Friday, July 16, 2010

Delirious Insomniac w/ Guest Host DJ QBOT

Apparently the recorder left discs a mangled useless mess and the stream was not working, but thanks to DJ QBOT for lugging in some vinyl and making a night of it while I was on tour!

Lives Of Angels: Pavilion
Snowy Red: Euroshima
Owen Gilbride: Radiation Generation
Coil: Tainted Love
Aphrodite’s Child: The Four Horsemen
Time Zone: World Destruction
Max Q: Buckethead
SPK: Metropolis
Scratoa: V
Pelican: Aurora Borealis
Strom Noir: Who Loves The Sun
Pleq: Do You Remember Your Dreams
audio from a video of a church lady clearly high on something
The Heads: Damage I’ve Done
Foetus: Asbestos
Perennial Divide: Blow
Big City Orchestra: Untitled
Aube: M6
Tear Garden: You and Me and Rainbows
Tones On Tail: Slender Fungus
Si.Cut.Db: Toffee Apples
Proem: These Are Demands
The Nephilim: Last Exit For The Lost
Sisters of Mercy: Valentine
Pailhead: Anthem
Prong: Rude Awakening
Noise Unit: Deceit
Killing Joke: Adorations
Cocteau Twins: Shallow Then Halo
Clock DVA: The Act
Bauhaus: Stigmata Martyre
Nine Circles: Here Come I
Ambassador 21 & Wumpscut: You Are A Goth
Diamanda Galas: The Litanies of Satan
Antigen Shift: Occulus Infernus
Anders Ilar: Rourei
Rene Hell: Porcelain Hands
This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren
A Sunny Day In Glasgow: Slaughter Killing Carnage
Dead Can Dance: Fortune
The Pool: Jamaica Running
Uberzone: M83
C Cat Trance: Shake The Mind

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