Monday, November 9, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: Somewhere Over the Hairballs


At present time there is an error with the recording of this show that I will see if I can fix later. But you can listen to shards of Collage Radio on the media player below

Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Jumped Up, Little Start
People Like Us/Irene Moon/Evolution Control Committee - ABC Radio National, Sydney, Australia
Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Untitled from "Hairballs"
Value Village People - Somewhere Over The River

Tape-Beatles - Education of The Will
Buchanan & Goodman - Flying Saucer Pts 1 & 2
Tape-Beatles - I Can't Help You At All, Sorry
Negativland - 180-G, A Big 10-8 Place Pt 2
Wayne Butane - Six Flags Over Auschwitz
Tape-Beatles - Man of To-Morrow
Orchid Spangiafora - Mondo Stupid

Cassetteboy - Joliver
Daniel Steven Crafts - Snake Oil Symphony Pt 1
Value Village People - The Gentle Art of Verbal Abuse
Broken Penis Orchestra - Timothy Leary Dreams In His Death Bed


Nurse With Wound - You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
Evil Moisture - Danseuses Etoiles
Mixed Band Philanthropist - Those Who Kissed Now Wept, Those Who Wept Now Sang
The Negative Beatles - Onion Strings (cut short)

Wobbly - Yyyoooooo, Yyooooohhh, Yoooooh, Yyyyyyyyyooooh,Property, Yyyyy, Aaaaaaaahhhh, Yoyoyo C'mon / Ha Ha, Yho Yo, Man Hand In It.
Thant Tessman - Super James (from WFMU's The Sixty Second Song Remix Contest)
Plunderphonic - Black -/- Brown
The Beachles (Clayton Counts) - Don't Talk (Get Better)

Amphibious Gestures - Cataclismic -/- Arachnid Arcade - Hairloom Gang (from Triskaidekaphobia)
Burden of Friendship - Excerpt from Now Blood Now Water!
Illusion of Safety - Fade 'N Die
Different Dentist - Spoiler* -/- Beta Cloud - Wind Blown* -/- To Live and Shave In LA - Ratteschrett (from Triskaidekaphobia)
Étant Donnés - Transparent Nature
Iannis Xenakis - Kraanerg Section 17
Dave Phillips - Dogs (Schimpfluch Commune Int.)
Brion Gysin, W.S.Burroughs*, Stilluppsteypa, Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf - Archive
Illusion of Safety - Haydn and the Jets

Tentatively, A Convenience - Sequences Sampled #01
The Books - The Word God
Henry Jacobs - Sound For Radio -/- Failures -/- Hello
Fatty Jubbo - C'Mon Marianne
TODRA Productions - No Commercial Potential in 60 Seconds (from WFMU's The Sixty Second Song Remix Contest)
Dave Phillips - Bea (from IIIII)
Valerio Cosi - Saxomoog In A Weird Mood -/- SoftServe - SquealBeat (from Triskaidekaphobia)

Merzbow - Mortegage Inc. Batztoutai
Gary Kail & Zurich 1916 - Media Saturation
Étant Donnés - La Vue A

Christian Marclay - Louis Armstrong
John Cage - Williams Mix
The Bran Flakes - Can't You Dig The Sunshine
Dame Darcy and the Helpless Suckling Whelps - Little Red Riding Hood
PDQ Bach - New Horizons in Music Appreciation

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