Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arvo Guest Host on Reality Radio


Crash Worship - Pyru
Zeni Geva - Blastsphere
Missing Foundation - Hate
Headbutt - Fat Elvis (Mudbath)

Crass - Big A Little A
Subhumans - I Don't Wanna Die
Queers - Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
Plasmatics - Dreamlover

Amen - Sivistystysunta
Uncurbed - tomorrow Rebels
Acursed - to kill the pain
Antrhax Leprosy Mu - Relentless PLague
Fiada Fey + Disthroned Agony - Vast Interstellar Conspiracy

Einsturzende Neubauten - Frishes Blut Fur Berlin
German Shepherds - THC
Evolution Control Committee - Nasal Nightmare
Gary Kail - Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself

Panicsville - New Directions In Creative Nihilism I
Redrot - Deviant
Circle of Animals - Invisible War
Mac Blackout - Who's Gonna Set The Fire
Strangulated Beatoffs - Beat It

Cock E.S.P. with Newton - Side B from C2 Cassette
Hanatarash - Cock E.S.P.
Fad Gadget - Ricky's Hand

Factrix - Night To Forget
Duchesses - The Fox Hunt

*extra with the DJs coming in after me late*
Grunt - Will To Do Damage
Decayes - Shoot 'Em In The Head

Monday, July 26, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Going Home Without A Reason (Refrain)

I will actually be on Reality Radio this week instead of last week. 10pm - 12am Central today.

Harold Feller - Gioacchino Rossini - Overture to William Tell
Walter Carson and the Three Legged Race - Ransom Style Envelope
Fluxmonkey - Track 4 from "5"
Oh Yes, By All Means - Dinner Ballad: IV. Forced Marriage Execution, Dinner Ballad: VI. Fork Rape, Dinner Ballad: III. Torture Orgy Voyeur

Kanin Krusete* - 1987 Buick GNX "Over My Dead Body" (Chop And Screw Like the Noise Doers Do)
Infirmary - The Witching Hour
Corpse Candle* - Blood Powder

Drunks With Guns - Zombie
Haunted George - Night of The Vampire
Desert Island Dicks - Focus on Sanity
Chuch* - Seeping and Arising

Ed Sunspot - You Are Not a Prisoner, You are a Patient
Tito & Tarantula - After Dark
The Guilty Feelings - We Will Fail
El Jesus De Magico - Summer of Luhv
Giddle Partridge - Gringo Like Me
Electric Light Orchestra - Everyone's Born To Die
Moon People - Hippy-Skippy Moon Stomp
Dandelion Wine - Hot Dog
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - I'm A Midnight Mover
Black Bear Combo - The Chase (scratched)
Roky Erickson - Burn The Flame

TAKLAMAKAN - Untitled track from as yet unreleased split with

Bride of No No - Miscast Men
Angelblood - Vaporlights
Val Denham & A.M. McKenzie - I Touched The Memory
Vicious Circle - Underground Ecstasy
DA - Three Shadows
Corpses As Bedmates - I'll Lead You
Coughs - Coughs Theme

Coven - Pact With Lucifer
Crack Und Ultra Eczema - A Way To Enjoy
Waving Ondulata - Mozart's Love Letter
Duke Ellington - Haunted Nights

It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird (Request)
Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows
Mistress Mary - I Don't Wanna Love Ya Now

Jeanne Vomit Terror - Mirror School
Little Peggy March - (unknown german track snatched from a Boyd Rice guest podcast on Collective Voice)
Yvonne & The Bingos - Wait and See
The Threshold House Boy's Choir - Mahil Athal Nadrach
Lydia Lunch - Mechanical Flattery (request)

T. Rex - Rip Off
Ivano Fossati - Tema del lupo
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - The Rain Is Making Mirrors

Bowed Metal Music - Excerpt from c65 on Semata Productions

Monday, July 19, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Four Frayed Flowers of Forward Force


I'll be hosting Reality Radio on WLUW tonight at 10pm Central: The Extremes of Rock/Metal/Punk Etc

