Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: What You Don't Do Today, You'll Never Do Tomorrow


Andrew Liles – Selections from “All Closed Doors”
Diana Rogerson & Andrew Liles – To Spin

The Ritualistic School of Errors – The Pit of Absolute Zero
Solypsis – I’d Like to Hold Your Brain
The Sodality – They Never Learn
Allimentation Generale – Untitled
Organhouse – Hecate
Childe Bride Indian Nation

child bride

Air - Ghost Song
Echo West – My Dream Is Still There
Irene Moon – Sneaky Little Sneak
EaViL – Oblong Box
Vicious Circle – Underground Ecstasy
Two Daughters – Kiss The Cloth 1
Nymphomatriarch – Blood on the rope

Tuxedo Moon – Spirits and Ghosts
N.O.I.A. – Italian Robots
Burden of Friendship – Excerpt from Copulation of Church & State
Metalux – track 13 from Diversion of Left and Right
Le Syndicat – Argument Total 4
Lois Prante Ellis and Mary Ann Parker - Call To order By Chairman, Troll / Good-By Song

le syndicat


I had a surprise visit from someone I was supposed to train without any prior knowledge, so you might notice some variations from my regular demeanor...

Jason Crumer – Burning In Hell 1

Death Factory – Never, Never Land
Foetus Inc – Butterfly Potion
Brass Band and Village Drummer – A Village Funeral
Goblin – Blind Concert

Cromagnon – Ritual Feast of the Libido
Crash Worship – What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth – Do It With All Thine Might (A1)
Liars – A Visit From Drum

earthspacenoise Mystic Soul Alliance - Ritual Sabbath II: The Second Gate

Panicsville – The Nobility of Cruelty

Students of the Canadian Opera Company's Introduction to Opera Podcast

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