Monday, September 27, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: With Guest Steven Leyba

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The United Satanic Apache Front - War on Children
Kriminaliset Metsanhaltijat - Excerpt from NATO
Wormsblood - Goodnight
Slayer - Spill The Blood

Jex Thoth - The Banishment
Brian Eno - Needles In The Camel's Eye
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Psychic TV - Godstar

Lozenge - Credo
Ministry - Burning Inside
Neurosis & Jarboe - Harm's Way
United Satanic Apache Front - M. A. I. M. (My American Indian Movement)

Coil - Something
Bonnie Prince Billy - I See A Darkness
Hawkwind - Spirit of The Age
Anton Szandor LaVey - Thanks For The Memory

(Behind Interview Throughout: Georges Montalba - Pipe Organ Favorites and Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar - Halrum, and after the interview we played Trunculence and Sewer Election)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Next Week on Delirious Insomniac: Special Guest Steven Johnson Leyba

On Monday Night at Midnight Central Standard Time, The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show will welcome artist and provocateur Steven Johnson Leyba while he is in Chicago exhibiting his art at Gallery 54B and premiering his new film What Is Art? at 1901 Gallery. This will be on streaming live, 88.7 FM in the Chicago area, and archived here

About his book The Last American Painter:
In the tradition of the eccentric artist’s memoir like Salvador Dali’s Secret Life, The Last American Painter is a revealing and personal account of the life of an artist. Leyba is a painter, a trickster, a social critic, a controversial public performance artist and folk hero loved and hated by many. He unapologetically embraces the warrior philosophy of his Apache ancestors, radical sexuality, contemporary Satanism, revenge, the use of sex acts and blood rituals as well as painting with his own bodily fluids. Experience a life and world few could even imagine was possible. He takes us into his very personal yet public life and exposes the contemporary life of a renegade artist in a world that praises entertainers and ignores mavericks. The Last American Painter delves into the cultural fireworks and controversies over his art and life, alludes to various governmental investigations and political scandals including the "Apache Whiskey Rite", a whiskey-sodomy protest ritual that scandalized San Francisco. - Genesis P. Orridge

Monday, September 20, 2010

Delrious Insomniac Selfish Glaringly Faceless Mutilated Throat Foolery

Steven Johnson Leyba will be a guest on the show next week

Cock E.S.P/Al Qaeda - Music for Two Cassette Players (Side A of both tapes)
Foetus - More Meat Per Inch
KMFDM - No Meat No Man
Haunted George - Pile 'O Meat
The Witch Trials - Meat Beat
Disharmonic Orchestra - Dehumanoid
Controlled Bleeding - Horsemeat (Yak Remix)

Pigswill - A Deliverance
Alex North - Eat Meat and the Kill
Whistler and His Jug Band - Pig Meat Blues
Anenzaphalia - Meat Grinder
Aux Raus - Meat Meets Meat, So What!
Schloss Tegal - The Long Pig
Content Nullity - Grief
Brett Naucke (tape eaten)

Black Math - Excerpt from Cassette on Plus Tapes
Yakuza - Meat Curtains
Ketsu No Ana - Self Doom
Lydia Lunch - Mechanical Flattery
Men Behind The Sun - Chamber Music
Andrea Borghi - Accumulation

Chu Ishikawa - A Burned Figure
Chaos As Shelter - Bellflower
Blind Cave Salamander - Kroatoa
Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - Schwarzen Folklore

Crow Tongue - Brightless Gaze, The True Vision
Tommy Roundtree - Here In This Meat Department
David Allen Coe - Track 7 From ''requiem For A Harlequin''
Weirdo Begeirdo - Whale Meet Whale Meat
Pony Payroll Bones - Excerpt from "6 Spiders"
Leadbelly - Pigmeat