2nd Gen - Slowburn
Esplendor Geometrico - Mecanica Luminica
Gina X Performance - The Drive My Car Dance My Car Mix
Midmight - Piano For Four Hands
Militant Children's Hour - Spread The Disease
Temnozor - Watch The Falcons Fly

Lake of Dracula - Four Teachers
The Calico Wall - Flight Reaction
Träd, Gräs Och Stenar - Sångbron
Trans-X - Living On Video
Shox Lumania - Signals
Test Dept. - Demonomania
Ataraxic Ataxia - Wish You Were Hear

Origami Genitalia - Extranauseous (Remix)
Tiny Music - Excerpt from Side B of S/T cassette on Nihilist Records
Gil San Marcos - Sterling Chambers/Mass Grave
Dog Lady - In The Commonwealth of Outermost Bodies Side A Excerpt
*with* Aphrodite's Child - The Wedding of The Lamb
Aphrodite's Child - The Capture of the Beast
*with* Regicide Bureau - Track 5 from "Zugzwang"
Cruudeuces - Untitled (from Split cassette w/ Gii)
*with* bbob & j. guy - Now That's Class 7/3/09
Appliancide + Cock E.S.P. - What's Wrong With This Picture?

Vulgar Disease - Mictecacíhuatl
The Cherry Point & At Jennie Richie - "Breakin' Cory Foster: The Bloody Boogaloo"
*with Connie Francis
The Bran (...) Pos - Forelumps
Irene Moon - Dentist Auk (Excerpt From Auk Theatre)

Nundata - Excerpt from "Entropy"
*{with* a little bit of "Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero - The Damned Island
and The Orioles - Crying In The Chapel

Frank Wrightson at the Console - Ich Liebe Dich
Sigulda - He Drowned In A Lake 20 Years Ago... ...And Now He's In Space
Georges Montalba - Evening Star

Hierchiss - Tongueless Remorse (on repeat)
*with* The Vanity Set - Sheep May Safely Graze
N. N. N. Cook - otherness figments
*into* Zilmrah - Earwigs
I Am Foresight - Int'l Split
*with* Boris Karloff - The Reluctant Dragon (Excerpt)
*with* Ludikrispies - Brown Rock Volume 1 (Excerpt, Bruce Springsteen stuff)
Disposable Culture Preservation Society - Track 02 from History of Popular Music (Johnny Cash/Disco/Plunderphonics type stuff)

Tumor Circus - Turn Off The Respirator
(*and a little bit from Fluxmonkey's "5" Mini CDR)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Delirious Insomniac w/ Guest Host DJ QBOT

Apparently the recorder left discs a mangled useless mess and the stream was not working, but thanks to DJ QBOT for lugging in some vinyl and making a night of it while I was on tour!

Lives Of Angels: Pavilion
Snowy Red: Euroshima
Owen Gilbride: Radiation Generation
Coil: Tainted Love
Aphrodite’s Child: The Four Horsemen
Time Zone: World Destruction
Max Q: Buckethead
SPK: Metropolis
Scratoa: V
Pelican: Aurora Borealis
Strom Noir: Who Loves The Sun
Pleq: Do You Remember Your Dreams
audio from a video of a church lady clearly high on something
The Heads: Damage I’ve Done
Foetus: Asbestos
Perennial Divide: Blow
Big City Orchestra: Untitled
Aube: M6
Tear Garden: You and Me and Rainbows
Tones On Tail: Slender Fungus
Si.Cut.Db: Toffee Apples
Proem: These Are Demands
The Nephilim: Last Exit For The Lost
Sisters of Mercy: Valentine
Pailhead: Anthem
Prong: Rude Awakening
Noise Unit: Deceit
Killing Joke: Adorations
Cocteau Twins: Shallow Then Halo
Clock DVA: The Act
Bauhaus: Stigmata Martyre
Nine Circles: Here Come I
Ambassador 21 & Wumpscut: You Are A Goth
Diamanda Galas: The Litanies of Satan
Antigen Shift: Occulus Infernus
Anders Ilar: Rourei
Rene Hell: Porcelain Hands
This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren
A Sunny Day In Glasgow: Slaughter Killing Carnage
Dead Can Dance: Fortune
The Pool: Jamaica Running
Uberzone: M83
C Cat Trance: Shake The Mind

Thursday, July 8, 2010

DJ QBot next week, mini tour, new releases

Hello to all of the insomniackers out there,

I just wanted to let you know that DJ QBOT will be in my place next monday night, streaming from wluw, as I will be on a mini tour for my noise/music project. The archive should still be up in a timely fashion.

