Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: Lads and Lassos


Bruce Lamont – Deconstruct Self Destruct
A Vague Disquiet – Splitting Image-Breakdown
Right-Eye Rita – Torture

GINTAS K – Kaskas Po
Hecate – Coven In Heat
Cobra Killer – Tent thousand tissues
Silver Apples – Gypsy Love – In A Glass Cage
Black Bear Combo – Wooden Ship

Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff – Live At AV-Aerie 09/14/08


Live performance and interview with Right-Eye Rita

“Church Ladies”
“Backyard of the Big Town”
“The Tropics”
“Lilac Daydream”
“Diamond Girl”

Cliff Edwards – Night Owl
Tiny Tim – Country Queen
Tyrannosaurus Rex – A Beard of Stars
Willie Nelson – Still Is Still Moving To Me
X-Mal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus
US Maple – Songs That Have No Making Out


The Bran Pos – Eye of Horus: Open the Mouth, Place Your Bets
Schimpfluch-Commune Int. – heim oim wald
Skozey Fetisch – Metastatic Alternative #2 Exterior refractory Study

Crawl Unit – Going Extinct

Andy Ortmann – Seeds of Doom
Karla LaVey and Rubber 0 Cement - Live at The Satanic Church
Pod Blotz - Underneath the Sturminus Bell

Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia (3), SIXES, Sharkiface & Loachfillet - Dr. Octopuss Part 1 ("SIX RUNNY DUMPLINGS FILLED WITH SMEGMA MINUS ONE")
Mykel Boyd - Confronting Our History
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - Storm (Auf dem Meer) - The Churn

Is - Ostentatiously White

Two Slaps

Lab Rat:

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind and Your Ass Hill
The Soul Children - I Don't Know What the World is Coming To
Blake Baxter - The Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Cookie Monster - The Cookie Monster Disco

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Stranded In Your Love
Johnny Jenkins - I Walk on Gilded Splinters
Baby Huey & the Babysitters - California Dreamin

Connie Price & the Keystones - The Badger
Dayton Sidewinders - Funky in Here
Dennis Coffey – Guitar Big Band
Jimmy Smith - Root Down
Nite-Liters - Buck & the Preacher

Roy Ayers


Etta James – Stormy Weather
Roy Ayers – Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head
Johnny Soul – I Almost Called Your Name
Vernon Green & The Phantoms – Sweet Breeze

Bernard Purdie – What’s Going On?/Ain’t No Sunshine
Dayton Sidewinders – Slipping Into Darkness
Billy Ball & The Upsetters – Tighten Up Tighter
Ray Frazier & The Shades of Madness – Gonna Get Your Love
Truman Thomas – Funky Broadway

Ann Perry – That’s The Way He Is
Baby Washington – Think About The Good Times
William Cummings – your Soul searching Love
Earl Carter & The Fantastic 6 – Shake Your Po Po (instrumental)
The Idets – Doggie In The Window
Ida Sands – You’ll Lose A Good Thing

Bernie Worrell – Happy to Have (Happiness On Our Side)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: A Contrapuntal Echo Sonata for Two

Tune in next week for a special guest performance and interview with Right-Eye Rita, at 2am central time on 88.7FM in Chicago or streaming live on WLUW.ORG


Right-Eye Rita – THE SHARK
Souad Massi – Teghri (I Send An SOS)
Lolita Caballero – El Emigrante, Caracoles Castaneros
Spires That In The Sunset Rise – I Am Sewn
The Creatures – You!

Gina V. D'Orio

Annette Peacock – Half-Broken
Black Happy Day – Whore
Gina D’Orio – The Sea
Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
Cheryl Dilcher - High
Rijk De Gooyer – Yesterday

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – Lonely Bull
Paul Anka – Eso Beso
Jim Reeves – Adios Amigo
Gene McDaniels – Spanish Lace
Jimmy Clanton – Venus In Blue Jeans
Marty Robbins – Devil Women
Johnny & Jack – Thirty Six, Twenty Two, Thirty Six
Johnny & The Hurricanes – Come On Train
Sandy Nelson – Drums Are My Beat
Doctor Who TV Theme (Delia Derbyshire)

