Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Delirious Insomniac (WLUW)

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Nurse With Wound & Stereolab - Animal or Vegetable
Faust - It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
Einsturzende Neubauten - Die Wellen

Einsturzende Neubauten - Kernstuck

Boyd Rice - Excerpts from The Black Album
Der Plan (Xao Seffcheque) - Fehlplan

Foetus - 333
- Spite Your Face
- Mother, I've Killed The Cat

En Esch - Daktari

Danielle Dax - Evil Honky Stomp
Texas Chainsaw Orchestra - I Will Always Love You

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Eating With Bandaged Hands

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guest DJ Set (WZRD)

Taken from the WZRD blog:

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Artist - Track - Album- Label
Holger Czukay /Cool In The Pool/ Movies
DAF/ Der Mussolini /12"
Klinik /World Domination /Plague
Controlled Bleeding /Break/Curd --Curd
Danielle Dax /Evil-Honky Stomp/ Jesus Egg That Wept
Love You Baby/ (?) /Mission Papua Holland
(Two Daughters - Return Call/We Are from Perspectives In Distortion is around here somewhere)
Ultra/ Kiddie Litter /Zoll

Die Todliche Doris/ heisbenssaft(?)/ " "/ Zick Zack
The Harmonica Rascals/ Beer Barrel Polka
Nanao Sakaki and Friends /Praha /Breathe On The Living
Don Sebesky /The Rape of El Morro /The Rape of El Morro
Chet Atkins /El Cumbanchero /Hi-Fi In Focus
Daevid Allen /Side Windo/ Alien in New York
Morlocks/ Born Loser/ Emerge
Dead Hippie /Living Dead /Living Dead
Meatmen /Crippled Children Suck /Crippled Children Suck
Christian Lunch /Lynch Me/ Unreliable Sources Ep

Delirious Insomniac (WLUW)

Carlos is a regular caller at WLUW for us lately. I can only assume by comparing voices, that he calls himself Charlie when he is sober. He sounds similar, and is equally babblesome, although Carlos calls more than Charlie. Charlie gave me advice on how to get paper not to wrinkle when using watercolors. He's not a bad guy to talk to provided that you know how to snuff a conversation before it goes downhill. Carlos, however, rambles about the revolution and the Mayans and whatever comes off the top of his head. Eric Lab Rat gets more amused by him than I do. He put Carlos on the air via speaker phone just before my show, to have a bit of fun, and sure enough the word "Motherfucker" was belched out. Not that I care. But when Eric left, I kept him on speaker phone and didn't say a word to him. He first improvised his best opera voice over Klaus Nomi, and then started complaining, saying that what I was playing was too "Sentimental". It didn't take him long before he started pouring out his problems like many of the uninhibited tend to do, telling me that either his daughter or his sister was sexually abused and that he is in a wheelchair. He then confided that the church told him it was his fault; that God did this to him. In this radio show you can hear Carlos swear at the beginning and later ramble in the background while In was trying to talk, before I hung up on him. He was on an entirely unprovoked rant about how to find God. He called for a half hour after that. A Man of strong convictions.

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Klaus Nomi - Cold Song
Art Bears - Winter Songs
Harry Nilsson - Cowboy
Geir Jenssen - Camp 3 Neighbours On Oxygen (from wfmu)

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Cemetary of Scream - Float To Escape
Yaz - In My Room
Vicious Circle - Underground Ecstasy
Controlled Bleeding - Furnace

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Brewer And Shipley - One Toke Over The Line

Hunter S. Thompson - Excerpts from a lecture at Boulder University (1977)

Photo from Hunter Thompson's Widow

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Shooby Taylor - (Scatting over) Folsom Prison Blues
Skeeter Davis - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
Nancy Walker - You Irritate Me So
Miss Pat Collins - Imagination
Jeffery Bland - My Skies Were Black (But You Made Them Grey)
Sweethearts Forever
Dave Dudley - Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
Big Red Goad - Understand Your Man
Tom Willett - I Want More Porn

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Monopoly Queen - Let's Keep It Friendly
The Boyd Rice Experience - Hatesville
Pasquale & The Lunar-Tiks - Moon Madness
The Tards - Quiet Village Idiot
Renaldo & The Loaf - Metro Stomp

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Delirious Insomniac Playlist (WLUW)

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The Manson Family - Is There No One In Your World But You?
Bobby Beausoleil - Part IV

Jimmy Page - Lucifer Rising

Mick Jagger - Invocation of My Demon Brother


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Les Rallizes Denudes - Strong Out Deeper Than The Night

Kimio Mizutani - Way Out

Nadja - Clinodactyl

Katatonia - Tomb of Insomnia

Be Persecuted - Wilderness
Be Persecuted - Outro

Two Slaps Playlist (WLUW)

Lab Rat:

Amy Winehouse feat. Ghostfacekillah - You Know I'm No Good
United 8 - Getting Uptown (to Get Down)
Dynamic Tints - Package of Love Part 1

Billy Stewart - Summertime
Eddie Floyd - Knock on Wood

Lou Rawls - Love Is a Hurtin Thing
Houseguests - What So Never the Dance - Pt. 1 & 2
Eugene McDaniels - Headless Heroes
Chicago Afrobeat Projects - Talking Heads


The Solitaires - I Really Love You So
The Pentagons - To Be Loved (For)
The Monotones - Book of Love
Hank Ballard and The Midnighters - I Could Love You

Hank Ballard - From The Love Side
Dynamic Tints - Package of Love Pt. 1
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Lovey Dovey
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Natural Born Lover

Lab Rat:

Homer Banks - A Lot of Love
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators - If This Ain't Love (I Don't Know What Is)

The Supremes - Love is Like an Itching in My Heart
The Five Stairsteps - You Don't Love Me
Jean Dushon - Second Class Lover

Ike & Tina Turner - A Fool In Love
Lee Dorsey - A Lover Was Born
Jimmy Norman - Gangster of Love Pts 1 & II


The Politicians - Love Machine (Vocal)
Renald Domino - You Need To Be Loved On
Tom & Jerrio - Come On And Love Me
The Shirelles & King Curtis - Love Is A Swingin' Thing
The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

The Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer)
The Shangri-Las - Love You More Than Yesterday
Noreen Corcoran - Love Kitten
What Four - Baby I Dig Your Love

Ray Charles - Hallelujah I Love Her So
James & Bobby Purify - I'm Your Puppet

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Delirious Insomniac Radio Show (WLUW)

Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World
Blues Men - Entry of The Globbotts
Blues Men - Orbit Around The Moon
Geoff Goddard - Sky Men
Pat Reader - Cha Cha On The Moon

The Tornados - Telstar
The Joe Meek Orchestra - The Kennedy March
John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
The Moontrekkers - Dance Legless Russian
The Moontrekkers - Night of The Vampire

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - Roberta (I Ain't Mad At You)
The Saints - Wipe Out
The Puppets - Poison Ivy
Frankie Vaughn - Green Door
Glenda Collins - There's Something I've Got To Tell You
Heinz - Just Like Eddie
Flee Rekkers - What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For?

Louise Huebner - Introduction - Gods

Louise Huebner - The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power
Ruth White - The Litanies of Satan
Lucifer (Mort Garson) - Black Mass

Coven - Satanic Mass

Anton Szandor LaVey - Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse (Hymn of The Satanic Empire)

Diamanda Galas - The Litanies of Satan
Lydia Lunch - Black JuJu

Two Slaps Radio (WLUW)