Here are the dates for anyone who may happen to be in the neighborhood:

July 9th:
Recording with Cock E.S.P.

July 10th, "Valentine's Day" at Fecal Manor, Minneapolis:
Cock E.S.P. (Featuring special guest Seth Vanhorn)
Seth Ryan
Anthrax Leprosy Mu
Arvo Zylo
"Free admission to anyone wearing sexy lingerie."
No address available.

July 11th, 8pm at The Glory Hole,
1411 Windsor St. Apt B (small house behind the larger house)
Columbia MO 65201:
Sigulda (Dominick Dufner)
Paleface Destroyers (the guy behind The Night Letters,,
in a new duo project with a drummer)
Unknown project from Dominick's girlfriend*
Arvo Zylo

July 12th at WayOut Club, 2525 S. Jefferson
St. Louis Mo 63104:
Arvo Zylo
Paleface Destroyers
desoeuvre bruit (
N. N. N. Cook (
Public Shallows (new project from Josh Levi of Worm Hands)

July 13th at Cafe Bourbon Street
2216 Summit St. Columbus OH 43201:
Paleface Destroyers
I Am Foresight
Paranoid Character
Strongest Man Alive
Arvo Zylo

July 14th, 8pm at Bela Dubby, 1321 Madison Ave.
Cleveland Ohio 44107:
Arvo Zylo
Paleface Destroyers
2 touring acts TBA

And later in the month:
July 23rd, NOISE SHOCK III at Flopsy Tea Haus
2736 W North Ave (entrance through the back)
Chicago Illinois :
Arvo Zylo
Suckling Pigs
more TBA

And I have releases available in person at these shows or by mailorder:


Now available: "SAINT STREET" pro shrink wrapped CDR (or pro duplicated, imprinted smoky black cassettes with double sided 5 panel inserts; preorder also available, shipping later this week). Digital harsh noise work from 2003 - 2010, in some cases written before a formal introduction to harsh noise was made, out of explorations with failure at making structured electronic music. More musical elements than a usual harsh noise release can be expected. A raw track from this release can be heard here: UNDULA.

Shipping Options

Saint Street view 1:

Saint Street view 2:

Dead Bird:


The impetus that spurred this album happened when Ed End, curator of the yearly comp series, "Necktar", asked me to contribute something based on "perception". I immediately came up with an elaboration from Willie Nelson's song, trying to evoke the idea of human imprints on inanimate objects existing within a room, or the anthropomorphic characteristics of them, without the implication of love or loss. This is from my experience of spending a lot of time in old and abandoned buildings, as well as cemeteries, desolate plots of concrete along the lake, and especially in the flooded, moldy basement of an incredibly old church around Augusta and Noble, Chicago circa 2003. I also wanted to use musical and visual imagery which suggested a sort of euphoric feeling of submersion that comes with the choice of complete solitude and being influenced solely by one's own thoughts/actions within a set location for long periods of time. Originally issued on the now defunct Enemata Productions in 2008 (headed by Rick from Infirmary), this new edition comes with 3 single sided 3x5 cards, a yellowed, crumbling page of a book from 1938 with old English text in German, and a generous amount of soil from either "The Bird Sanctuary" along Montrose area lake grounds, the Morse beach, or Bachelor's Grove Cemetary, reputedly the most haunted place in the country. Select copies come with worms, bird bones, and garbage. Cassettes are black Type II High Bias, duplicated by Andy Ortmann with full color labels inside of a smokey poly case, all contents come in a black 4x6 poly bag. Specific soil requests are not available. Run time is approximately 68 minutes. Limited to 84 with a small amount set aside for a special edition packaging later this summer. More pictures to follow.

