Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Delirious Insomniac: Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee!

Listen to the first hour:

Len Spencer - The First Recorded Promotional Message on The Edison
Sousa's Band - Darkies' Temptation (1896)
Irving Berlin - Oh How That German Could Love (1910)
Premier Quartet - Skeleton Rag (1912)
Al Jolson - You Made Me Love You (1913)
Jere Sanford's Yodelling and Whistling Specialty (1910)

Len Spencer - Voice Trial (1913) From Unissued Edison Wax Cylinder Master
Harry Champion - Boiled Beef And Carrots (1914)
Prince's Band - Ballin' The Jack (1914)
Billy Murray & American Quartet - Some of These Days (1910)
Billy Murray - Which Switch Is The Switch, Miss, For Ipswich (1915)
Tom Woottwell - Interruptions - Comic Sketch

Alessandro Moreschi - Ave Maria (1904)
Nellie Melba - Le Roi D'ys (lalo) (1906)
Pietro Frosini - Poet And Peasant (Dicther und Bauer. Ouverture, 1909)
Anonymouos Barrell Organist - Brussels March, 1920's
Carl Ludicke - Der Musikalische Clown (1907)
P.T. Barnum - Commercial (1890)
Unknown Baby - Baby Song (144rpm) 1892

Listen to the second hour:

Arthur Collins with Vess L Ossman - All Coons Look Alike To Me(1902)
Ada Jones - If The Man In The Moon Were A Coon (1906)
Ada Jones & Billy Murray - Oh, You Coon (1908)

Polk Miller - Laughing Song
Apollo Male Quartette - Shout All Over God's Heaven
Polk Miller - The Watermelon Party
Apollo Male Quartette - Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Old South Quartette - Oh What He's Done For Me

(all taken from "The Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets")

George W. Johnson - The Laughing Song

Irving Berlin - Follow The Crowd (1914)
John Steel - A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
Harry McDonough - Girl On The Magazine Cover (1916)
Alice Green (Olive Kline) & Raymond Dixon (Lambert Murphy) - Have a Heart (1916)

Premier Quartet - Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee! (1920)
Aieleen Stanley - My Little Bimbo (Down On The Bamboo Isle) (1921)
Nora Bayes - The Japanese Sandman (1921)
Edith Day - Alice Blue Gown (1920)
Ethel C. Olson - Laughing Girl Has Her Picture Took (1921)

You Are There (CBS) - Exile of Napoleon

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