Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Personal Effects

Ennio Morricone - Eternity
JG Thirlwell - Descension
Strings of Consciousness - Midnight Moonbeams
Stein - Persische Suite
Holger Hiller - Die Blatter, Die Blatter

More Dogs - The Moveable Walk
Paul Buckminster (from 12 Monkeys Soundtrack) - 'Introduccion' (Escape To Nowhere) / Scanner Room / Capture And Sedation
Jesse Crawford - Indian Love Call
Marlene Dietrich - Illusions
Ivo Robic - Granada
Harry Nilsson - Lazy Moon
Tricky & PJ Harvey - Broken Homes

*Montage of 78s played at slow speed*
Paul Weston - I Only Have Eyes For You/So Beats My Heart*
Tommy Dorsey - I'll Never Smile Again/Marcheta*

Nonhorse - Noxon (excerpt)
Giusto Pio - Anasta

Skeleton Warrior - Excerpt from Pornographic Hologram
Der Apathische Alptraum - Hyperquantität
KK Null - 0415
Sudden Infant - excerpt from split tour cassette with S6X6S

Franz Schubert - Trio In E Flat
Marika Kanaropoulou
Umberto - End Credits
Locrian - The Columnless Arcade
FM Einheit - (Hymne) Witch Burn

NAMANAX - Contaminating Influence
SIXES - Excerpt from Hexane
End Titles for DR. Strangelove/We'll Meet Again
Princess Tinymeat - Lucky Bag
Troll End Credits song
Nora Keyes - The Show Is Over

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