Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: Sugar In The Morning

I screwed up during my set. Severe exhaustion. I normally post my mistakes unedited, and I still have, but in this case the sequence of songs was a mistake. I took the liberty of meddling with the recording of this podcast so that the music comes in on time, and as a consequence, it makes even less sense and my babbling renders that aspect of it worse. The music is in the right place though. Enjoy!

Architecture in Helsinki – Do The Whirlwind
Gangpol und Mit – L’effet Kazoo
Rancid Hell Spawn – Sexy Girl With A Sexy Gun
Boyd Rice & Giddle Partridge – Rocket USA
Jessamine – Cheree
Spirocheta Pergoli – Merendine
Spider Compass Good Crime Band – Punish or Be Damned
The Happy Polka – Magic Organ

Aerosol Constellations – King’s Quest X
Appliancide – Attack of the Electric Ants
Iversen – The Blue Nile
Deutsch Nepal – Only Silence Among the Filthy

Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning
Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning
Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning
Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning

Betty Hutton – Sewing Machine
The Del Rubio Triplets – Crazy


Napolean XIV – I Live In A Split Level Head
Cromagnon – Caledonia
Sand – Sarah Parts 1 & 2
Tiger Lillies – The Story of Cruel Frederick
Sopor Aeternus – Some Men Are Like Chocolate
Maskull – 2000 AD
Golem – The Returning

Gandalf – Golden Earrings
The Rattles – The Witch
Paul Sawtell – The Fly Main Title
Track 1 from “Futurismo Musicale”
Glen Gray & Casa Loma Orchestra – the Goblin Band
Vera Lynn – Heart To Heart

Fairground Organ Rolls

Puppet on a string, Happy Days Are Here Again, Hornpipe Polka, Yes! We Have Bananas!, Oh Lizzie (A Lover’s Lament)

Mechanical Instruments: Weber Maesto, Wurlitzer Caliola

“Cesarista” Music Box – La Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)
Coin Operated Barrel Piano (“Brunophone”) – La Belotte
Les Baxter – Swingamathing
Sun Ra – Wurlitzer Solo


Marx Bros – Groucho the HypoChondriac
Groucho Marx in Mail Call

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