Monday, October 18, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Flowers of Infinite Wolf Vomit

FOETUS - You're Trying To Break Me
Ettrick - My Death Prefigures My Rebirth
Aicides Lanza - Piectros II
Ain Soph [- Honorii Ponteficis Evocatio
Agnes Bernelle - Song About Mary
Legendary Pink Dots - Surprise, Surprise

Deep Kansas - Welcome To Cherryvale
Sharkiface w/Loachfillet - Snake Root
RUBBISH - Lone Wolf

Hawkwind - Silver Machine
Utopia Carwash - Loneliness
Les Maledictus Sound - Concerto Genocide
Les Baxter & Samuel J. Hoffman - Radar Blues
"Accordeo-Jazz" double dancing accordion - J'ai rêve d'un fleur (Scotto)- Tresors de la musique mechanigue - Collection Anezo-Bouilhol
The Boswell Sisters - If I Had A Million Dollars
Artie Shaw & His New Music - Whistle While You Work
Aiken Country String Band - High Sheriff

The Wilford Brimleys - Vacancy (excerpt)
Gilles Aubry + Paulo Raposo - Forms of Suspension
Dental Work - Unknown Track from Disc 2 of "Mental Spaghetti"

Infirmary - Frozen Fields
Peter J Woods - Track 3 from Fairweather Mask
Uden - Contemplando lo infinito/Contemplando en lo inexorable

Derek Rogers - Circum_Navigate (Excerpt)
Jason Soliday - Cartographic Nightmares Part III
Dylan Nyoukis & Carlos Giffoni - The Current Situation In Venezuela
PusDrainer - Fixate Part III (Excerpt)
Death Factory - Festival of the Depraved

Bowed Metal Music - Live Performance at Mobius, October 5, 1997 (Excerpt)
Opera Multi Steel - Vomir Son Amertume

Thomas Bey William Bailey - Phase 3 (Wrath) Excerpt from "Progressive Lycanthropy"

Old Time Radio (otr) - The Shadow - 1947-01-05 - Werewolf Of Hamilton Mansion

Eliane Radigue - Adnos II (excerpt)
Andreas Ammer / FM Einheit - Crashing Aeroplanes

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