Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guest DJ Set (WZRD)

Taken from the WZRD blog:

Download Most of This Set

Artist - Track - Album- Label
Holger Czukay /Cool In The Pool/ Movies
DAF/ Der Mussolini /12"
Klinik /World Domination /Plague
Controlled Bleeding /Break/Curd --Curd
Danielle Dax /Evil-Honky Stomp/ Jesus Egg That Wept
Love You Baby/ (?) /Mission Papua Holland
(Two Daughters - Return Call/We Are from Perspectives In Distortion is around here somewhere)
Ultra/ Kiddie Litter /Zoll

Die Todliche Doris/ heisbenssaft(?)/ " "/ Zick Zack
The Harmonica Rascals/ Beer Barrel Polka
Nanao Sakaki and Friends /Praha /Breathe On The Living
Don Sebesky /The Rape of El Morro /The Rape of El Morro
Chet Atkins /El Cumbanchero /Hi-Fi In Focus
Daevid Allen /Side Windo/ Alien in New York
Morlocks/ Born Loser/ Emerge
Dead Hippie /Living Dead /Living Dead
Meatmen /Crippled Children Suck /Crippled Children Suck
Christian Lunch /Lynch Me/ Unreliable Sources Ep

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