Monday, February 22, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Small and Sacred Corruption and Turmoil

Sudden Infant - Angelic Agony
Foetus - Alladin Reverse
Olaf Sveen - Anniversary Song / Whatever Will Be Will Be
Devo - Golden Energy
Kraftwerk - Hall of Mirrors

Mitchell Froom - We Don't Dream / The Key of Cool
Riz Ortolani - Love With Fun
Tangerine Dream - Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)
LIO - Le Petite Amazone
Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets
The Human League - Dreams of Leaving
Alberta Hunter (with Fats Waller) - Sugar

Matriarch - Koyaanmsqatsi / Second Death of Souls
Poison Girls - Persons Unknown
Schwein - World's Junk
Julie London - Mickey Mouse's March
Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Dolores Dewberry - Paragraph 64
Sangre Cavallum - O Menino O
Forgotten Fish Orchestra - Iron Shoes

Z'ev and Ramona Ponzini - 7m24s
Gal Costa - Relance

Inca Ore - Sun
Jacques Dutronc - Camisole
Zos Kia - Rape
Floris Vanhoof - Paranormaalabamba
Locrian - Epicedium

Cold Cave - Roman Skirts
ADULT. - The Cold Call/The Importance of Being Folk Pt 1 & 2/Harvest

Indignant Senility - Plays Wagner (untitled)
FM Einheit - Requiem Für Eine Totgeweihte

Sow - The World Is My Oyster
Foetus - Pareidolia
Tod Dockstader - Track 3 from "8 Electronic Pieces"
Carlos Giffoni - All The Mistakes I Made During The Carribean Winter (from Serge Modular Users 2009)

Raglani - Jubilee
Emeralds - Magic
Noveller - Rainbows
The Golden Sores - Klonopin

Nurse with Wound - Excerpt from Space Music (request)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Delirious Sunrise v. 3: Shane English/Soundhead

Snowy In The Valley of Vapors / Suspense / Transmission 13

Cabaret Voltaire - Your Agent Man
White Stains - Soft Explosion
Vox Populi! - Fassle
La Sonorité Jaune - La Boucle Du Desir
Geins't Naït - Picnic
Public Image Ltd. - Banging The Door
Nocturnal Emissions - Acres Of Gold
Zone - Sunbathing
Arcane Device - Diabolis Ex Machina Part 3
John Cage - Sonata #5
Section 25 - Hit

Abner Malaty - Open
Grønvirke - Appendicitis

City Of Worms - Hichotomy

Coup De Grace - Sick Of Living / Unwilling To Die

Ewald Spiss - Siebenglasfuss

S·Core - Symptom

La Kuizine - Raomem (I'm Naked)

Croiners - Untitled

Atrax Morgue - Something Bad

Monday, February 15, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Strange Visions/Strained Voltage

Claudio Rocchi E Paolo Tofani - La Macellazione
David Cunningham - Two Different Places
Gene Moore - Church is Just A Place of Business
Tape Beatles - XT92-007
Zack Kouns - Germania
Eli & Jacno - Boomerang
Magma - Fur Dihhel Kobaia

Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Don't Wanna Fuss
Si Zentner And His Orchestra (written by Martin Denny, composed by Les Baxter) - Demons and Dragons
Shorty - Tomato Kisser
Big Techno Werewolves - Quiet Conversation Pool
Electric Wizard - Solarian 13
Gina V. D'Orio & Like A Tim - The End of The World
The Impressions - Seven Years

Don Ho - Down By The Shack, Down By The Sea
Yetti-Men - Blue Surfer
Gary Wilson - You Think You Really Know Me
Black Pus - The Black Whole
Korla Pandit - Estrelita
Gary 'Spider' Webb - The Cave (Part One)
The Serendipity Singers - Et Je L'Aime
Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii

Jean-Luis Brau - Turn Back Nightingale
Atlanta Fox Theatre Mighty Moller
La Société Des Timides À La Parade Des Oiseaux - Cet À-Mort Vibre L'Air
David Lobban - Medley 2: Toot Toot Tootsie Goo'Bye/Swanee/Baby Face
Cromagnon - First World of Bronze

Melvin Price - Gonna See My Baby
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Any Way The Wind Blows
Pete Meyers - I Love A Practical Joke
Rufus Hofbagger - All You Need Is Toys

Les Baxter - Comedy of Terrors End Titles
Death In June - Punishment Initiation
Women of Sodom - Lourdes Prayer
Originals - You & I

Diamanda Galas - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Jimmie Rodgers - Any Old Time
Neil Young with The Wild Band of Strings - Buffalo Stomp
Z'ev - I (Flexi)
End Result - Germans in Heat
Blood of The Black Owl - Kills The Timber

Jason Crest - Tea Garden Lane
Dougie MacLean - Miss Elspeth Campbell/Alick C. MacGregor

Metalux - Baby P
Syd Barrett - She Took A Long Cold Look
Louis Prima - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town

