Monday, September 6, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Stone Mountains Made of Strained Ears... Within Ancient Villages For Which We Have No Name.


Svart - Excerpt from "Da allt uphor"
MAAAA - Excerpt From "Sampo Distortion"
Lechuguillas - Track 2 from their split 7" with Tiger Hatchery
Adam Parfrey - No Rule
Cacaw - Ratt Killer

Dead Peni - Track 2 from "2 - 4 + 1"
Regression - Side A from "The End of The Day"
Murderous Vision - As Teeth Sink In

Cowards - Below The Boards
Cruudences - Untitled track from split cassette w/ Gii
Spykes - Excerpt from "Daily Thoughts Vol 1" CDR
Spykes - Excerpt from "Impressive Flooring" Cassette
*with* Mike Khoury & Ryan Jewell - Excerpt from Squall Line Bow Echo
I.M.D.P. & Hinyouki - Carne, Carne, Carne Pt 1
Skin Graft - "You Victim" Excerpt
Flesh Puppets - Homofixation

Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - Anhedonia
Bastard Noise - Flesh Near Automation (Excerpt)
Cult of Youth - Freedom's Path
Wold - The Lost Speech

PART II: The Heart of the Master and the Nondual Disaster


Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan - Excerpt from Side A of s/t Cassette on Priority Male
Blastocyst - Let's Eat Spanky
Social Junk - Excerpt from Split Cassette With Pod Blotz

Nyodene D - Marched Into the Streets
Putrefier - Oto-Acoustic Mission
Nundata - Void Deck

Linekraft - Working To Death
Work/Death - Excerpt From "Mulberries Ripen and Rot" Side A
Plastic Boner Band - Excerpt from "The Way of All Flesh"
The Futurological Congress - Zen Archer 2417

Peter J. Woods/remixed by Creation Death Machine - A Cicadae Inherent Moth
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Wake Me When Mantember Ends
Toby Nelson - Excerpt from "Segment" cassette
ALtar of FLies - Frozen Forever In Time
Holographic Beast - Excerpt from Perpetual Filth

Haters - Excerpt from Sonic Hair Ice To Go
*with* Death Factory - At Mind's Edge
Boyd Rice - Black Light District/Immolation of Man
Death In June - Rule Again
Lee Hazlewood - Dark In My Heart
GG Allin & The Carolina Shitkickers - Layin' Up With Linda

I ended the night with layered loops by Nundata, Vivenza, and Death Factory

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