Including Shipping

Hello Walls at Bachelor's Grove Cemetary:

Hello Walls at the "Bird Sanctuary":

333" Now Available In Pro CDR Edition

These are shrinkwrapped in a standard jewel case, pro-printed discs *whose under sides are a decptively shiney silver. $9 Postage Paid.*AUDIO SAMPLE*


MP3 Samples:

(crop of insert)\

The material on "333" is made up of free association compositions that incorporate rhythmic noise, pseudo-classical mannerisms, watery electronic sounds, and spastic, fluttering drum machines with wild time-signature juxtapositions. First partially written in 2003, in a 2nd floor closet, squatting in a rat-infested house that only had power in the flooded basement, Clayton Counts mastered the final product in a stretch of about 5 8 hour long days, while we meticulously went over every detail. The 60 minutes of material amalgamates a series of cohesive works made specifically for live performance, in manic, alcohol soaked, dark and solitary sittings of 15-25 hours, then obsessively expanded/refined until 2009. It is composed entirely with a Yamaha RM1x sequencer, incorporating various carefully crafted haywire anamolies that were featured in Dead Tech/Circuit Bending type of art gallery events, and much experience from performing with live bands or working with a wide variety of artists.

The cassette is limited to an edition of 99, across 3 different colored cassettes (solid orange, solid purple, black), with 3 different label designs, a 3 panel, two sided, full color insert, and a color transparency.

Shipping Included

(sample of one of the 6 label designs)

People that can get past their potential assumptions about the name won't likely be disappointed. The transparencies cost a lot but it has to be that way. Here is a scan of the transparencies that will go over the inserts (please pardon my dirty scanner bed, I was scanning piles of nails the other day):

Monday, July 5, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Death Breath, Ware Hair, Automatic Lilac Attack

T. Rex - Life Is Strange
Abe Vigoda - Hilarious Glowing
Bainc Didonc - Cheveux Dans Le Vent
Abner Jay - Cocaine
M. Gira - Where Does Your Body Begin?
Lambert Murphy (as Raymond Dixon) - Underneath the Stars
Doc & Sal - Laughing To Keep From Crying
George Jones - Wandering Soul
Alex Stordahl - Japanese Sandman
B. Bumble and The Stingers - Grieg Rock

Neon Hunk - Glue Stuff
Kryptogen Rundfunk - Throughout Time
One Starving Night - An Evil Night (Edit)
Porest - Mother of All Mistakes
Schaum Der Tage - Freundschaft
The Godz - Lay In The Sun
The Haters - Violence, Liberation of Energy

Psychic Steel - Marthyc Ritual
Black Pus - The Wise Toad
Black Math - Walking at Night
Black Mayonnaise - Lead Poisoning
Gelsomina - Koroshiya Ichi
George Flynn - Excerpt from "Wound"
Dog Day Afternoon - Excerpt from Side B of S/T Cassette.
Eric Wallack/Don Campau - Track 5 from "Wreck A Lilac"

Turnage/Scofield - Track 5 from "Scorched"
Le Scrambled Debutante - Excerpt from "Research Material"
Hierchiss - Nothing As I Please
Shattered Hymen - Flesh of My Flesh

Frank Black - The Varsity Drag
Joe Loss Orchestra - A Gal In Calico
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Lap Dog Rap Mix
Roy Hogsed - So Cold, So Dead, So Soon
Ryoji Ikeda - data.adaplex
Geisterfahrer - Himmel Auf Erden
David Bowie - Outside

Mykel Boyd - A Sleepless Stalker In Miniature

Renato Zero - Non Sense Pigro
The Aerovons - She's Not Dead
The 50 Guitars of Jimmy Garret - Fly Me To The Moon
Regular Music - Purcell Manoeuvres

Regosphere - Sentimental Slums*
Zero Centigrade - Respiro*
Robert Ashley - The Wolfman

Sacrificial Totem - Ritual I (from Hurqalya)

Wonder Woman VS The War God

Infirmary - Side A from Self Titled Cassette