Yahowa 13 – Fire In The Sky
The Unfolding – Electric Buddha
Horrific Child – HIA (Excerpt)
The Manson Family - First They Made Me Sleep in the Closet/I'm Scratchin' Peace Symbols on Your Tombstone
Ammer/Einheit – IV. Akt 08.05.1945, Bunker
Doris Day – the Night We Called it A Day


Olivia Block – Live In Toronto

Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff - 09/14/08 at AV-Aerie Chicago

Sherry Diaz and Her Devoted Lovers - Siegfried

Professor Peter Schickele - PDQ Bach On The Air Side A

Lily Tomlin - This is A Recording Side A

Judy Garland - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (outtake)
Evangelist Wesley L Moore and the Musical Moores - Medley
OTR World War II - A Military And Social History - Stalingrad, the Turning Point on the Eastern Front - Thomas Childers

Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Slaps: Viva Soul!


Sunny & The Sunliners – Should I Take You Home
Danny & The Dreamers – Think Nothing About It
Little Junior Jesse & His Teardrops – Giving Up On Love
Royal Jesters – Girl I Can’t Forget
Billy Sol – Have You Ever Told Her
Henry & The Kasuals – Forever
J. Jay & The Dell Tones – Too Late To Forgive
Spider & The Playboys – Come Back To Me

Malo – Street Man
Black Sugar – Too Late
The Antiques – Chauca
Tierra – Sun God
The Innovator – Contract Back
Benitez – Latin Thing
The TNT Band – The Meditation

Bobby Valentin – Use It Before You Lose It
The Harvey Avern Dozen – Never Learned To Dance
Mongo Santamaria – We Got Latin Soul
Ralfi Pagan – Latin Soul
Tito Puente – Oye Como Va

La Lupe – Fever
Ray Barretto – Summertime
Roberto Roena Y So ApolloSound - El Pato De La Bahia
Cal Tjader – Along Comes Mary
Armando Peraza – Wild Thing

Chango – Miro Pa Ca
Toro – Ramona
Joe Cuba Sextet – El Pito
Rene Bloch & The Afro Blues Quintet – There is a Mountain
Joe Bataan – Young Gifted & Brown
Jimmy Castor – Ham Hocks Espanol
Latin Blues Band – (I’ll Be A) Happy Man
Lalo Guerrero – Marihuana Boogie

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: Sugar In The Morning

I screwed up during my set. Severe exhaustion. I normally post my mistakes unedited, and I still have, but in this case the sequence of songs was a mistake. I took the liberty of meddling with the recording of this podcast so that the music comes in on time, and as a consequence, it makes even less sense and my babbling renders that aspect of it worse. The music is in the right place though. Enjoy!

Architecture in Helsinki – Do The Whirlwind
Gangpol und Mit – L’effet Kazoo
Rancid Hell Spawn – Sexy Girl With A Sexy Gun
Boyd Rice & Giddle Partridge – Rocket USA
Jessamine – Cheree
Spirocheta Pergoli – Merendine
Spider Compass Good Crime Band – Punish or Be Damned
The Happy Polka – Magic Organ

Aerosol Constellations – King’s Quest X
Appliancide – Attack of the Electric Ants
Iversen – The Blue Nile
Deutsch Nepal – Only Silence Among the Filthy

Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning
Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning
Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning
Marx Brothers – Sugar In The Morning

Betty Hutton – Sewing Machine
The Del Rubio Triplets – Crazy


Napolean XIV – I Live In A Split Level Head
Cromagnon – Caledonia
Sand – Sarah Parts 1 & 2
Tiger Lillies – The Story of Cruel Frederick
Sopor Aeternus – Some Men Are Like Chocolate
Maskull – 2000 AD
Golem – The Returning

Gandalf – Golden Earrings
The Rattles – The Witch
Paul Sawtell – The Fly Main Title
Track 1 from “Futurismo Musicale”
Glen Gray & Casa Loma Orchestra – the Goblin Band
Vera Lynn – Heart To Heart

Fairground Organ Rolls

Puppet on a string, Happy Days Are Here Again, Hornpipe Polka, Yes! We Have Bananas!, Oh Lizzie (A Lover’s Lament)