Brett Naucke - Excerpt from Side B of "The Surface Vol. 1"
Scott Cloud - Direct Sunlight
R.S. Seizure - "Compulsion" excerpt from split cassette with Sensible Nectar
Katie's Kitchen - Crab Meat Nut Sandwich
Leslie Keffer - Ripe Enough To Taste Bitter
Hybrid Frequency - Vibraxion Side A excerpt
Whitehouse - Cruise (Force The Truth)

Dan/Wyatt - "1" From "Pure Gold"
Temporal Marauder - Excerpt from side B of "Subtractive Existence"
thisquietarmy & scott cortez - Excerpt from "Meridians"
Red Electric Rainbow - Excerpt from "Love Is A Haunting Refrain" cassette
Truly Good Meat Barbecue Drive-In Intermission Message
Telecult Powers - A Ten Minute Lecture For A Lucky Hoodoo On How To Become A Were Tarantula (Excerpt)
Chord - Gmaj (flat13)
Latrine Psychology Gx - Weighted Ghost # Y (excerpt)
PIG - One Meatball

Fibber McGee & Molly OTR - Black Market Meat

Monday, September 13, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Beneath The Eighth Hour of The Night

Swans - My Birth
ONO - O Jackie O
Sexual Assault Rifle - Bitch Itch
Portable Noise Kremator - Excerpt from Moeilijk Doen
Dolores Dewberry - Eerie Sequins in Cocaine
Nurse with Wound/Organum - The Strange Play of The Mouth
Fielded - The Wacker(?) Track 2 from Side B of Terrageist
Ping Pong Percussion and the Harmonica - September Song (Slowed Down)

Cock E.S.P. - Excerpt from split 10" with Suffering Bastard
Kevin Shields - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Pope Joanna - Station IX: Sleep Under The Earth
Government Alpha - Trembling Trench

Sewer Election - Excerpt from "Bristning" LP Side B
Take Up Serpents - track 8 from (Prayers) from Beneath The Sands (*This song has been redacted to avoid redundancy")
Kirby Stone Four - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
Lani Lorens - Hawaiian Girl
Gil-San Marcos - Mass Grave (Live In Nashville)
Vipcancro - Track "III" from "Tropico"

Frank Yankovic's Polka Party - My Wife's Chirping Voice (on 45)
At Jennie Richie - Side from Split Cassette with Vertonen
Long Distance Trancereporter - Los Todos


Soul Carvers - Excerpt from S/T Cassette on Fag Tapes
Nerfbau - Bent Clouds
Dental Work - Gay Paint
Pod Blotz - Excerpt from "The Bejeweled Submarine" cassette
Aaron Martin - Open Knife
Rory Hinchey - Shape Is Nature
Dog Lady - Excerpt from "Live" Cassette on Fag Tapes
Peter J. Woods - Track 1 from Fairweather Mask
Corpuscle - Jaguar Mask

Total Slitting of Throats - An Audible HNW Manifesto

Thursday, September 9, 2010


The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show has haunted the airwaves of WLUW into the wee hours of dreary Monday Nights for nearly 3 years. Taking the concept of Freeform and directing it more into the realms of an art form, host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. He's clandestinely guested overnight many at WZRD-Chicago, cohosted a soul radio show with Eric Lab Rat, booked numbers of otherworldly bands, and sustained long stints of freeform band/DJ nights at daring bars or clubs, often covering two floors of activity. Presently, "Delirious Insomniac" is now syndicated on RadioKL.Hr in Croatia, with regular international guest contributions from foreign music enthusiasts. Arvo also writes music-oriented articles as well as making music alongside some of Chicago's experimental luminaries.

For this 3rd Anniversary event, challenging the freeform medium will extend into the physical/visual realm. You might be alarmed, but you won't be disappointed.


