Monday, September 20, 2010

Delrious Insomniac Selfish Glaringly Faceless Mutilated Throat Foolery

Steven Johnson Leyba will be a guest on the show next week

Cock E.S.P/Al Qaeda - Music for Two Cassette Players (Side A of both tapes)
Foetus - More Meat Per Inch
KMFDM - No Meat No Man
Haunted George - Pile 'O Meat
The Witch Trials - Meat Beat
Disharmonic Orchestra - Dehumanoid
Controlled Bleeding - Horsemeat (Yak Remix)

Pigswill - A Deliverance
Alex North - Eat Meat and the Kill
Whistler and His Jug Band - Pig Meat Blues
Anenzaphalia - Meat Grinder
Aux Raus - Meat Meets Meat, So What!
Schloss Tegal - The Long Pig
Content Nullity - Grief
Brett Naucke (tape eaten)

Black Math - Excerpt from Cassette on Plus Tapes
Yakuza - Meat Curtains
Ketsu No Ana - Self Doom
Lydia Lunch - Mechanical Flattery
Men Behind The Sun - Chamber Music
Andrea Borghi - Accumulation

Chu Ishikawa - A Burned Figure
Chaos As Shelter - Bellflower
Blind Cave Salamander - Kroatoa
Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - Schwarzen Folklore

Crow Tongue - Brightless Gaze, The True Vision
Tommy Roundtree - Here In This Meat Department
David Allen Coe - Track 7 From ''requiem For A Harlequin''
Weirdo Begeirdo - Whale Meet Whale Meat
Pony Payroll Bones - Excerpt from "6 Spiders"
Leadbelly - Pigmeat

Brett Naucke - Excerpt from Side B of "The Surface Vol. 1"
Scott Cloud - Direct Sunlight
R.S. Seizure - "Compulsion" excerpt from split cassette with Sensible Nectar
Katie's Kitchen - Crab Meat Nut Sandwich
Leslie Keffer - Ripe Enough To Taste Bitter
Hybrid Frequency - Vibraxion Side A excerpt
Whitehouse - Cruise (Force The Truth)

Dan/Wyatt - "1" From "Pure Gold"
Temporal Marauder - Excerpt from side B of "Subtractive Existence"
thisquietarmy & scott cortez - Excerpt from "Meridians"
Red Electric Rainbow - Excerpt from "Love Is A Haunting Refrain" cassette
Truly Good Meat Barbecue Drive-In Intermission Message
Telecult Powers - A Ten Minute Lecture For A Lucky Hoodoo On How To Become A Were Tarantula (Excerpt)
Chord - Gmaj (flat13)
Latrine Psychology Gx - Weighted Ghost # Y (excerpt)
PIG - One Meatball

Fibber McGee & Molly OTR - Black Market Meat

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Pigswill said...

Hey, thanks for the air! I really appreciate it :D

Excellent playlist, too. You know how to make a good show. Lots of meaty tracks; high in protein!