Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: "Step Out of The Space Provided" - Excavations from The Nurse with Wound List



La Monte Young – Poem For Tables, Chairs, Etc. Part 1
Jean Cohen-Solal – Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac
Cohelmec Ensemble – Asia Minor

Patrick Vian – Grosse Nacht Musik
Michael Mantler – The Insect God
Le Forte Four – Ka-Bella-Binsky
Magical Power Mako – Cha Cha

Tomorrow’s Gift - Jazzi Jazzi / Der Geier fliegt vorbei
Sally Smmit and Her Musicians – A – Part One (edit from Hangahar)
Archimedes Badkar - Charmante Yerevan, En Lat Fran Armenien

Lard Free – Livarot Respiration
Älgarnas Trädgård - The Future Is A Hovering Ship, Anchored In The Past
L. Voag – Boxing and Sparring (with the Third Dimension)

Urban Sax – Part 3

Blue Sun – Blue Sun
Mnemonists - Brittle-Legs (Prehistory)


Comus – Diana
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell – Get It Out of Your System
Moolah – Crystal Waters
Dies Irae – Another Room
Behind DJ: Sperm – Heinäsirkat

Pôle - In the Maelstrom
Heratius – Gwendo Blues
Jean Guerin – Maochat
Ibliss – Margah
Horde Catalytique Pour La Fin - Gestation Sonore 2
David Cunnigham – Error System (C Pulse solo recording)

Cromagnon – Ritual Feast of The Libido
Debris – Hospital Boys
Decayes – Shoot ‘em In The Head
Michel Waisvisz – Peeling
Konstruktivists – Shadows of White Sand

Roberto Colombo – Caccia Alla Volpe
Le Grand Magic Circus – Side A from “Le Grand Mechant Cochon Et Les Trois Gentils Loups”
Osama Kitajima - Benzaiten (repris)
Behind DJ: Food Brain – Clock
L’Infonie – Ode À L'affaire-Ouverture
Friendsound - Empire of Light

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delirious Insomnica & The Wacky Waikikians: Yacki Hacki Wicki Wachi Woo


Les Paul - Hawaiian Paradise
Elvis Presley – Blue Hawaii
Kanui & Lula – Tomi, Tomi
Jack LaDelle – To You, Sweetheart, Aloha
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters – Mele Kalikimaka
Brian Wilson – In Blue Hawaii
Club Nisei – Japanese Rhumba
Original Hilo Hawaiians – Aloha Oe
(Japanese Characters) – On A Little Bamboo Bridge
Ledward Kaapana – I Kona (talk over)

ABBA – Happy Hawaii
Annette Funicello – My Little Grass Shack
Hawaiian Brass – Quiet Village
Hawaiian Beach Combers – Honolulu Bound
Tiny Tim – Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me
Burl Ives – Hawaiian Bells
Madame Riviere’s Hawaiians – Fort Street
Arthur Lyman Group – Yellow Bird (talk over)

Les Baxter – Sophisticated Savage
Lawrence Welk – My Blue Hawaii
Don Ho – Hawaii Five-O/Quiet Village
King Nawahi’s Hawaiians – Aloha Means I love you
Hawaiian Beach Combers – I’m A Dreamer Aren’t We All
Georgia Jumpers – Ukulele Benny
Billy Murray – Hello Hawaii How Are You
The Island Sounds Orchestra – Nina Bobo, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

Martin Denny – Forbidden Island
Anton LaVey – Honolulu Baby
‘Ale’a – You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)
Spike Jones – Hu Wa Hu Wai (Hawaiian War Chant)
The Banjo Barons – I Want To Learn To Speak Hawaiian- When Hilo Hattie Does The Hilo Hop-On The Beach At Waikiki
Jimmy Buffett – Lage Nome Ai
David K. Kaili / Pale K. Lua – Honolulu March
Honolulu Serenaders – Honolulu Stomp
Blue Hawaiians – Martini Five-O
Boyd Rice – Quiet Village Idiot
The Dynatones – Hawaiian War Chant
Hawaiian Luau – I’ll Weave A Lei of Stars for You (talk over)

Genoa Keawe – Alika
Big Ben – Pagan Love Song
Elodia Kane – E Ku’u Baby Hot Cha Cha
S. Cortez Y Sus Hawaiianos – Lirios
Jimmie Rodgers – Blue Yodel No 11
Sounds of Aloha Chorus – Tour of The Islands Medley
Tau Moe and His Original Hawaiians – On The Beach At Waikiki (talk over)


Charles King & Elizabeth Brice – That Hula Hula
Hawaiian Ensemble ‘The Honolulu Queens’ – Minnehaha, Minnedans
Nora Bayes ft. Rosario Bourdon – Hello Hawaii, How Are You?
Lani McIntire & His Hawaiians – In A Little Hula Heaven
Laurel & Hardy – Honolulu Baby
Don Baduria – Little Brown Gal
Ukulele Ike – A Song of Old Hawaii
Ozzie Kotani – Ku’u Lika Kahinko (My Old Guitar)
Sol Hoopii – I like You
Sunday Manoa – Kilakila I Moanalua Moanalua
Charles King & Elizabeth Brice – My Own Iona

Alfred Alpaka w/ Danny Stewarts Hawaiians – Hapa Haole Hula Girl (My Honolulu Girl)
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan – Oh How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wachi Woo (That’s Love In Honolulu)
Sammy Davis Jr. – Hawaii 5-O
Eddy Detroit – Honolulu Baby
Johnny Pineapple & His Islanders – Hawaiian War Chant
Duke Kamoku and His Islanders – Lovely Hula Girl
Space Ghost – Brak’s Hawaiian Vacation
Orchester Roberto Delgado – Sun of Hawaii
Zorn – Opening Credits/Hawaiian Post Card
George Kuo – Waikiki Medley: Royal Hawaiian Hotel/Le’ahi/Kaimana Hila

