Monday, October 11, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Arlésienne; What Remains of Our Ghost Eyes

LISTEN here or here

You might hear me talking about how there was trouble with one of our CD players, it was not broadcasting,unbeknownst to me, but I personally inserted the intended sounds into silent spaces on this recording for your listening pleasure.

Thanks to Tanaka Industries for sending me a fortune cookie!

Merzbow - Excerpt from tape on 905
*with Velehentor - From The Gloom Of Graves: Stonewells Of Æternity
Socially Retarded - No Date, Day Without A Date

Úden - Excerpt from "Ciclo"
Pigswill - Ghost Breathing
Blood of The Black Owl - Inter-Weaving The Beyond
Georges Bizet - L'Arleslenne Suite 2 - 2. Intermezzo (Conducted By Parat)

Elon Katz - Excerpt from "The Pylori Program"
Marc Behrens + Cem Guney - Mouth To Mouse
Nagrinðr - Caer Arianrhod
Foetus - Chimera

Dave Phillips - Kill Yourself
Sigulda - Sickness (Excerpt from Sickness and Health)
pcrv + vertonen - 10 (to the 15th power) years: planets detach from stars
Noises of Russia - Track 4 from "Experimental Structure"
Andrea Borghi - Medulla

Black Roller Crop Rotation - Excerpt from release on 905 Tapes
Quttinirpaaq - No Response/All Is Lost
Rosemary Malign - No You Listen (Excerpt)
Tearoom Trade - Locked Away

Pete Terrace - No, No, No
Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love
Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene
Charles Aznavour & Edith Piaf - Le Bleu de Tes Yeux
Charles Trenet - Que Reste-T-il De Nos Amours
Patsy Cline - When I Get Through With You (You'll Love Me Too)
Wendy Rene - Gone For Good
Esther Phillips - Try Me

The Mums - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
The Augustine Twins - Everyday of My Life
The Escorts - I Love You But You Don't Know Me
Fiestas - The Gypsy Said
Hector Rivera Y Su Orquesta - Playing It Cool
Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It
La Lupe - Silencio
La Buena Vida - And I Love Her
The TNT Band - The Meditation
Joe Bataan - I'm Satisfied

Old Time Radio - Christopher Columbus Discovers America

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