Mechanical Instruments: Weber Maesto, Wurlitzer Caliola

“Cesarista” Music Box – La Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)
Coin Operated Barrel Piano (“Brunophone”) – La Belotte
Les Baxter – Swingamathing
Sun Ra – Wurlitzer Solo


Marx Bros – Groucho the HypoChondriac
Groucho Marx in Mail Call

Two Slaps

La Lupe


Sunny & The Sunliners – Put Me In Jail
Little Eva – Where Do I Go?
Lavern Baker – Wrapped, Tangled, & Tied
Shirley Ellis – Sugar, Let’s Shing-A-Ling
Slim & The Soulful Saints – Fish Head
Sir Sidney Wallace & The Belairs – Green Power

Idris Muhammed – Crab Apple
Isaac Hayes – Hung Up On My Baby
Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover

King Floyd – Can You dig It?
The Friends of Distinction – Grazing In The Grass
Marvin Holmes & The Uptights – Day of Rest
Bull & The Matadors – Funky Judge

Little Mac & The Boss Sounds – Midnight Hour
Judge Suds & The Soul Detergents – The (Rockin’) Courtroom
Jimbo Jackson & The Violators – Popcorn pt. 1
Brother Soul – Cookies

Johnny Jones & the King Casuals – Purple Haze
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Breakout
Wynder K. Frog – Why Am I Treated So Bad
Jimmy Castor – The Mummy

The 5th Dimension – Aquarius (Let The Sunshine In)
Dramatics – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Artistics – (I Want You to) Make My Life Over
The Bar-Kays – Bar-Kays Boogaloo
JB’s Latin – Spitting Image

Mongo Santamaria – We Got Latin Soul
Brown Brothers of Soul – Cholo
Latinaires – Camel Walk
Armando Peraza – Wild Thing
Grupo Guerra 78 – Soul Makossa
Latin Blues Band – (I’ll Be A) Happy Man
La Lupe – Que Te Pedi

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Slaps Radio with Fill In Host Kenny Kicks or Kenny Soul Rebel whatever he calls himself these days

Today, 04/07/09, Eric Lab Rat covered all of Two Slaps and did not write down his playlist.

This is from 03/31/09 with Kenny Kicks of WLUW's Reality Radio. I only have the first hour of this show from Kenny. I am trying to track down the second hour and see if it can be salvaged.


80's Electro Funk:

Grandmaster flash: Scorpio
Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock
The Boogie Boys - Shake & Break
The Pac-Man - I'm A Pac Man
Uncle Jam's Army - The Roach Is On The Wall
Herbie Hancock - Hard Rock
MC A.D.E. - Transformer


The BLendells - LA LA LA LA LA
The Teardrops - You Won't Be There
Rubaiyats - Omar Khayam
Gene Yarbrough - The Meeting Place
The Antellects - Love Slave
The Redskins - Let's Make It Work
Jackie Lee - The Shotgun and the Duck
Jean Stanback - If I ever Needed Love
Pat Powdrill - Do It
Viola Wills - I Got Love
Tony Newman - Let The Good Times Roll

Redd Foxx - ???


Dorando - Legs
The Equals - Black Skinned Blue Eyes
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Curly Moore and The Kool Ones - Shelly's Rubber Band
Winston Groovy - Funky Chicken
Crack of Dawn - It's Alright (This Feeling)
Moussa Doumbia - Femme D'Anjord'Hui
Manteca - Abacua
Nelson Padron - Latino Loco
Pig Bag - Poppa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag

Delirious Insomniac with Live Performance and Guest DJ Set by James Cock and The Imprenetrable Screen

Andy Calorie - Jeno Janet/Want It Need It
ADULT. - Charming People Are Deceitful
Gagging Lolly - Lickerish
Zlatni Prsti - Igraj Rege
Protman - Track 1 from self released CDR (2003)

Live Performance by James Cock & The Impenetrable Screen (Protman & The Machinist)

Delia Derbyshire - Tutankamen's Egypt
Complicated Horse Emergency
der plan - Adrenalin Lässt Das Blut Kochen
Dale and Grace - I'm Leaving It Up To You
Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra - Haunted Heart
Boswell Sisters - Gold Digger's Song
Cliff Edwards - Give a Little Whistle

