Brent Gutzeit - A Bruised Happy Face

Lene Lovich - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Eugenics Council - Auschwitz Fuck
Two Dead Sluts One Good Fuck - Red And Brown
Illusion of Safety - Discipline
Sun Splitter - Cairn of Old Eyes
Shattered Hymen - Betrayal
Einsturzende Neubauten - Hamburg Atmosphere
Coil - Going Up

The Haters - Excerpt from Death Defying Sickness (precluded by Arvo reading from the story that comes with the CD)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Delirious Insomniac with guest dj Qbot 11/23

Marumari: Octopus Inc
Mum: We Have A Map Of The Piano
Lullatone: A Plastic Bag In The Wind
Michael Mayer: Lovefood
Yello: Vicious Games
Dilemma: Christmas Measure '88
Pink Industry: Pain Of Pride
Mobiles: Better Late Than Never
Anne Clark: Our Darkness
Pan Sonic: Hinaaja
Auch: Sutekh
Alien Babies Laughing
Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Burial: Ghost Hardware
Experiments in the Revival of Dead Organisms
Steinbruchel: red8.4-index.2
Si.Cut.Db: Toffee Apples
Newt: Ostad
Real Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
Theme Song for The Smurfs
Klangstabil: Regelkreisausloser
Boole: Mr Roboto
Agonie Ajournee: L'Heure Des Assassins
Dosh: Subtractions
Beach House: Norway
Apparat: It's Gonna Be A Long Walk
Ride: Vapour Trail
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Hyperventilation
Plexi: Forest Ranger
Fortran 5: Layla
Blondie: Once I Had A Love
Young Marble Giants: NITA
Human League: The Black Hit Of Space
Data: Ricocheted Love
Big City Orchestra: Untitled
JPLS: Reset
Babies Dancing Lebanese Dabka
Antigen Shift: Tundra
Ambassador 21: Fat In Fire
Asche: Doing Bad Things
Das Ich: Die Propheten
Janus: Rorchach
Nightmare Lodge: Awakening
PIG: Serial Killer Thriller
Tones On Tail: Twist
12 Rounds: Come On In Out Of The Rain
Ruby: Paraffin

the abyss stares back into you

Thursday, November 11, 2010


For any listeners that may be in these areas, I will be touring with my solo project. Feel free to say hello!

Pertinent links:

11/13 - Houston TX - DEAD AUDIO FEST
11/14- still looking in Dallas, Arlington, or Denton
11/15 - Austin TX - Red 7 guesting with Warship Earth/Bubble Face
11/16 - Austin TX - 7pm - Trailer Space Records w/ Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Trip Drip Drop + more
10pm - CLUB 1808 (1808 EAST 12TH STREET) w/ Derek Rogers, Sex Bruises, more
11/17- Ft. Worth, TX - Wasted Words Collective
11/18 - Baton Rouge. LA - The Warehouse w/ GNGRBNGR, more
11/19 - New Orleans - 6:30 PM: Fringe Fest/Buskers Happy Hour Tent
11/20 - Metaire, LA - Babylon
11/21 - Atlanta GA - Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery w/ Pony Bones and Sychophants
11/22 - Dayton OH - BATTERY CAGE (Skeleton Dust Presents) w/ IOVAE, KANIBLE, John Moloney
11/23 - Cleveland OH - Now That's Class w/ Murderous Vision, Black Mayonnaise, Fluxmonkey
11/24 - Cleveland OH - Bela Dubby
11/26 - Columbus OH - Skylab w/ ONO + TBA


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Delirious Insomniac Live Event Video

From the Delirious Insomniac Third Annual Live Event on September 15th 2010:
Video Thanks to Soren Kyale, (some) photos thanks to Tamara Smith (photos of Burlesque Dancer Ammunition were respectfully omitted and no video was recorded).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Stratification

Listen in Wav or 128 mp3 format

For some reason the microphone didn't work. And the technology only allows me to archive this at either wav format or at 128 kbps. To hell with it. Next week Omar Padrón and DJ Qbot will be filling in, and DJ Qbot will be here the following week as well. I'm going on tour. The dates are at

Gaybomb - Subtraction.
Arrington do Dionyso - Music for Two Cassette recorders (excerpt from side a of both tapes)
*with* nundata - Tsunami Warrior (excerpt)
*with* Dog Lady - 1839 (excerpt from Side A)
*with* Dog Lady - We Were Awakened By The Rising Beating Against The Sea Wall (excerpt)
*with naj - Resituation (excerpt)
*with Human Hairs - Cassette Excerpt from Side A on YDLMIER
*BKPR - Burden (excerpt)
*Nevari Butchers - Shatter All Organized Activities (excerpt)
*66 - STHENOEXTASIS (excerpt)
Corsican Paintbrush - No traditional exaltation (excerpt)
Skarekrau Radio - Natives

Al Qaeda - Music For Two Cassette Players (Side B from split with Cock ESP)
Rubbish - Mas Amigos Muertos *with*
*Kadaver - Serenity in The Shadow of The Sword
*Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Our Dark Lord (Excerpt) *with*
*Sensible Nectar - Excerpt from Catholocyst
*Skin Graft - Wasted Again
*Skin Graft - You Victim
*Cornucopia - Exoplanets
*Mystified - Raw Deal
*Jorge Castro - Perigee
*Blessed Sacrifist - In Closing?
*Maurizio Bianchi - SFAG (Excerpt)
*GX Jupitter-Larsen - Big Time Crash Bang (excerpt)
*The Haters - Construction As This
*The Haters - Garbaol
*The Haters - Dirwyn
*Hierchiss - Excerpt from Side B of "Infantia Somnium"
*TOME - Achrit