ONO (Avant/Industrial/Gospel)
Cock E.S.P. (MPLS)
Ammunition Ammunition(militant, grim burlesque performer and circus member)
Joe Grimm (composition for circuit bent 16mm projector)

Arvo Fingers end of the night dj set
DJ Omar Padrón

WLUW's Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show 3rd Anniversary Event
September 15th, 2010

Darkroom Bar
2210 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL

Facebook event page:

ONO ( Avant/Gospel/Punk/Industrial since 1980, formerly on Thermidor Records,

ONO was founded in 1980 and originally rehearsed weekly in a basement on the South Side near the "PILL HILL" area. ONO shared the space with End Result. Their first show was at the original EXIT on Wells with Special Affect( Frankie Fun & Al Jorgenson) and Naked Raygun (Jeff and Mark-O, Santiago, Camillo and Jim). The original line-up of the band in 1980 was Hallene Kathy Brooks: Vocals ,Percussion and Recitations; travis: Vocals, Dobro, Steel Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards Marc Berrand-Vocals and Guitar P. Michael Grego-Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards. In early 1981 is was travis: Vocals, Dobro/Steel guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards; Ric Graham: Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Sax-Trumpet and Synthesizer/Computers; Shannon Rose Riley: Sax-Bass, Percussion and Keyboards; P. Michael: Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards. A pair of albums were released on the THERMIDOR record label out of San Fransisco: 1982's "MACHINES THAT KILL PEOPLE," and 1986's, "ENNUI." travis and P.Michael are still involved in live performance as ONO, however Ric Graham maintains the sound and visual archives and is retired from live performance. Current ONO line-up is travis, P. Michael, Rebecca Pavlatos, and Jesse Thomas. They have now released a cassette along with Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan (2010) and perform all over the Chicago area.


"Lechuguillas aim to peel skin from faces, not entrance with psychedelics. Informed by classic 1980′s noise-rock — Butthole Surfers, Jesus Lizard, God Bullies, etc. — in that era, they might have been signed to Amphetamine Reptile or Touch & Go. In this day and age, the band can find a measure of like-mindedness with bands such as Sightings, CaCaw, and XBXRX. The trio’s scabrous guitar skree and choked vocals play like an acid bath or a sandpaper rubdown. They are the blunt instruments serving a mind-over-matter approach. Explosive and aggressive, these guys rip rhythm patterns out of a music style that is not accustomed to such delicacies. Hard smashing beats overdrive the breaking teeth and flying spit usually only felt in hand to hand combat. Chaos is easy to create but hard to control, however, Lechuguillas do both. Their live show will leave you disorientated and satisfied."

Cock E.S.P. ( an experimental music and performance art ensemble founded by Emil Hagstrom in Minneapolis in 1993. The group draws on the most transgressive and absurdist elements of both popular and experimental Twentieth Century music and performance art, realizing a diverse and energetic palette of abstract electronic music influenced by such styles as Japanese Noise, free jazz, punk rock, black metal and hardcore industrial. Rare among the group’s boundary-pushing peers, Cock E.S.P.'s canon includes a high degree of self-effacing humor, satire and unfiltered emotion; this not only makes the group more accessible to a general audience, but also directly challenges the antisocial "shock value" norms and elitist conformism common in underground music..

Cock E.S.P. concerts are short, chaotic vignettes which push their absurdist concept to an extreme level. Concentrating more on the performance aspect itself than on the sound, the group walks the path paved by such arts movements as Fluxus and Futurism by causing the audience to question the basic expectation of live recital itself. Whearas a modern experimental composer might explore a certain set of atonal sounds over the course of an hour-long work -- or as a punk band might play a dozen standard three-chord songs before ending their set by knocking over their equipment in a frenzy of feedback -- Cock E.S.P. condenses this action into cathartic five-minute long episodes, which are simultaniously confusing, amusing and intellectually confrontational.

