Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Slaps Radio with Fill In Host Kenny Kicks or Kenny Soul Rebel whatever he calls himself these days

Today, 04/07/09, Eric Lab Rat covered all of Two Slaps and did not write down his playlist.

This is from 03/31/09 with Kenny Kicks of WLUW's Reality Radio. I only have the first hour of this show from Kenny. I am trying to track down the second hour and see if it can be salvaged.


80's Electro Funk:

Grandmaster flash: Scorpio
Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock
The Boogie Boys - Shake & Break
The Pac-Man - I'm A Pac Man
Uncle Jam's Army - The Roach Is On The Wall
Herbie Hancock - Hard Rock
MC A.D.E. - Transformer


The BLendells - LA LA LA LA LA
The Teardrops - You Won't Be There
Rubaiyats - Omar Khayam
Gene Yarbrough - The Meeting Place
The Antellects - Love Slave
The Redskins - Let's Make It Work
Jackie Lee - The Shotgun and the Duck
Jean Stanback - If I ever Needed Love
Pat Powdrill - Do It
Viola Wills - I Got Love
Tony Newman - Let The Good Times Roll

Redd Foxx - ???


Dorando - Legs
The Equals - Black Skinned Blue Eyes
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Curly Moore and The Kool Ones - Shelly's Rubber Band
Winston Groovy - Funky Chicken
Crack of Dawn - It's Alright (This Feeling)
Moussa Doumbia - Femme D'Anjord'Hui
Manteca - Abacua
Nelson Padron - Latino Loco
Pig Bag - Poppa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag

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