Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: Personality


New York Dolls – Personality

Lou Reed – Walk on the wild side

Lloyd price – personality

Cramps – Can Your Pussy do the Dog

Caroliner Rainbow Grace Blocks Used In The Placement Of The Personality - Grave Are The Hairs On Our Asses

*begin sound collage*

Living Colour – Cult of Personality played with

Johnny Cash – General Lee

Burr Tilstrom – Here We Are, Hop, Hop, Hop

Irving Friedman – Father Knows Best

Milt Raskin – Somewhere In The Night (Naked City)

Raoul Draushaar – The Abbott and Costello Show

Jessica Rabbit – Why Don’t You Do Right

Velton Ray Bunch – Quantum Leap Main Title

Ted Lewis – Is Everybody Happy Now?

Television Personalities – Happy Families

Louis Farrakhan – Is She Is, Or Is She Ain’t?

Personality Crisis – Butterfly Oomph

Tara Vanflower – The Three Witches

Mlehst – Occasional Stimulation

Mina & Fausto Leali – Via di Qua

Mittagspause – In Der Tat

Metalium – Burning

Megaptera – Damaged Mind*with* Megaptera – Research of Epileptic Attacks

Lawrence Welk – Two Sleepy People

Button Buster – The Laughing Record *with* “The Spoiled Cornet”

Diana Krall – Cry Me A River

Kim Fowley – Captured By The Darkness

John Wiese & Andy Ortmann – Midwestern Aplomb

Vagina Dentata Organ – Trained to Kill

*end sound collage*

Khanate – Capture

Kevin Drumm + Francisco López - X+Y=XY

To Live & Shave In LA – Mothers Over Silverpoint

Ultra Milkmaids & Celluloid Mata – Roum

Seen Links-Schlösser Rechts – Die Nacht

Mauthausen Orchestra – They Never Learn

French Park – The Turn of A Card

Det Loser Sig Atematiskt- Kraldjursanstalten

Hans Albers - Das Lied Von Nigger Jim

Klick - Blauer Lumumba

OTR: Jack Benny Show 44-05-21: Jack's Split Personality

The Zero Hour (Rod Serling Series) - April 29th, 1974 Bye Bye Narco ft. Mel Torme

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