Monday, November 2, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: New Dimensions in Audio-Archaeology


Shirley and Spinoza - These Guys
Satanic Church Radio - "Moon River" 2/22/06 Broadcast Through a Kester Phone-X Filter
Spider Compass Good Crime Band - The Melting Pelecanoididae Sweat Gland Organ Plays "The Book Of Hours Benign Tumor"

Twig Harper - Track 03 from "Music for Higher Dimensional Consciousness"

Ennio Morricone - Stress Infinito (from Spasmo)

Dave Phillips - Side 2 from "They Live"

Sound Collage featuring Dave Phillips' Locked groove, AMK - Hi Fi, RRR-100, Yokomono 3, Buy Me Sue Me, NON - Solitude 7", Loops from John Lennon's "God" and "Medley" from Plastic Ono Band Studio Outtakes, Home Recordings etc.


Yoko Ono - Mind Train
Circuit Rider - Limousine Ride
Doris Norton - Erosraptus

Ga'an - I of Infinite Forms
Fabio Frizzi - A Cat In The Brain Sequence 1
Emeralds - Magic

Chthonic - 1947, Forty Nine Theurgy Chains
Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet - (from Another Miserable Day LP) Day 1

GiancarloToniutti - Paroksi Eksta
Toll - Out2
Ramleh - Ramleh
(from Broken Flag: A Retrospective 1982 - 1985)

Wraiths - Driflamme(?) Oriflamme(?) Side II

Michael Esposito & FM Einheit - excerpt from "The Sallie House"
Working extensively with EVP's relationship to experimental music, Michael combines EVP with field recording and related frequency tones of research sites to provide an audio-archeological picture of both sides of the veil.

Ugo Toppo - The Man and The Snake

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