Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Delirious Insomniac: Irreparable Damage

This night was plagued by malfunctions. For the Two Slaps Radio show we had a broken mic. Neither Lab Rat nor I knew about it. Later for the Delirious Insomniac show the computer froze, perfectly good CDs wouldn't play, and to top it off, some dingleface with nothing better to do kept calling and blowing into the phone. Bare that in mind is all. Good times.

to the portion in bold

Negativland – Quiet Please
Maldoror – Butterfly Kiss
Andy Ortmann – Excerpt from “NIGHTMANIA”
Alexander Hacke – Intro: The Three Suns of California
Fantomas – 04/14/05 - Thursday
88 Fingers Louie – Irreparable Damage

Marilyn Manson – Food Pyramid
BIG dumb FACE – Mighty Penis Laser
Toy Dolls – The Sphinx Stinks!
Divine – The Name Game
Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy
Nilsson – I’d Rather Be Dead
Pink Floyd – Bike
The Residents – Constantinople
Marilyn Manson – Scabs, Guns, & Peanut Butter

Tiny Tim - They Always Pick On Me
Paul McMahon / Nancy Radloff - Turtles Travel Slower on Asphalt
Tub Ring – Dead Things On The Side of the Road Make Me Laugh
The Bobs – Spontaneous Human Combustion
Klaus Nomi – High Wire
Tom Waits – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
Tom Waits – Table-top Joe (demo)
Harry Connick, Jr. – If I Only Had a Brain
Little Fyodor – Nobody Wants to Play with Me

Animaniacs – Yakko’s Universe
Half-Japanese – Inky and Winky
Raymond Scott – Beautiful Little Butterfly
Bruce Haack – Army Ants In Your Pants
Mark Mothersbaugh – The Bobacatto

DEVO – Midget
Pankow – Me & My Ding Dong
Foetus Inc. – See Dick Run
Sudden Infant – Trees Are My Friends

Butthole Surfers – Underdog Theme
Heptet (formerly Ska King Crab) – Inspector Gadget
The Aquabats – secret track from “The Fury of”
Mephiskapheles – The Bumble Bee Tuna Song
The Blue Meanies – The Grinch
Famous Monsters – When I Grow Up
Nilsson – Me And My Arrow

Happy Tree Friends episode
Ren & Stimpy – Don’t Whiz on the electric fence
Anton LaVey – Central, Give Me No Man’s Land
Mr. Bungle – After School Special

Harry Partch – U.S. Highball – A Musical Account of a Transcontinental Hobo Trip

Earwig Spectre – Happy Face Spider
David Bowie – Magic Dance (Labyrinth)
Muppet Show with Debbie Harry
“ “ – The Rainbow Connection
Ozzy with the Muppets – Born to be Wild
The Frogs – Bad Mommy

Youtube Teletubbies sound collage

Homey the Clown

Shakes The Clown Trailer

Sex Explained for Children – Dr. Nathan S. Leichman PHD
Peter Pan Orchestra & Chorus – Four Hygeine Songs & The Good Habit Song
Service Station Sal – The Tubeless Tire Swing
Jerry Nelson – The Song of The Count
Pamela Blue – My Friend Bobby
Patience & Prudence – Tonite You Belong To Me
Red Shadow (The Economics Rock & Roll Band) – Understanding Marx

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