Neville Brothers – Maori chant
Walkers – the Drums of Bora Bora
Werner Muller – Hawaiian Eye
Petty Booka – Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Mike Danzi & His Hawaiian Quartet – Gruss Mir Mein Hawaii
Coral Islanders – Na Lei
The Moes – Paahana
Van Halen – Honolulu Baby
Billy Vaughan – Sweet Leilani
Tipsy – Liquordelic (talk over)

Blue Hawaii from Hawaii Calls Old Time Radio Show
Red Skelton Show – Travel To Hawaii

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Delrious Insomniac Being God: This Ain't The Summer of Love


Blue Oyster Cult – This Ain’t The Summer of Love
Death in June – All Pigs Must Die
Beach Boys – Gonna Hustle You
John Fahey – Sunflower River Blues
Jimi Hendrix – Gloomy Monday
Severed Heads – Hawaii Torso/97 cigarettes (background while DJ is talking)

Death To Pigs – Ss Slave
Korpses Katatonik – Transzplant
Zero Kama – Atavism Dream
The Wind In The Willows – There Is But One Truth, Dad
Coil – The Gimp (Sometimes)
Wraiths – Nihil Rex
Ruth Copeland – Gimme Shelter
Ennio Morricone – Phantavox (talk over)

Bud Shank – I Am The Walrus
Helter Skelter – I Need You
Area – Luglio, Agosto, Settembre
Hero – Merry Go Round
Friendsound – Empire of Light
I’ll Weave a Lei of Stars for you (talk over)

Unknown Artist – I’m The Walrus
Patrick Vian – Grosse Nacht Musik
Dies Irae – Lucifer
Moolah – Crystal Waters
Brave New World – Lenina
Martin Denny – Forbidden Island (talk over)


Blackfoot Sue – Summer (From The Season Suite)
Lani McIntire & His Hawaiians – In A Little Hula Heaven
Annette Funicello – Pineapple Princess
Robin Ward – Wonderful Summer
Maria Zerfall – Ich Katastrophe
Emit – Awaiting Ultimate Consummation
Vomit Orchestra – To Walk The Fields of Death
Voice of Eye – The Shadow I Knew
Stanley Black – Memories Are Made of This
Martin Denny – Exotica (talk over)

Shelley Fabares – Lost Summer Love
Billy Stewart – Summertime
Percy Faith – Theme From “A Summer Place”
The Monkees – The Door Into Summer
John M. Hudson & Richard Lane – A Night In Summer
Locked groove from RRR-1000 by Lasse Marhaug (talk over)

The B-52’s – Summer of Love
Babyland – The End of All Summers
Art Bears – The Summer Wheel
Somewhere In Europe – The Last Summer
Current 93 – The Summer of Love
Sonic Youth - Death Valley ‘69
Locked groove from RRR-1000 by Sudden Infant(talk over)

Salvador Dali / Igor Wakhévitch - Segunda Entrada O La Lucha Con El Ángel

Locked groove from RRR-1000 by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock (talk over)

Charles Manson Interview with Geraldo Rivera playlist

Locked groove from RRR-1000 by Thomas Dimuzio (talk over)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Delirious Insomniac Manic Attack: Yesterday Ain't Coming Back/Lizzie Borden Swung An Axe

Badfinger – Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – War
The Twins – War on War
Crass – Securicor
Chris Connelly & William Tucker – July
War – Slippin’ Into Darkness
Badfinger – Midnight Sun

Bobby Bryant – Happiness Is A Warm Gun
The Outsiders – Conspiracy of War
Jandek – War Dance
Manson Family – First They Locked Me In The Closet/Scratchin Peace Symbols on Your Tombstone
Jack LaDelle – Blue Hawaii
The Cramps – TV Set
Atlantics – War of The Worlds
Agnes Bernelle - Mother The Wardrobe is Full of Infantrymen

Ya Ho Wa 13 – Fire In The Sky
Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning
Bruce Haack – War
Brighter Death Now – Innerwar – State of War
Rev. Steve Johnson Leyba – War On Children

Danny Elfman – The War Room (talking over)

Boyd Rice & Friends – Total War
The Electric Hellfire Club – Darkshineswar/In The Temple of Flesh
Excessive Force – We Like War, Finger on The Trigger
Haunted Castle – Echoes of An Earthly Hell

Jarboe – Pure War
Ike Yard – War=Strong
Deutsch Nepal – Glimpses of War Parts I & II


Gang of Four – He’d Send In The Army
People In Control – When It’s War
Raymond Scott – War Dance for Wooden Indians
Stanley Black – War Gods of the Deep
Gitane Demone – I Only Have Eyes
Jay McShann & HisOrchestra – Say Forward, I’ll March
Gina V. D’Orio – Naval War
Hawaiian War Chant (from Hawaiian Luau)
Bone Awl – Intro from Magnetism of War
Bernard Hermann – Civil War (Mysterious Island)

Suffocation 430 – War Torn
Men Behind The Sun – Biological Warfare
Foetus – Private War/Anything Viva!
Bernard Herrmann – Cape Fear (finale)

Atomsmashers – War of The Mind
Vice Versa – Genetic Warfare
Tomahawk – War Song
Paper Chase – A War Is Coming
Haters – War of The Worms
Marx Brothers – Duck Soup War Song

Alfred Hitchcock's The Older Sister -- Lizzie Borden

The Borden Murders of 1892
Legend of Lizzie Borden: The Ending Sequence

OTR – Suspense – The Fall River Tragedy, Goodbye Lizzie Borden
Ross Armetto – The Art of War
The Teaching Company – Blitzkrieg