Monday, July 5, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Death Breath, Ware Hair, Automatic Lilac Attack

T. Rex - Life Is Strange
Abe Vigoda - Hilarious Glowing
Bainc Didonc - Cheveux Dans Le Vent
Abner Jay - Cocaine
M. Gira - Where Does Your Body Begin?
Lambert Murphy (as Raymond Dixon) - Underneath the Stars
Doc & Sal - Laughing To Keep From Crying
George Jones - Wandering Soul
Alex Stordahl - Japanese Sandman
B. Bumble and The Stingers - Grieg Rock

Neon Hunk - Glue Stuff
Kryptogen Rundfunk - Throughout Time
One Starving Night - An Evil Night (Edit)
Porest - Mother of All Mistakes
Schaum Der Tage - Freundschaft
The Godz - Lay In The Sun
The Haters - Violence, Liberation of Energy

Psychic Steel - Marthyc Ritual
Black Pus - The Wise Toad
Black Math - Walking at Night
Black Mayonnaise - Lead Poisoning
Gelsomina - Koroshiya Ichi
George Flynn - Excerpt from "Wound"
Dog Day Afternoon - Excerpt from Side B of S/T Cassette.
Eric Wallack/Don Campau - Track 5 from "Wreck A Lilac"

Turnage/Scofield - Track 5 from "Scorched"
Le Scrambled Debutante - Excerpt from "Research Material"
Hierchiss - Nothing As I Please
Shattered Hymen - Flesh of My Flesh

Frank Black - The Varsity Drag
Joe Loss Orchestra - A Gal In Calico
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Lap Dog Rap Mix
Roy Hogsed - So Cold, So Dead, So Soon
Ryoji Ikeda - data.adaplex
Geisterfahrer - Himmel Auf Erden
David Bowie - Outside

Mykel Boyd - A Sleepless Stalker In Miniature

Renato Zero - Non Sense Pigro
The Aerovons - She's Not Dead
The 50 Guitars of Jimmy Garret - Fly Me To The Moon
Regular Music - Purcell Manoeuvres

Regosphere - Sentimental Slums*
Zero Centigrade - Respiro*
Robert Ashley - The Wolfman

Sacrificial Totem - Ritual I (from Hurqalya)

Wonder Woman VS The War God

Infirmary - Side A from Self Titled Cassette

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