Monday, August 16, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Neon Marshmallow Primer

Sounds by artists featured on this week's upcoming Neon Marshmallow Fest in Chicago.

Carlos Giffoni - There Are Other Gates
Illusion of Safety - Fade-N-Die
Dog Lady - Excerpt from "In The Commonwealth of Outermost Bodies"
Fossils - Squall

Burial Hex - A Murder of Dead Crows
Nmperign - Prey
Jason Crumer - Lost Dog
Leticia Castaneda - Untitled track from On The Verge of Redundance

Dead Machines - Futures Pt. 1
SIXES - Sluthunter

Dave Phillips - They Live Side 2
C Spencer Yeh - "Violin Excerpt"
Sunken Landscapes - Soul Recessitation
TV Pow - Travelling Without Reservations
Telecult Powers - Witchcraft 1972
Wasteland Jazz Unit - Termite Prayer

Grasshopper - Death Compass

Peter J. Woods - Inanimate Portraits
Cornucopia - High
Skin Graft - Beyond Repair Excerpt
Pedestrian Deposit - Strife/Meridian Excerpt
J. Soliday - "I" from "Again" CDR
Government Alpha - Unmanned Fireworks

Sigulda - Suddenly... ...Goodbyes
Pod Blotz - Collider

Noveller - Brilliant Colors
Raglani - Washed Ashore
Emeralds - Magic
Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan - Fizzy Attacks

The Haters - The Facts On Polywave (excerpt)

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