Monday, May 24, 2010

Delirious Sunrise Finale with Drew Dahle of Auxiliary Out and Rainy Dawg Radio

Hour 1
Hour 2

Fair Conditioner “Intro” Meth [$elf Record$ 2009] (CD-r)

Yek Koo “Ring of Bone” I Saw Myself [Stunned 2010] (CS)

Kwan Jit Sriprajan “Panatibat” Siamese Soul: Thai Pop Spectacular Vol. 2 [Sublime Frequencies 2009] (CD)

Puffy Areolas “Lutzko Lives” Lutzko Lives [Columbus Discount 2009] (7”)

Albero Rovesciato “Destroyed Statue in Thousand Pieces/Scimitar Radispecchiodidio” Tigers on Acid in the Hell of the Brushwood [Singing Knives 2009] (CD)

Hammer of Hathor “Yucka Drucka (excerpt)” False Teef [Stunned 2009] (CS)

The Sultanas “You’re the One” You’re the One [Boom Boom of Renton 2006] (7”)

Sudden Oak “Tilt” Banquet Years [Stunned 2010] (CS)

Patriotic Window Klings “Guitargument” Guitargument [Speed Tapes 2009] (CS)

Bill Orcutt “Pocket Underground” A New Way to Pay Old Debts [Palilalia 2009] (LP)

Benjamin Franklin “Loupiotes” La Pente/Loupiotes [Lexi Disques 2008] (7”)

The Spits “Army Life” The Spits [Slovenly 2009] (7”)

Locrian “Between Barrows” Territories [At War With False Noise/Basses Frequencies/Bloodlust!/Small Doses forthcoming] (CD/LP)

Sean McCann “Pass Away” Open Resolve [Stunned 2010] (CS)

Ättestupa “Missväxt” 1867 [DNT 2009] (LP)

No Balls “Subsequent Needs” Come Clean [Release the Bats 2009] (LP)

Le Sang Song “Death vs. the Rich” Le Sang Song [Dragnet 2010] (LP)

Oneohtrix Point Never “Betrayed in the Octagon” Betrayed in the Octagon [No Fun 2009] (LP)

Bent Spoon Duo “Side B” Fossils of Slumber [Holy Cheever Church 2009] (CS)

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