John Zacherley - Hello Dolly
Vagina Jones - Juanita
Health - Tabloid Sores
Rubber 0 Cement & James Twig Harper - Masterbattalion Workup, Applied Chemical Butyl Wolves

Brutal Truth - Prey

Tuluum Shimmering - Ancestral Visions Etched on Skulls Side A

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Delirious Sunrise v. 2: Tuluum Shimmering

3 men from Munggona – The great mote: first night of dancing – Musik Aus Dem Bergland West-Neuguineas: Disk 1 (Museum Collection Berlin)

Along Indan anak lelaki Agun - Princess of Mt. Sewilu – Dream Songs and Healing Sounds in the Rainforests of Malaysia (Smithsonian Folkways)

10 people in Touay village – Gaw Joor Nyet – Ethnic Minority Music of Southern Laos (Sublime Frequencies)

2 people in Butang village – Flutes duo – Phnong in Cambodia 1 (Kink Gong)

3 musicians of the Tigre tribe – Washint instrumental – Ritual Music of Ethiopia (Folkways)

2 men in Phaosamphan village – Boyt Tawng – Ethnic Minority Music of Southern Laos (Sublime Frequencies)

Group of Efe singers – Chants d’initiation des filles – Chants de l’Oree de la Foret: Polyphonies des Pygmees Efe (Fonti Musicali)

Group of Wadjiginy – Nyindi-yindi Corroboree Pt. 1 – Tribal Music of Australia (Folkways)

Yamtulu calling to her sister in te Taute village – Call to the forest – The Living, Dead and Dying: Music of the New Guinea Wape (Folkways)

Group of Wadjiginy – Nyindi-yindi Corroboree Pt. 2 – Tribal Music of Australia (Folkways)

Gong ensemble of Desa Mancong – Beliatn Sentiyu – Music of Indonesia, Vol. 17: Kalimantan: Dayak Ritual and Festival Music (Smithsonian Folkways)

Male Hanafa singers – Lembola - Ritual Music of Ethiopia (Folkways)

Hmong shaman in Lai Chau – Track 1 – Black Hmong Shaman in Vietnam (Kink Gong)

Dancing drummers in Ilib Kuwo – Group ceremonial drumming – Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea: Disk 3 (Smithsonian Folkways)

Group of Kango singers – Chant du retour de la chasse – Pygmees du Haut-Zaire: Kango, Efe, Asua (Fonti Musicali)

Singers in Munggona – End of the third night of dancing - Musik Aus Dem Bergland West-Neuguineas: Disk 1 (Museum Collection Berlin)

Sioni shaman, ayahuasca ritual participants – Yage ceremony; participants commenting on visions – Lowland Tribes of Ecuador (Folkways)

Kofan shaman – Spirit intrusion removal - Lowland Tribes of Ecuador (Folkways)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Good Morning Territory

Klaus Nomi - I Feel Love
Gorilla Aktiv - Die Maske
Hans Grusel - Erste Falte
Imminent Starvation - Rumours
Celluloid Mata Featuring - Hita Corporated - The Council
FM Einheit - The Race

Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Untitled track from "Hairballs"
Illusion of Safety - Untitled track from "Tubes and Wires"
Die Todliche Doris - Haare Im Mund
Holger Hiller - Ein Ganz Normaler Kuss

Premature Ejaculation - Superficial Pulse
Strangulated Beatoffs - Bothered
Robert Turman - Broadcast
Panicsville - Boiled, Baked, and Basted Babies
GGFH - Eclipse
Indian Jewelry - Poverty Ape
Sidewinder - Track 4 from "Colonized"
Electric Hellfire Club - Mr. 44

Excessive Force - Stormraiser
Hans Grusel - Quarintimes (from Serge Modular Users 2009)
Swine Is Mental - Stumble Wank
Bran (...) Pos - 1 Armed Yank with Sekhem Em

Caroliner - Bring Culture To The Treetops
Butthole Surfers - Barking Dogs
Cypress Hill - Pigs (instrumental)
Michelle Flynn - Mambo Miam Miam
Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight
Lee Hazlewood - Dark In My Heart

Manorexia - Tongue of Uncertainty
Dave Phillips - Track 5 from "?"
some 78s played with the pitch down at 33 RPM
Masaoka/Chen/Grusel/Nagai - Absence of Territory

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker - Sarah
Holger Hiller & Andreas Dorau - Guten Morgen Hosen

Merzbow - This Dying Toad Become Forth With Coal For Colour Black
Intrinsic Action - excerpt from a maxell cassette of unreleased 1985 excerpts and live recordings, copied from WZRD catalog
Intrinsic Action - Source Control 1 Part 2
Blaster Al Ackerman - Pepper Young Translations
Aaron Dilloway - Modern Jester
Macronympha - Insane Torture Device
Aaron Dilloway - Live In Detroit

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Delirious Sunrise Reincarnate v. 1: Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket

Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket


Title: Wonderful Summer
Artist: Robin Ward

Title: Fox on the Box - Village People
Artist: Cock E.S.P.

