Monday, April 12, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: I've Shit My Face Today!

Tool - Faaip De Oiad
Coughs - Narwahl
Lozenge - Credo
Angelblood - Bellowed From The Risen
Chaos UK - Lawless Britian (sp)
Esch Marie - Fight
Firewater - Drunkard's Lament

Bjork - Where Is The Line
Rx - Crackhead Waltz
Kaada/Patton - Seule
Kraftwerk - Mitternacht
David Bowie (with Giorgio Moroder) - Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)
Marc & The Mambas - Empty Eyes
Ministry - Cold Life Dub

Foetus - Why Can't It Happen To Me?
The Phantom Limbs - Active Verbs
GBH - Junkies
Nomeansno - Victory (Was supposed to be Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed but the track listing was wrong)
Magazine - The Light Pours Out of Me
Jesus Lizard - I Can Learn
Spits - Kill From The Heart
Daily Void - The Man Without A Face
The Shitlickers - Warsystem
Genocide SS - The Final Doom

Leather Nun - Slow Death
Robert Rental & Thomas Leer - Day Breaks/Night Heals

*the following is part of a live two hour long sound collage*
Zola Jesus - Julius & Ethel
The Paper Chase - An Unopened Email From God
Illusion of Safety - Excerpt from Side B of "Repairs" (ext.) - Dented Switchery
F.M. Einheit/Caspar Brotzmann - Excerpt from "Merry Christmas"
Nachtluft - Excerpt from "Belle-view"
Panicsville/Vertonen - "Coagulation"
Painting Petals on Planet Ghost - Losing Consciousness
Zoviet France - Excerpt from "Look Into Me"
Robert Beatty - Excerpt from "Solos"
Peter J. Woods - Excerpt from "The Desert Holds Nothing"
Peter Pan Players and Orchestra - The Big Red Fire Engine
Peter Pan - Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Blood lust! - Conversations with Real Vampires
Einsturzende Neubauten - Die Hamletmaschine
Lab Report - Excerpt from Live Recording on WZRD 04/13/2000
The Highwaymen - Excerpt From "March on Brothers"
Cock ESP - It's The Cowbell
The Blue Grass Banjo Pickers - Excerpt From Foggy Mountain Breakdown and other Music From The Bonnie and Clyde Era
Count Loachfillet - Modular Graveyard
Connie Francis - Mala Femmena (excerpt)
Zoyla Flor - con el Mariachi Mexico 70 De Pepe Lopez (excerpt)
Tito Chicoma y su Orquesta - Fat Mama (looped)
Tito Puente - Fat Mama
Orchestra Del Oro - Hit Movie Themes Go Latin
Mishka Tsiganoff - GRichsher tantz (looped)
Enoch Light - Persuasive Percussion
Fabulous Ping Pong Bongo Percussion
Provocative Percussion Volume 2
Genesis P. Orridge/Stan Bingo - What's History
A Mediterranean Odyssey, Athens to Andalucia
Women's Love and Life, Female Folklore from Azerbaijan
Andrews Sisters - Best of
Perez Prado - Latin Dance Party

Nerfbau - Clawz
Dental Work - Rice Missile
Masonna - Inner Mind Mystique
Krosot - Makian
Torturing Nurse - ChePet

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