Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Delirious Insomniac: Mammary Lane


Lenny Dee - The More I See You
Ken Griffin - My Blue Heaven
Jerry Burke - Avalon
Ethel Smith - Tico Tico
The Magic Fingers of Merlin at The Hammond - Green Sleeves
Leon Berry - There Is A Tavern In Town
Leon Berry - Tonight Meet Me In Dreamland
Jesse Crawford - Indian Love Call
Walter Wanderley, Brazil's NO. 1 Organist - Beloved Melancholy
The Young Gods - Charlotte

The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band - Stars And Stripes Forever - Music for Non Thinkers
The Polkateers - Guitar Polka, Dzuleida Polka
Frankie Yankovic - Beer Barrel Polka
RAy Budzilek - I like Mountain Music (We Like Polka Music)

The Three Bears - The Crying Accordion
The Goldman Band - Rifle Regiment
The Northwestern University Symphonic Band 5/15/60 - When Jesus Wept

Command All Stars Reeds And Percussion - Bewitched
Joe Kuhn and Bob Lowden - Mambo #8
Fabulous Ping Pong Bongo Percussion - Spirits of The Night
Enoch Light and the light brigade - The Natives Are Restless

Rusty Warren - Basin Street Blues, Let's Fall In Love

Tiny Tim - Stay Down Here Where You Belong
The Poppy Family - Shadows On My Wall
Patti Page - Let The Rest of The World Go By
Peggy Lee - Fever
Marlene Dietrich - Boys In The Backroom
Ethel Merman - You Can't Get A Man With a Gun
Wiseblood - Someone Drowned In My Pool
Ross Bagdasarian - You've Got Me On A Merry-Go-Round

Boyd & Giddle - Rocket USA

All In The Family

No More Losing (Helps Children Learn How To Get Along With Others And How To Handle Disagreements)

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