Title: Alien Moxy Mask
Artist: UBZUB

Title: Recorded January '07
Artist: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Title: Scat Credit Sports Caster
Artist: Ugly Dwarf

Title: ????
Artist: Cambodian Garage Music

Title: The Raider
Artist: Spine Scavenger

Title: The Walls Are Bleeding
Artist: Jarboe

Title: Tape 11
Artist: Voice of Pakistan

Title: Into the Blonde Kodak
Artist: Cancer Bunny

Title: Op.32 "When the Cerebellum Unfolds Its Wings"
Artist: Plonsky

Title: Titan Resonance:Part1&2

Title: Australian Political Wit-Snake
Artist: John Watermann

Title: A Short Skirt in Cairo/I Was A Librarian At Alexandria
Artist: Alan Bishop

Title: The Little Drummer Boy
Artist: High Karate

Title: Stretching of the Cave
Artist: Shitty Vibe Smasher

Title: Baby Test Tape for Larynx Clog
Artist: ???

Title: Eaten Alive (OST)
Artist: William Bell & Tobe Hooper

Title: La Bomba
Artist: Xavier Cugat

Title: Applaud Alfonso's Autobiography / Abaft
Artist: The A Band

Title: Live at Sofie's Living Room
Artist: Deerhoof with Masonna

Title: Santa Crud
Artist: The Lowdown

Title: Yaaden Vol V
Artist: ???

Title: The Shining
Artist: Coyote Ugly

Title: Disco
Artist: Culturcide

Title: Braindead
Artist: James Twig Harper

Title: Es ist nicht totenkunst, es ist kartofollen gesehen
Artist: Heinz Kraft

Title: Shopping Cart Sensation
Artist: Sub Aquatics


Title: Split Cassette
Artist: Algiers

Title: Monster Rock Cassette / Nightmares
Artist: ??

Title: Live On Broadway 8/21/82
Artist: Johanna Went

Title: Bob Floats
Artist: Hope Floats

Title: Rubber Bullets
Artist: Prurient


Title: ???
Artist: Spiderman the Dog

Title: Found Tape: Crying
Artist: ??


Title: Entropy and Atrophy
Artist: Bill Horist

Title: Here See Tape
Artist: Sejayno

Title: NRV 1
Artist: C 103

Title: Cape Scott
Artist: Coastal

Title: Idiot Stick
Artist: Debt of Nature

Title: Main Tera Tota
Artist: Paap in Duniya


Title: me perdre pour toujours me consumer completement
Artist: Tourette

Title: Ear Muffins
Artist: Meerk Puffy

Title: Education in Foreign Language / Help TApe
Artist: ???

Title: Goiter Slam at 5:09
Artist: Constellations

Title: Lava
Artist: Chris Brown


Title: Nine from Underground (comp)
Artist: Pillowtexans

Monday, February 1, 2010

Delirious Insomniac: Signals In Patterns of Cold Light

*5 Layers of Wall Noise for 10 minutes*
(Special Thanks to DJ QBOT for helping me trigger all of that at the same time)

*Infirmary - Side D from "Path Leads To No Where"
*The Rita - Feel Bebe's Pulse
*Is - 35.5 Miles (with Traffic)
*Vomir - Smell The Vomit
*I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles - liberateannihilate

Shox Lumania - Signals
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - Love Is Love
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Sex Bomb Boogie
EaViL - Exqu(is)(is)ite Shroud
Screamers - I'm A Mensch

Slick Idiot - Wien
Brainbombs - Ohh What A Feeling
Circle - Metsan Henget

U.S. Maple - My Lil Shocker
Lungfish - Love Is Love
Godflesh - Xnoybis
The Flying Luttenbachers - Clank

Jarboe & Cedric Victor - Kali Lamentation V
Halimel Dabh - Wire Recorder Piece
Maja Ratkje - Mox

Lustmord - Heresy 1
Nmperign - Dalton

Strangulated Beatoffs - Excerpt from Reverse Child Psychology

Fielded - Demon, Wake Up/Let It Out

Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan - Excerpt from Blood Shaman Tour Tape

The Wilford Brimleys - Chaleco Salvavidas
Dead Machines - Futures Pt 1
Government Alpha - Thing Origin

EaViL - Mechanical Girlfriend
Mutation in the Gryd - Calibration Gryd I

Winters In Osaka - Meat For The Lions (Excerpt)
Murderous Vision - Grinding Your Souls Into Hell
Wilt - First Chain To The Moon (Excerpt)
Pino Donaggio - The Howling Symphonic Suite (1981)
a track from Roman Porno Sound Collage
Olivier Messiaen/Ensemble D'Ondes Martenot De Montréal - Oraison (1937)

Side 1 of The Magic Christian