Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: A View Made For The Gods

The computer hard drive upon which these shows are recorded either doesn't have any space or there is a problem with the recorder settings; but either way, it condensed 6 hours of sound into just under 11 minutes of the following tooth-flickery:

Einsturzende Neubauten – Halber Mensch
Swans – Nobody
Thinking Plague – Blown Apart
Phillip Glass – Subject: Lynette Fromme
The Chrysanthemums – The Deathbed Song
Brides of Funkenstein – War Ship Touchante

Schloss Tegal – Panic Man
EC8OR – Dirt
Prince – Dirty Mind
Strangulated Beatoffs – Beat It

Sexual Harrassment – You Are My Sexual Connection
Tik and Tok – Summer In The City
Borghesia – 133 (Repulsive Mix)
Nash The Slash – Swing-Shift

Mort Garson – Cancer
3 Tracks from “Moog Spaceport Lounge Vol. 1: Misirlou, Moog Raga (Instrumental), Bicycle Built For Two
G. Ligeti – excerpts from Reqiuem, Lux Aeterna, Atmospheres

Foetus – Into The Light (Dedicated to the memory of the late WLUW DJ Barb Wire)
Pete Swanson – Corporate Sports 2
Frozen Faces - Never Trust Anyone
Luigi Russolo – Macchina Tipografica, Canzone Rumorista
Nurse With Wound – (I Don’t Want To Have) Easy Listening Nightmares
Roberto Pregadio & Romano Mussolini – Satanik Seq. 2
Laibach – Nova Akropola (Request)

KMFDM – Secret Track from NIHIL, Secret Track from XTORT
Pigface – Du Liebst Mich Nicht, Ich Lieb Dich Nicht

Pigface – I’m Still Alive, War Ich Nicht
En Esch – Drive My Car

Blue Meanies – F.O.R.D.
Gangster Fun - Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines
Blue Meanies – Secret Experimental Track from original pressing of “Full Throttle”

Gyorgy Ligeti – Lontano (from The Shining OST)
Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy Jr.
Intrinsic Action – Bad Jack

Panicsville – Nobility of Cruelty

Swans – Young God, I Am The Sun, Killing For Company
Michael Gira - Why I Ate My Wife

Janitor – Skinned Knees
Lourdes Corugedo – feckit
Black Guys – Track 3 from “Outkast Blakface”
Sudden Infant – Skipping Misanthrope

Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson – Cancer LP

Suspense 62.07.22 The next murder

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