Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Delirious Insomniac Manic Attack: Yesterday Ain't Coming Back/Lizzie Borden Swung An Axe

Badfinger – Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – War
The Twins – War on War
Crass – Securicor
Chris Connelly & William Tucker – July
War – Slippin’ Into Darkness
Badfinger – Midnight Sun

Bobby Bryant – Happiness Is A Warm Gun
The Outsiders – Conspiracy of War
Jandek – War Dance
Manson Family – First They Locked Me In The Closet/Scratchin Peace Symbols on Your Tombstone
Jack LaDelle – Blue Hawaii
The Cramps – TV Set
Atlantics – War of The Worlds
Agnes Bernelle - Mother The Wardrobe is Full of Infantrymen

Ya Ho Wa 13 – Fire In The Sky
Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning
Bruce Haack – War
Brighter Death Now – Innerwar – State of War
Rev. Steve Johnson Leyba – War On Children

Danny Elfman – The War Room (talking over)

Boyd Rice & Friends – Total War
The Electric Hellfire Club – Darkshineswar/In The Temple of Flesh
Excessive Force – We Like War, Finger on The Trigger
Haunted Castle – Echoes of An Earthly Hell

Jarboe – Pure War
Ike Yard – War=Strong
Deutsch Nepal – Glimpses of War Parts I & II


Gang of Four – He’d Send In The Army
People In Control – When It’s War
Raymond Scott – War Dance for Wooden Indians
Stanley Black – War Gods of the Deep
Gitane Demone – I Only Have Eyes
Jay McShann & HisOrchestra – Say Forward, I’ll March
Gina V. D’Orio – Naval War
Hawaiian War Chant (from Hawaiian Luau)
Bone Awl – Intro from Magnetism of War
Bernard Hermann – Civil War (Mysterious Island)

Suffocation 430 – War Torn
Men Behind The Sun – Biological Warfare
Foetus – Private War/Anything Viva!
Bernard Herrmann – Cape Fear (finale)

Atomsmashers – War of The Mind
Vice Versa – Genetic Warfare
Tomahawk – War Song
Paper Chase – A War Is Coming
Haters – War of The Worms
Marx Brothers – Duck Soup War Song

Alfred Hitchcock's The Older Sister -- Lizzie Borden

The Borden Murders of 1892
Legend of Lizzie Borden: The Ending Sequence

OTR – Suspense – The Fall River Tragedy, Goodbye Lizzie Borden
Ross Armetto – The Art of War
The Teaching Company – Blitzkrieg

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