Relay For Death - Birth of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ (Side B)

Kay Keyser, Mel Blanc - Old Time Radio - Entertaining Soldiers from 1938 - GI Journal 10

Rene Hall - Thunderbird

Bull of Heaven - Let's Murder the Neighbors (One Hour Excerpt)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

December 7th: GX Jupitter-Larsen Virtual Guest Radio Artist on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show

On December 7th at Midnight Central time until 4AM, WLUW-Chicago's Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show will host a virtual guest radio art installation by GX Jupitter-Larsen. This will be rebroadcast at RadioKL.HR in a truncated form on December 10th at 7pm Central.

From Wikipedia

GX Jupitter-Larsen (sometimes erroneously spelled Juppiter-Larsen) is an artist, based in Hollywood, California, who's been active in a number of underground art scenes since the late 1970s. Jupitter-Larsen has been involved in punk rock, mail art, cassette culture, the noise music scene, and zine culture.[1] During the 1990s he was the sound designer for the performances of Mark Pauline's Survival Research Laboratories. His best known work's as the founder of the noise act The Haters, who've performed all over the world, and appear on over 300 CD & record releases.
Underlying all of Jupitter-Larsen's work's a peculiar mix of aesthetic and conceptual obsessions, particularly entropy and decay, professional wrestling, and a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurement such as polywave, the totimorphous, and the xylowave.[1]

I find there's an absurdity to rot and decay. And to communicate this I've taken a light-hearted, if not flippant, attitude towards everything I do. Entropy is the underlining theme for all of my constructs, be they on radio or not. Once in 1993, I used a giant ion-gun to charge an entire audience to 5000 volts. Audience members chased one another around the club giving each other shocks. In 1994 I blew up the side of a hill at Lost Skulls Mine in the Nevada desert. Since 2000, I've been building empty holes with very loud noise.

...Some of my broadcasts have consisted of me slowly pushing live microphones into power grinders. Go ahead, laugh. You know you want to. The idea behind my broadcasts is to keep people guessing; to trick them into thinking. I've done game shows when there should have been news reports. I've done all-night sound sculptures that lasted 6 hours non-stop. Afterall, Kettleday greetings can happen any time of the year.

GX Jupitter-Larsen on WFMU...

A Selected Jupitter-Larsen Radiography...

According to Experimental Sound & Radio, MIT Press, 2001, since 1983, Jupitter-Larsen had performed over 3500 hours of live radio art on 31 different stations in 11 countries.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Delirious Insomniac Dancing Where the Dogs Decay

Klaus Nomi - Death
Hellhammer - Triumph of Death
Sogenanntes Linksradikales - Trauermarsch
Robert Johnson and The Browns - Jealous of The Dead
Current 93 - She Is Dead and All Fall
Bonnie Prince Billy - Death To Everyone
David Bowie - We Are The Dead

Nico - My Only Child
Leonard Cohen - True Love Leaves No Traces
Mullah - Starve To Death
Klinik - Murder
The Centimeters - I Want A Dead One

Shari Belafonte-Harper - Get Dead
Neon - Informations of Death
Portion Control - Screen of Death
Lucifer/Mort Garson - Voices of The Dead (The Medium)
Viscera - (Excerpt from) A Whole Universe of Horror Movies
Illusion of Safety - Dead Girl and The Man (Excerpt)
Ca Ca Ca - Inconnu (?) *with* Steven Johnson Leyba reading text from his Curse on Monsanto
MAMMAL - Wind Cheetah

Leather Nun - Slow Death
Subliminal - Play Dead
Bruce Haack - Song of the Death Machine

Goblin - Waiting Death (Excerpt)
Robert Inhuman - Excerpt from split cassette on Ranky Tanky
Spike Jones - This Is Your Death
Singing Sadie - Everyone In Town Wants You Dead
Pierce Brothers - Death Row
Revels - Dead Man's Stroll
Donald Woods and The Bel-Airs - Death of An Angel
Lesley Gore - I Died Inside

Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness
Cramps - Surfin' Dead
Sonic Youth (with Lydia Lunch) - Death Valley '69
ELYSE - If Death Don't Overtake Me
Telecult Powers - Séance In The Kitchen (Excerpt)
The Fugs - Spaghetti Death (No Redemption No Redemption) - A Glop of Spaghetti for Andy Warhol (Live)
Kangaroo Kourt - Invocations of The Undead

The Kremlin - Live at Elastic Arts 3/14/08 (Excerpt)
Seven Morgues - I Disappear When Autumn Comes
Blessed Sacrifist - United We Stand, Divided I Fall
Fatale - Porte De Mort
Vertonen - Mains Collapse
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Dread

Raymond Scott - Dead End Blues
Paper Chase - My Death
Korova - Dead Like An Angel
Human Flesh - Five Minutes Before Death
Rain Station - Day of the Dead
Diamanda Galas - Let Us Praise The Masters of Slow Death


Frank Zappa - King Kong (by request)

-Old Time Radio-
The Shadow - Murder By The Dead
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Land of The Living Dead