Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Formless With Age, Swollen With Rusty Cans

Lee Hazlewood - The Nights
U.S. Maple - Lay Lady Lay
Henry Flynt - Uncle Sam Do
Gong of Balaluan (1929) - Ding I Kebyar (From "The Roots of Gamelan")
Ennio Morricone - Memento, 1970
Igor Wakhevitch - Materia Prima

Bruce Lamont - Live on WZRD October 16, 2008 (Excerpt)
Gii - Greatness
De Selby - Listen To Slayer
The Universal Indians - Untitled Track 1 from Sound of One Brain Dying Vol. 1

*From various NECKTAR entries*
Criad Crias - I'm Dirt
Jacques Christian - 101 Last Days Wave
BeNe GeSSeRiT - Les Fraises
Headphoner and The Nurse - Betamorphose
Angelo Badalamenti - Mysteries of Love (from Blue Velvet)
Robert Vincs - Avatar

P.I.L. - Flowers of Romance
Pigface - War Ich Nicht
Chu Ishikawa - Megatron
Nightbringer - Feast of The Manes
Ed Sunspot - Flooded Nest
Indian Jewelry - Swans

Big City Orchestra - Excerpt from Arph Arph Arph
Psychic Steel - Live at Empty Bottle 02/01/10
*Another BCO excerpt
Three Legged Race - Track 5 from "Scattered Duels Thawing" CDR

Johanna Went - Excerpt from "Live on Broadway 08/21/82"
Val Denham - Lost and Found
Bastard Noise - Untitled
Ofra Haza - Im Nin' Alu

Mac Blackout - Babyface Killer
Leonard Cohen - There Are No More Diamonds in The Mine
Chicago Transit Authority - Free Form Guitar

Astroal - Memories
Renaldo & The Loaf - Haul On The Bowline
King Crimson - The Night Watch, Trio

Snog - Make The Little Flowers Grow
Einsturzende Neubauten - Open Fire, Anrufe In Abwesebnheit

Pere Ubu - Cloud 149

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