Monday, August 2, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: 120 Minutes of Bodiless and Banjaxed, Apophatic Fīlāmentum

Dave Phillips - Track 2 from The Hermeneutics of Fear of God
Izanami's Labour Pains - Bakumatsu
Cock E.S.P. & Panicsville - She
Appliancide - Attack of the Electric Ants
Bruce Haack - Program Me
Ike Yard - Half A God
Dead Trout - The Arab
Dolores Dewberry - Paragraph 64

Bone Parade - Excerpt from "Vollmondlieder"
Dotåbåtå - Hide
Aleph Naught - Bleeding of the Sun
Tangerine Dream - Excerpt from Side Two of NEAR DARK OST

Loto Ball - Ain't Your Mother Callin' You?
Blank Verse - The Cloud Machine
Residents - Boy In Love
EaViL - Living My Life
Hjorten - Track 1 from "Electricity"
John Carpenter & ALan Howarth - The Alley & Here Come The Storms (from Big TRouble In Little China OST)
Bernard Hermann - Nightmare/Dawn (from Vertigo)
Organhouse - Sumerian Charm Against Daemons That Assail In The Night

Todd Rundgren - Worldwide Epiphany/No World Order
Marc Almond & Foetus (Flesh Volcano) - A Million Manias
Malcolm McLaren - About Her
Massive Attack ft. Portishead - Teardrop
How To Destroy Angels - The Space In Between
Crazy Bitch In A Cave - Far From Sleep
TRicky - Excerpt from Maxinquaye

The Cure - The Final Sound
Chemlab - Filament
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11
Welle:Erdball - Starfighter F-104G
Cat Rapes Dog - Unreal Reality
Silicon Teens - You Really Got Me
Sid Bass - Ritual Fire Dance
Cromagnon - Caledonia
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Eternity's Breath Part I
Big Man and the Night People - Night Creeper

B-52s - Legal Tender
Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Destroying Angels
Jack Beaver - Police Car Chase
Bill Murray - Que Sera Sera (from Ed Wood)

Jerry Goldsmith - Excerpt from the score to "Gremlins"
Umberto - Dream Sequence
Lucia Pamela - Walking On The Moon
Lulu - Boom Bang A Bang
Bruno Nicolai/Edda Dell'Orso - Allor
Satan Panonski - Trpi Kurvo
Flux of Pink Indians - ???
Salò - track 2 from "120 Days of Sodom"
*with* G.X. Jupiter-Larsen/Allan Zane - Excerpt from track 2 on "Banjax"
*with* Excerpt from 612 Noise Comp Cassette
*with* Excerpt from "Dry Lungs" comp

Nihilistics - After Death

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