Live Performance By Protman

Gang Wizard - Rabbit In Red
Carmen Miranda - Me Da Me Da
Gangster Fun - We Can Still Rock N Roll
Gunilla Thorn - Jealous Woman

Live Performance by The Machinist

Pascal Comelade - I Surrender
Ross Bagdasarian - Scallywags & Sinners
Rita Chao & The Quests - Love Is Me, Love Is You

Guest DJ Set by Brian Klein (The Machinist)

Ocean - Put Your Hand In The Hand
Tommy Roe - Sweet Pea
Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat
Cannonball Adderley - Mercy Mercy Mercy

Hash Brown & His Ignunt Strings - Waterhole Holler
Soulful Strings - Burning Spear
Miriam Makeba - Can't Cross Over
Pepe Dominguin - Bongo Bash

Three Suns - Delicado
Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - The Peanut Vendor
Tito Puente - Ricci Ricci

Ella Jenkins - You'll Sing A Song and I'll Sing A Song
The Pennywhistlers - Colors
The Weavers - Greenland Whale Fisheries
Burl Ives - Lavender Blue/Funny Way of Laughin'
Sesame Street cast - Up And Down
Emerson Lake and Palmer - Hoe Down

George Barnes - Cuban Pete
Hepcat - Marcus Garvey
Wevie Stonder - Mike Mulligan

Monday, April 6, 2009

Live Collabhorration between Protman and The Machinist tonite on Delrious Insomniac

Tonite at 2am central, Protman and The Machinist will be performing together in a live collaboration at WLUW. They will also be doing a guest DJ set and interview. This will be on the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show between 2am and 6am on Monday Nights/Tuesday Mornings. As always, it will be streaming live on or broadcast on 88.7 FM within Chicago's north side. If you can't catch it then, check back here for the archive...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beneath the Veil next week, not today

Instead of being at the station today, I will be recording a show, which will be broadcast next week. It's a mishap out of my control, but please feel free to tune in to WVLP next week and I will post the recording right here when I can.




Thanks again to Kenny for carrying the torch while I was gone. The show files are in 4 parts and saved at 64 kbps, as a fair warning, but enjoy.



MUSIC HALL (Influence on British rock and original recordings )

THE KINKS--"Mr. Pleasant" "Death of a Clown"
SLADE--"My Friend Stan"
MADNESS--"In The Middle of the Night
THE TOY DOLLS--"Nellie The Elephant"
VESTA TILLEY--"I've A Bit of a Blighty One"
HARRY CHAMPION--"I'm Henery The Eighth"
DOCKYARD DORRIS--"Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's 40"
TIGERLILLIES--"The Dreadful Story of Harriet and the Matches"
CHARLES JOLLY/PENROSE--"The Laughing Policeman"

APPALACHIAN SNAKE HANDLER MUSIC 8:48 from documentary footage on You Tube

EAST INDIAN SNAKE CHARMER MUSIC 12:44 from You Tube footage


UNIVERS ZERO--"L'Etrange Mixture Du Doctor Schwarz" (free form version)/Relaps/Cuneiform Records
DANIEL KAWKA interpretation of EDAGAR VARESE'S--"Ionisation"
GLENN BRANCA--"Symphony No. 13 Hallucination City- St. Louis, MO 2008
DIVA ABRASIVA-- 22:15 from gig with Afro Noise(William Bennett of Whitehouse doing African music fused with power electronics)7-25-08 Scotland off their myspace profile
SUCKLING PIGS--"Dirt That Poor"(Chicago's very own)
SONNY SHARROCK--excerpt of "Princess Sonata & The Magician"
BLACK FLAG--"Process of Weeding Out"


PSYCHWARD--"Satanic Rites"
SON OF SATAN--"Dear Satan"


BLACKHOUSE--"Psycho Genesis" (w/Kenji Siratori)

BETTY BOOP--Sally Swing (A cartoon from 1938 with lots of singing and swinging plucked from You Tube.)
POPEYE-- THE MUSIC OF POPEYE(Some inspired cat compiled some songs from 30s and 40s Popeye cartoons into this 6:39 montage on You Tube.)
AC/DC---"Kicked In The Teeth" (With a different introduction. If you rub Popeye the wrong way you will get kicked in the teeth!!!)