Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Delirious Sunrise March 30 curated by Qbot

mikrosopht - broken faces: FACE A.

Mikrosopht (born Benjamin Raymond Kelley 1981 in Corvallis, OR) is an American electronic musician residing in Medford, MA. He is also the creator and writer of the e-zine Enooze and the founder of the net label Godxiliary, which has featured collaborative releases with Yoshi, Serocell, Michl Britsch, Nullsleep, Plasticflesh, Minusbaby, Futureboots, and Scanner among others. Mikrosopht has been writing and performing since 1999. His discography features dozens of releases, with styles ranging from cut & paste, glitch, ambient, and Drum and Bass. Mikrosopht tends to rely heavily on sampling and audio collaging in his work. Many of his songs also feature field recordings.

DJ Stephen Hawking - Episode 1: Thermodynamics

Since retirement from University of Cambridge in 2009, Dr Stephen Hawking has filled him time by giving lectures in theoretical physics, gardening, and making eclectic podcasts for radio stations.

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