Ammunition (militant, grim burlesque performer and circus member, )
Ammunition is the co-founder and performance specialist for the pervettes of SS-Triple X. She has been gracing the stages of Chicago since 2006. She harnesses such talents onstage such as grinder acts, fire eating and breathing and body modification performance art. Merging unconventional with sexual magnetism, Ammunition leaves the audience hot in their seats! She holds monthly residencies performing for "Post Apocalyptic Burlesque" and 1901 Gallery's "In the Dark: Grim Burlesque". When offstage, you can find Ammunition at your local Army Surplus purchasing grenades, gas masks, and shiny weapons.

Nookleptia Experimental/Noise Industrial Musick. Started in 1993.

...DJ Omar Padrón , (residency at NEO, Cohost on Nova Feedback Radio Show at SAIC, past guest on Delirious Insomniac)

Joe Grimm (composition for circuit bent 16mm projector,
Joseph Grimm (a.k.a. The Wind-Up Bird) is a "peace noise" composer/performer based in Providence, RI. Drawing inspiration from 60's composers such as Alvin Lucier, Terry Riley, and Charlemagne Palestine, Grimm makes music that reveals acoustic and psychoacoustic phenomena. His performances frequently take the form of meditations: resonance, repetition, friction, and disintegration become the hypnotic focal points in an attempt to reach a state of inner tranquility, balance, and heightened attention to sonic minutiae. Grimm has collaborated live or on record with artists such as Lucky Dragons, Pleasurehorse, Glenn Branca, Alvin Lucier, The One AM Radio, Black Forest/Black Sea, and others.

Arvo Fingers end of the night performance/dj set (

Facebook event page:

Darkroom Bar
2210 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL

Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show Fan Page:
Playlists and Archives:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Stone Mountains Made of Strained Ears... Within Ancient Villages For Which We Have No Name.


Svart - Excerpt from "Da allt uphor"
MAAAA - Excerpt From "Sampo Distortion"
Lechuguillas - Track 2 from their split 7" with Tiger Hatchery
Adam Parfrey - No Rule
Cacaw - Ratt Killer

Dead Peni - Track 2 from "2 - 4 + 1"
Regression - Side A from "The End of The Day"
Murderous Vision - As Teeth Sink In

Cowards - Below The Boards
Cruudences - Untitled track from split cassette w/ Gii
Spykes - Excerpt from "Daily Thoughts Vol 1" CDR
Spykes - Excerpt from "Impressive Flooring" Cassette
*with* Mike Khoury & Ryan Jewell - Excerpt from Squall Line Bow Echo
I.M.D.P. & Hinyouki - Carne, Carne, Carne Pt 1
Skin Graft - "You Victim" Excerpt
Flesh Puppets - Homofixation

Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - Anhedonia
Bastard Noise - Flesh Near Automation (Excerpt)
Cult of Youth - Freedom's Path
Wold - The Lost Speech

PART II: The Heart of the Master and the Nondual Disaster


Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan - Excerpt from Side A of s/t Cassette on Priority Male
Blastocyst - Let's Eat Spanky
Social Junk - Excerpt from Split Cassette With Pod Blotz

Nyodene D - Marched Into the Streets
Putrefier - Oto-Acoustic Mission
Nundata - Void Deck

Linekraft - Working To Death
Work/Death - Excerpt From "Mulberries Ripen and Rot" Side A
Plastic Boner Band - Excerpt from "The Way of All Flesh"
The Futurological Congress - Zen Archer 2417

Peter J. Woods/remixed by Creation Death Machine - A Cicadae Inherent Moth
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Wake Me When Mantember Ends
Toby Nelson - Excerpt from "Segment" cassette
ALtar of FLies - Frozen Forever In Time
Holographic Beast - Excerpt from Perpetual Filth

Haters - Excerpt from Sonic Hair Ice To Go
*with* Death Factory - At Mind's Edge
Boyd Rice - Black Light District/Immolation of Man
Death In June - Rule Again
Lee Hazlewood - Dark In My Heart
GG Allin & The Carolina Shitkickers - Layin' Up With Linda

I ended the night with layered loops by Nundata, Vivenza, and Death Factory